Fundamentals of Nursing NUR 111 Insulins

Long acting insulin Onset, Peak, and Duration.
Onset=1 hour, Peak= NO PEAK!!!, Duration= 24 hours

Long acting insulin nursing implications
1)Pt. should have bedtime snack to prevent hypoglycemia
3) may be given at bed time
4)high ALERT med!!!!= 2 licensed nurses must verify dose prior to administration

Long acting insulin side effects
1) major side effect is hypoglycemia
2) sign and symptoms of hypoglycemia happen SLOWLY!!!!!

A.Long acting insulin also called what? and do what?
B.Long acting insulin types
A. also called basal insulins and they control fasting blood sugar
B. Lantus (Glargine), Determir (Levemir)

Intermediate insulins may also be used as what, to control what?
Basal insulin, to control fasting blood sugar

Intermediate insulins may be given how often
in twice a day dosing

Intermediate insulin types
3) NovolinN

Intermediate insulin onset, peak, duration
Onset=1.5- 2 hours, Peak=4-12 hours, duration= 18-24

Intermediate insulin nursing implications
Pt. should have bedtime snack to prevent Hypoglycemia
– this insulin can be mixed with regular or Humulin R( always mix CLEAR TO CLOUDY)
– this insulin comes premixed with regular or Humulin R 50/50, 70/30, 75/25. it is safer to use premixed insulins
-administer ***30min*** prior to time pt eats
-if given before breakfast, hypoglycemic reaction mostly likely occur in mid afternoon
– HIGH ALERT MED!!!! = 2 licensed RN to verify dosing prior to administrating

Intermediate insulin side effect
major side effects hypoglycemia, signs and symptoms come SLOWLY!!!!

Short Acting Insulin types
Regular***CLEAR*** (Humulin R, NovolinR)

Short Acting Insulin onset, peak, duration
onset= 30mins-1hour, peak=2-4 hours, duration 5-8 hour

Short Acting Insulin Nursing implications
-only insulin that can be given via IV
– give 20 -30 mins prior to meal
**** can be use for sliding scale insulin***
– HIGH ALERT MED!!!! = 2 licensed RN to verify dosing prior to administrating

Short Acting Insulin side effects
major side effect is hypoglycemia. signs and symptoms are come more RAPIDLY!!!!

Rapid Acting insulin also called what? to provide what ?
….bolus insulin, ….coverage for meals

Rapid Acting insulin onset, peak, duration?
onset=5-15mins, peak= about 1 hour, duration = 2-4 hours

Rapid Acting insulin nursing implication
pt. should eat within 15mins of administration
– these insulins are used to prevent elevated BS following meals
– ****used for sliding scale insulin coverage
– HIGH ALERT MED!!!! = 2 licensed RN to verify dosing prior to administrating

Rapid Acting insulin side effects
– major are hypoglycemia
– signs and symptoms come on more RAPIDLY !!!!

Albumin range? and what it mean?
1) 3.5- 5.2g/dL
2) low may indicate not enough protein in diet, pt. may have issue with wound healing, pt. needs high protein diet to correct low #

BUN range? what is it?
1)5- 25 mg/dL
2) renal function tests

Cr( creatinine) range? what is it?
1) 0.5- 1.5 mg/dL
2) renal function test

Specific gravity range? what is it?
1) 1.005- 1.030
2) tells hydration status, ability of kidney to concentrate urine

RBC range for men? range for women?
1) 4.5-6.0million/mm3
2) 4-5 million /mm3

Hgb ( hemoglobin) range for men? range for women?
1) 13.5- 18g/dL
2) 12-16g/dL

Hct( hematocrit) range for men? range for women?
1) 40 -50%
2) 38-40%

platelets range?
1) 150,000- 350,000/mm3

WBC ( white blood cells)range?

Neutrophils range?

Lymphocytes range?
25-45 %

Blood sugar range
70 -110 mg/dL

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