Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

The statistics say that 1 percent of the entire world population suffers from the problem of excessive sweating which has a medical term “hyperhidrosis.”

Although there are lots of methods which help people avoid this discomfort, there are lots of situations when some other factors make the body sweat more than usual. Let’s clarify when and why this problem may happen and what we should do with this.

How do I Know the Sweating is Excessive

It is significant to understand that this unpleasant symptom is a natural function of our body. It helps to control the temperature and cool down.

If you have just done lots of intensive physical exercises or walking when the weather is hot, it is good that your organism gives off salty liquid.

Some other situations when people sweat is related to stress or anxiety when hormone system experiences tension. If your palms are wet during the exam or before an important speech, there is no need to worry.

However, if this “cooling-down” function makes you almost wet and creates discomfort, there is something to treat by visiting a dermatologist.

Everything should have a balance and comfort. If your clothes become wet during a stressful situation, or you have excessive sweating while sleeping, it is a sign that you have hyperhidrosis symptoms.

Sweating is a norm unless it becomes too noticeable and uncomfortable during everyday life.

Possible Reasons of the Hyperhidrosis

There are two types of the hyperhidrosis which worsens the comfort of everyday life. The first one is connected with genetics. It means that your relatives have this illness as well. This problem may not appear since the childhood.

The most common time for the development of this disease is teenage. Another type is called secondary because in this case, other factors may trigger this illness.

Among those causes you can find pregnancy, menopause, anxiety, consuming harmful food, alcohol or some medications which affect your hormone system.

Combating the Hyperhidrosis

Our modern-day medical world has lots of tablets to offer if a person knows what causes excessive sweating. No home remedy stops any form of this symptom to its fullest because it is an essential function of the body.

Nevertheless, people who have hyperhidrosis can select one way to get rid of these unpleasant symptoms. Some of them can be even for a long time.

A wide range of surgical and non-surgical methods are available that differ in cost, side effects, and duration. Most of them work on nerves that stimulate the work of sweat glands.

If there are no tablets for treating this illness, doctors may recommend hyperhidrosis surgery which is not risky but can bring lots of positive consequences for the body.

Effective treatment can lead to a necessary improvement in the patients’ health. It is crucial that the diagnosis and treatment have been conducted with caution and precision.

It is not recommended to treat the causes of excessive sweating at home with the help of unknown medicine. This symptom requires individual approach and medical check.

If you don’t know how to stop excessive sweating, get a full body investigation at a hospital. The professionals will quickly decide on the most useful treatment.

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