Final Exam – Chapter 10 Study Guide

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Vasectomy involves cutting and tying the_____
vas deferens

Efforts to control contraception began
at least as far back as recorded history

Why were contraceptive pills not available in Japan until 1999?
Because of rigid gender role expectations

Your friend asks you how the pill works to prevent pregnancy. Which of the following would be your best answer?
They work by preventing ovulation and changing the lining of the uterus to make it inhospitable.

Which of the following statements is true?
Natural-skin condoms interfere less with sensation than do latex ones.

Misha and Niko avoid having unprotected intercourse on days eight through 19 of each menstrual cycle because Misha’s menstrual cycles are 28 days long. Niko and Misha are practicing
the Standard Days Method

The only temporary method of birth control for men is

Which of the following is NOT a cervical barrier device?
Lorna’s Ring

Birth control pills were first available in this country (USA)
in 1960

The female condom is made of

Immediately prior to ovulation, the basal body temperature
drops slightly

Sue and Randy enjoy oral sex and mutual masturbation but refrain from having penile-vaginal intercourse. The authors would refer to these behaviors as

Which one is NOT true concerning the menstrual cycle methods?
They are reliable when all three are used simultaneously.

The “Ask Me” campaign initiated by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises women to
obtain an advance prescription for emergency contraception

Hormone-based contraceptives can work in all of the following ways except
constricting the fallopian tubes to block passage of the fertilized egg.

New studies are finding that men using male hormone contraception return to fertility within _____ after stopping the contraception
4-5 days

Of the following, which is the LEAST effective birth control method when used correctly and consistently?
diaphragm and spermicide

For women over the age of 35 who smoke, the ______ outweigh the _______ of oral contraceptives.
risks; benefits

In order to correctly use condoms to prevent pregnancy
all of the above

In the 1870’s, who was instrumental in enacting national laws that prohibited the dissemination of contraceptive information through the U.S. mail?
Anthony Comstock

Under which of the following circumstances should a backup method of contraceptive be used?
all of the above

There is less chance of a condom breaking if it is

Of the following, which is the MOST effective birth control method when used correctly?

A woman seeking emergency contraceptive has never given birth, but has had one ectopic pregnancy. Her physician would probably recommend
high dose of estrogens or progestins.

Which of the following is NOT a possible side effect of oral contraceptives?
decreased spontaneity

________ releases a constant dose of estrogen and progestin
The constant-dose combination pill

An advantage of progestin-only pills in
there are no estrogen-related side effects

Which of the following is NOT a circumstance under which a couple may want to use a back-up method of contraceptive?
The first through third months of changing to a new method.

In 1972, the Supreme Court case ___________ extended the right to privacy to unmarried individuals by decriminalizing the use of contraception by single people.
Eisenstadt v Baird

Anti-contraceptive religious groups view contraception as a slippery slope toward

Which of the following methods of birth control would a woman with a history of pelvic inflammatory disease definitely want to avoid?

is an injectable contraceptive that needs to be given once every 12 weeks

Tubal sterilization involves
severing, cauterizing or placing a clip on the fallopian tubes

Accompanying your partner to a medical exam for birth control is an example of
shared responsibility

Factors that affect contraceptive availability and choice in contemporary times include
all of the above

If Sarah can’t locate the string of her IUD, she should be advised to
see her health practitioner as soon as possible

A man that has had a vasectomy
can have a vasovasostomy at a later time if he desires

Which of the following statements regarding condoms is true?
Polyurethane condoms are thinner, stronger and more heat sensitive than latex.

All of the following are used as emergency contraceptives EXCEPT

Fertility awareness methods include
mucus, calendar, and basal body temperature methods

You are a woman who smokes cigarettes, has high blood pressure, is somewhat forgetful and likes spontaneous sex. An unwanted pregnancy would be devastating for you. Which of the following contraceptive methods would be BEST for you?

Which of the following is NOT considered an advantage of vaginal spermicide?
Long term use is associated with reduced vaginal lubrication.

Which one is NOT true concerning backup methods?
This will not be necessary if you are on the pill, except if you forget to take pills.

The cervical cap resembles
a miniature diaphragm

In order to maximize the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, users should
take the pill at the same time each day

Ernest confides to Tim that he is scheduled to have a vasovasostomy. Ernest
is having a vasectomy reversed.

The MOST commonly used oral contraceptive in the United States is the
constant dose combination pill

Research has indicated that individuals who _____ about sex are likely to use contraception ineffectively.
feel guilty

Which of the following is true of the Catholic Church and contraception?
Even though the Church still objects to contraception many of its member in the U.S. use contraception.

The progestin-only pill may be associated with
breakthrough bleeding.

When using the transdermal patch, which of the following techniques is correct?
A woman replaces the old patch with a new one on the same day each week for three weeks, then takes a seven-day patch free week.

Rosa has been using the mucus method of birth control. She knows to avoid unprotected intercourse
when a white or yellow sticky discharge begins

Margaret Sanger was responsible for all the following EXCEPT
establishing the first abortion clinic

___________ is the MOST effective method of birth control EXCEPT abstinence

Which of the following statements regarding intrauterine devices is true?
It is more effective than using a diaphragm

According to various sources, a woman may insert a diaphragm as long as _______ prior intercourse and have it still be effective.
Six hours

All of the following are advantages of taking birth control pills EXCEPT
reducing the possibility of hypertension

The calendar method is also known as the ________ method.

