General Sociology: Chapter 11

In 1986, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) was passed, making it:
a requirement to treat even the uninsured at emergency rooms.

Married people tend to live longer than unmarried people. It could be that they take better care of themselves when they have the responsibility of a family. It could also be that:
people who are healthier are more likely to get married.

What is one reason men have higher mortality rates than women?
Women are more likely to seek medical care.

Poor children can be covered medically by:
both Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan

Why aren’t antibiotics as successful in treating illnesses as they were several years ago?
Bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics.

The main problem of fee-for-service is that doctors have an incentive to:
limit medical procedures.

According to existing studies, why did the elderly who received more Social Security have higher mortality rates than the elderly who received less Social Security and had to work part-time?
Working had a positive impact on their longevity due to social interaction.

The longevity discrepancy between blacks and whites may be a sign of
social inequality.

Which of the following was the result of medical licensing that began in the mid-1800s?
It created markets for alternative forms of medicine, such as homeopathy

What invention first helped doctors examine patients rather than just observe them?

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gender behavioral and psychological traits considered appropriate for males and females. Traits that are socially created and may vary from society to society gender roles specific behaviors and attitudes a society establishes for men and women (sociologists – they are …

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spike of population 65+ from 1900-2060 due to increased life expectancy and increased fertility rates at various points in time which age group is the fastest growing portion of the population? a. 50-65 b. 70-80 c. over 85 d. 100+ …

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