Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer 4th Edition

Supervision at station life is ___ ___
relationship oriented

Supervision responding to emergency is ____ ___
task oriented

NFPA ____ describes duties of fire officer
1021 (Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications 2003)

Press relase can be submit in ___ ___-leaving it to the reporter to in details or in ___ ___ as though it was a script
outline form
narrative form

Parts of letter (page176)

Three most common forms of communications are
informal interpersonal
formal oral

Communication that consists of casual language and frequent changes of speaker roles
Interpersonal communication

Most effective channel for issuing order is
in person

Body motion and position while speaking

Vowel sounds or tone used to creat verbal message
Paralanguage or vocalics

Gestures that take place of verbal communication (thumbs up)

Gestures to assist the understanding of verbal message (use hand to show length)

Gesture with verbal expression of feeling (facial grimmace)
Affect displays

Gestures use to control flow of conversation (nodding)

Gestures use to relieve stress

Eurocentric view of time. Strict with schedule

Relax view of time.

Average of time listening by adult and student

Line item accounting is for ___ ____
budgetary control

Preliminary budgets for the upcoming fiscal year often start with
the previous year

During which step in budget process does the chief review the budget with the fire department

Which step in the budget process begins first

Capital budget includes projected ___ purchases lasting ___ than one year

The budget process steps are:
Monitor Process

The fire service customers base include
internal customers
external customers

What is the primary method to determine the needs/wants/desire of customer service
listen to feedback

___ is a legal obligation or responsibility

Limit sentence length to no more than ___ words

Provide important points at the __ of the page

__ __ provide a brief review of the key points so reader understand the main points
executive summary

First step in preparing a narrative report is
to determine the purpose of the report

Well written report requires
only complete sentences and proper grammar

__ report is chronological in nature

Most important component in nonverbal is
eye contact

3 components used in redundancy during teaching are
speech body

The __ x ___ rule correlates to maximum lines down and maximum words accross
6 x 6

Never answer ___ __ questions by the media
what if

The process of preparing a speech centers on the
intended audience

Keep statistics to a ___ in presentation

Categories of record keeping at company level are

Back-up record is needed to ensure
continuity in case of system failure

Distribution paths that records can take are
archive for final storage or to the branches of organization that can benefit

__ files are required for day to day files

Maintenance records are kept in 2 categories known as
preventive and corrective

___ ____ is the process of presenting formal speeches to groups
oral communications

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