Florida Laws & Rules – Nursing home administrator

If an applicant does not pass both parts of the Nursing Home Administrators Examination within______, the applicant must resubmit a license application, meet current licensing requirements and pay all fees.
12 months

An administrative complaint can only be filed within __years from the incident giving rise to a complaint, or within ___ years from when the incident is discovered or should have been discovered.
4, 4

A licensee whose spouse is a member of the Armed Forces of the United States is exempt from licensure renewal requirements if ______.
2. The licensee is absent from the state because of his or her spouse’s duties with the Armed Forces

An inactive license may remain on inactive status _______.

_________ is not considered a minor violation of Nursing Home Administrator licensing requirements:
Negligence/incompetence in the practice of nursing home administration

The board must be notified within _____ of a change of practice address or home mailing address
2 days

The Board cannot impose a ______ for a single violation of a nursing home administrator’s license
$15,000 maximum money fine

AHCA can dispose of any violation by simply issuing a citation to a licensee within ___________ after the filing of a complaint that is the basis for the citation.
6 months

Each license-holder must complete ___ contact hours of continuing education every two years.

A license-holder is not permitted to receive more than ______ continuing education hours in any one topic for a single program.

As a condition of license renewal, a licensee is required to ________ with respect to continuing education contact hours to meet renewal requirements
4. Sign a statement that the licensee completed all contact hours required for the previous 2 years prior to renewal

If AHCA has probable cause that an administrator is unable to serve due to health or erratic behavior, the department cannot ___________
4. Revoke a licensee’s license without a hearing

Any licensee who acts as a preceptor for an Administrator-in-Training and completes such preceptorship within any biennium must be allowed ______ hours of continuing education credit for that biennium.
10 hours

The licensing board cannot approve an internship site where the preceptor
is a licensed registered nurse or a registered dietician that has completed a six-hour preceptor-training course

Board approval of a preceptor ________ so long as the preceptor maintains an active license to practice nursing home administration in this state.
is indefinite

The preceptor-applicant must attend a ____hour preceptor-training seminar approved by the Board within the three years immediately preceding the application.
6 hours

An administrator of any facility operated exclusively for treatment by spiritual means through prayer and by the tenets of any organized church or religious denomination, _______ as a nursing home administrator.
Does not need to be licensed

The “practice of nursing Home Administration” means which of the following;
3. Any service requiring nursing home administration education, training, and the total management of a nursing home

AHCA will not issue a license by endorsement to any applicant who _____
Holds an inactive nursing home administrators license in another state that meets current state requirements

Which of the following is not true regarding issuance of a temporary license?
2. A temporary license may be issued one time only to an applicant and is good for 12 months

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