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What is the main purporse for regulatory agencies in child care?
protect children, family, and child care professionals. by keeping them safe and to give them the best education they can receive.

Identify three agencies that play a role in regulatorying child care in florida..
1. The florida department of children and family- rules and inforce/ children.
2. Local department; private investores- saftey of fires.
3. Health department- inspecting for health.
4. licensing agencies- inforce rules for dcf.

American with diabilities
prohibits discrimination of people who are handicapped or disabled.

Florida administrative code
Childrent and families and enforced by the dcf and many other state and local agencies.

Florida states statues
Made up by the individual laws which were passed by the legislature.

What does the legislature recognize about child care in florida?
Need for quality child care- supplements and enhances the role of the parent.

What is child care? What is a child care facility?
Care for a child during a 24 hour period for a fee. Owned by a licensed cooperation but has a higher director who over sees day to day operations.

Describe the fire and emergency preparedness requirements
Daily attendance, practice monthly drills, post advancuation routes, posted emergency numbers by the phone, first aid kit on premise, one person operation on the premise.

What must the department of children and families do in regards to licensing
You notify in writing

Where can you obtain information regarding current rules, regulations, and requirements about child care in florida?
the florida administrative code

How many credentialed staff must a program have if they have 38 children?
1 staff- but you want more.

What are there minimum standards regarding buildings, health, saftey, and nutrition?
If safeguards the health, safety and well-being of children.

What do the florida statues outline regarding discipline of children?
following florida adminstrative code…

laws regarding licensing and disciplinary actions?
Consists through the board, it has to get progressively worse, follow presedure.

What are the penalties for lying in regards to a child care facility?
Misdemeanor in the first degree.

What is the role of the americans with disabilites act in the provison of child care in florida?
Prohibits discrimination against people who have a physical or mental impariment.

How do put ada in act
consider everychild
adjust if needed
no sterotypes
make sure everything is available
negociate if needed

What is the role of the florida administrative code in the provision of child care in florida?
Focuses on the health and well being of children
*code is written by dcf

how many children and age group for 1 personal?
# of child……….Age
6………………… 1
11………………. 2
15………………. 3
20………………. 4
25……………… 5

Ratio of age group of the majority of child in group……. mixed age group if 2 and older.

indoor floor space before october 1, 1992 and after?
20 square feet before and 35 feet square feet.

out door space per child
45 square feet per child

Nape sleeping space
18 inch between each naping space

Toilet and bath space
1 toilet and 1 sink

how long can a child stay at a day care
they can only stay 72 hours in 7 days week

ethical responsiblity is
Children- safe and healthy
parents- keep kides safe
colleagues- work with them
community- clean facility

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