With respect to contraceptive failure
this occurs more with low-income women than the more affluent

Stephanie and Brett are married and want a birth control method that has no side effects, is inexpensive, and doesn’t interrupt their spontaneity during sex. Although they are not really ready to have children yet, if they were to become pregnant that would be all right with them. Based on this information, a good method of birth control for them would be ______
the mucus method

Two of the danger signs for IUD users, associated with the acronym PAINS, is
nasty discharge or abdominal pain

In this type of tubal sterilization, the incision is made through the back of the vaginal wall

Which of the following statements regarding oral contraceptive use if FALSE?
It often reduces the incidence of migraine headaches and/or depression

_______ may increase the incidence of yeast infections and urinary tract infections
Vaginal spermicides

can be performed on both males and females

Which of the following statements regarding condoms is FALSE?
Vegetable oil is a good alternative lubricant if water-based lubricant is not available.

As a method of birth control
douching may in fact help sperm reach the cervix

The MOST common reversible birth control method among women in the United States is/are
oral contraceptives

With respect to future male contraceptives
it has proven difficult to find a contraceptive that reduces sperm level without interfering with sexual interest

Abstinence only groups have worked to intentionally
restrict correct information about the use of condoms

In the eighteenth century, Italian adventurer __________ was noted for his animal membrane condoms tied with a ribbon at the base of his penis.
Giovanni Casanova

Which of the following has the greatest impact on the effectiveness of any birth control method?
human error

Which statement BEST describes the relationship between the education of women and average number of children?
World-wide, women with more education have smaller families

Seasonale is designed to
reduce the number on menstrual periods from 13 to 4 per year.

Ine form of emergency contracpetive includes giving larger than normal doses of
estrogens and/or progestins

The diaphragm should remain in the vagina for at LEAST ______ following intercourse, but not more than _______.
8 hours, twenty-four hours

In order to confirm that the IUD is in place, the length of the _______ should be checked.

How is Japan different from MOST other industrialized countries in its cultural views of contraception?
Birth control pills were not available in Japan until 1999

MOST practicing Catholics in the United States are
likely to use some kind of artificial contraception

Who is credited with making birth control available in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
Margaret Sanger

The ______ method is based of cyclic changes of cervical mucus.

Fertility awareness is also referred to as
natural family planning

Both the _______ and ________ pill prevent conception from occurring by inhibiting ovulation.
combination, triphasic

______ provides fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone levels during the cycle.
The triphasic pill

Use of combination pills often eliminates

Which disadvantage do the diaphragm and cervical cap have in common?
relatively high failure rate

All of the following medications reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives EXECPT

All of the following statements regarding female condom is false?
It comes with spermicide on it

All of the following contribute to the effectiveness of the IUD EXCEPT
the barrier that is created when the IUD is inserted in the cervical os

Which of the following countries does not provide free emergency contraception?
the United States

Which of the following statements regarding outercourse is FALSE?
It is safe sex, in that you cannot contract or transmit a sexually transmitted disease

Which of the following is true of the Bush administration and contraception
The Bush administration policies have decreased the availability of contraception, not only in the U.S. but in other countries as well.

All of the following are presently available types of vaginal spermicides EXCEPT
vaginal contraceptive ring

Likely limitations on the future development of contraceptive methods include all but which of the following?
Growing consensus that there are more health hazards from manipulating the body than from multiple pregnancies.

Both the vaginal ring and the transdermal patch work by
slowly releasing hormones into the bloodstream

Users of birth control pills may experience all of the following execpt
increased risk of ovarian cancer

A major advantage of the cervical cap is the relative lack of side effects.

The most commonly used reversible method of birth control in the US today is condom with foam.

As long as a woman is nursing a baby she will not ovulate.

The Roman Catholic Church does not condone the use of condoms to prevent pregnancy, but allows them for STD prevention.

Female sterilization is easily reversed.

Because Depo-Prevera only contains progestin, estrogen-related side effects do not occur.

Some sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, can pass through natural membrane condoms.

Both oral contraceptives and IUDs are very similar in terms of effectiveness.

Immediately prior to ovulation, a woman’s body temperature drops slightly.

One of the major conveniences of the cervical cap is that it can be placed on the cervix in the morning and removed the next day, regardless of when the woman has intercourse.

Several of the major problems associated with oral contraceptive use are blood clots, heart attacks and non-cancerous liver tumors.

The vaginal ring and the transdermal patch are both barrier methods of contraception.

The progestin-only birth control pill works by inhibiting ovulation.

Research demonstrates that individuals who fee guilty about sex are more likely to use contraception ineffectively.

According to one study, Catholic women in the US are much more likely to use birth control than non-Catholic women.

In the early part of this century, Margaret Sanger opened an illegal clinic where women could obtain birth control pills.

Sterilization is the most effective method of birth control except for abstinence.

If a woman undergoes tubal sterilization, it will most likely have a negative effect on her sexual motivation.

Contraceptive methods based on the menstrual cycle are consistently less effective than most other methods.

Oral and anal sex are types of “outercourse”.

Female condoms are packaged with lubricant already applied.

In ancient Egypt women placed dried crocodile dung next to the cervix to prevent conception.

Missing even one dose of an oral contraceptive could allow ovulation to occur.

Polyurethane condoms are thinner and less likely to break than are latex condoms.

Some IUDs contain estrogen to improve their effectiveness.

If a woman keeps a daily chart of changes in her vaginal secretions, she is probably practicing the standard days method of birth control.

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