First Aid Chapter 18

Conservatively estimated, there are more than_______ diabetics in the United States
14 million

Approximately, how many of all diabetics go undiagnosed or unrecgonized

Insulin is a hormone needed to faciliatate the movement of _______ out of the bloodstream and into the cell

In diabetes, ________ accmulative the bloodstream

Two maor complications of diabetes include:
heart attack and stroke

When the cells of the body don’t get the glucose they need__________ are used as fuel instead
fat and proteins

Which of the following is NOT a common complication from diabetes?
shortness of breath

Which of the following is NOT characteristic of type 1 diabetes?
it is generally controlled by diet and and oral medication

Diabetes face a grave physical situation when their blood glucose level is:
too high or too low

All of the following are true about gestational diabetes except”
women deliver smaller than normal babies

Insulin is a hormone needed to facilitate the movement of:

You witness a car, slowly jump a curb and hit a tree. You run over to find a conscious middle-aged woman looking very intoxicated but who has no odor of alcohol on her breath. You should suspect an:
diabetic emergency

While out golfing, your partner becomes dizzy and light-headed. HE says he is a diabetic and hasn’t eaten yet today. What should yo do to assist in treating him?
have a drink of regular cola

DKA stands for
diabetic ketoacidosis

Which of the following is rapid life treating emergency?

Which of the following is a sign or symptom of hyperglycemia?
flushed, dry, warm skin

A condition that results from to little insulin and to much sugar is

All of the following are signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia except
pale, most skin

All of the following are signs and symptoms of hypogllycemia except
intense thirst

Hypoglycemia is the result of
too much insulin, not enough glucose

Which of the following would most likely be a cause of hyperglycemia?
victim has not taken his/her insulin

A general rule about first aid care for diabetics is, when in doubt.
give sugar

All of the following might be a sign that an unconscious victim is having a hypoglycemic diabetic emergency except
breath that smells fruity and sweet

The onset of hypoglycemia is
sudden, within minutes

When caring for a conscious victim of hypoglycemia, after activating the EMS system you should
give the victim sugar

Which of the following should you avoid when caring for a victim of hypoglycemia?
giving sugar to a victim that can’t swallow

What is the best position for an unconscious victim with suspected hypoglycemia?
lateral recumbent

A victim of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia may appear:

The breath of a victim with hypoglycemia will have:
no unusual odor.

The first indication of diabetes may be a life-threatening emergency

Type 1 diabetes was previously called “adult onset” diabetes

Gestational diabetes increase a women’s risk of delivering very large babies

Hypoglycemia doesn’t look anything like shock

a symptom of hyperglycemia is pale, moist skin

The victim of hyperglycemia will usually complain of dry mouth and intense thirst

An undiagnosed hyperglycemia patient will experience hunger, thirst, and frequent urination

You should always make certain to distinguish between hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia before administering sugar

Hypoglycemia is a grave medical emergency that can cause death in minutes

If the victim is conscious, orange juice (with several tablespoons of sugar mixed can be given to a victim of hypoglycemia to help increase blood sugar levels

Type 2 diabetes requires the victim to have an insulin injection everyday

Often a hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia victim may appear intoxicated

Signs and symptoms for hyperglycemia appear gradually, over a period of days

Simply stated, diabetes meilitus is a disease in which there is too much insulin and not enough sugar

Type 2 diabetes have to ensure this disease their entire lives

A hypoglycemia victim may be hostile or belligerence

A type 1 diabetic takes insulin to control his disease

A Type 1 diabetic takes an oral medication to control diabetes

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