Evaluation of Testing Methods 

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As you can see, I improved on all my tests. More bleep test stood out the most. Previously I got level 10 and stated that I wanted to improve this. I went on the treadmill for 20 minutes almost every session and on my post-p.e.p bleep test, I improved by 2 levels…..which is a massive increase. I felt the affects on my performance during football matches aswell. I felt I wasn’t as tired towards the end of the 90 minutes therefore I could work that bit harder during the game play.

My strength increased dramatically aswell. Previously, my hand grip dynamometer was 44 on the scale. Now it is 54. I feel a lot more confident, physically and mentally stronger going into challenges and tackles now. Discussion of effectiveness (Skill) Aswell as strength, I wanted to improve my power so that in a match situation, I would be able to beat an opponing player to the ball. The only power related test I did before my p.e.p was the standing long jump. Previously, my test score was 2.15meters. Now it is 2.29meters. I was quite surprised by this result because I wasn’t concentrating as much on power as I was on strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Evaluation of Testing Methods The tests that I used to evaluate my components of fitness were useful and showed were I improved and were I need to improve but some of the tests are more valid and reliable than others. Bleep test – This Is a accurate and valid test. It measures my cardiovascular endurance and I did it identically each time. Not many external factors could of effected this BMI – This is and reliable test but not very valid. This test doesn’t take into consideration the percentage of fat and muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so if a very muscular person worked out this test, he would come out as overweight. This is obviously very inaccurate! A better test would be the percentage of fat on the body

Press ups/ sit ups – This is an reliable test but its validity is questionable. It is only measuring arm and abdominal strength rather than whole body strength. A better test would be One rep max Hand grip dynamometer – This is both a valid and reliable test. Virtually no factors could affect this apart from the persons bodily state at the moment in time. Evaluation of Selected training methods My selected training method was overload training in the college gym.

All the exercises and gym machines I used were suitable too my aims. The main limitation I came across was the machines I the college gym. There were few machines in the gym and all but one machine focused on upper body strength (shoulders, arms, pectorals and back). I would of also so liked to work on my abdominals and leg muscles aswell because these are the main muscles used in football. But, I made good use of what equipment I did have and what I was unable to train on the machine weights, I trained using free weights,

Modifications for future use If I was to amend the p.e.p or do it again, I would make it longer. This would enable me to fully train my muscles to the expected targets. I would also break down my p.e.p. If I was training 3 days a week, each day I would be working a different part of my body I.e Mondays – Chest and Back muscles ( Pectorals, abdominals, trapezius, Latisimuss dorsi) Wednesdays – Arms ( biceps, triceps, deltoids) Fridays – Legs ( gluteals, hamstrings, quadriceps, gastrocnemius ) This would make sure that all parts of my body are getting worked equally and that they have enough time to recover.

I would also change my diet to suit the kind of training im doing. As im doing overload training I would aim to eat lots of Proteins rich food such as meat, poultry, fish, beans, peas, soybeans, groundnuts, milk, cheese, yoghurt, eggs Etc etc. Proteins are important for growth, tissue repair and replacement therefore assist in repairing my muscle fibres. Section 10 – Appraisal of the Programme Discussion of Application of principles of Training I applied my principles of training correctly Overload – Muscle strength can be improved by making the muscles work harder than normal. I did this by finding out my one rep max and working between 70 – 80% of that calculation. Over the weeks, my strength increased therefore so did my one rep max. So I had to keep monitoring my one rep max in order for me to progress.

Frequency – I went to gym 3 times a week. This enabled me to have a full workout and work all my aimed muscles. It also gave me a rest period in between so that my body could repair Intensity – This is the level of difficulty of the exercise. I was working at 70-80% of my one rep max at all times so training was very difficult and I put my body under a lot of stress. This is needed in order to progress through overload training Type – Refers to the kind of exercise. My strength training was aimed to improve my strength in a match situation. My cardiovascular endurance was aimed to improve my fitness throughout the match

Time – I had two one hour sessions and one two hour sessio0n in the week. Any more than two hours would be too much for me to handle. After the second hour I would be very tired and my fatigue would be a major factor in how well I train In the gym Discussion of application of workload intensities My workloads intensities were suitable to achieve my stated aims. I was always working at 70 – 80% of my one rep max. I redone my one rep max and recalculated 70 – 80% of it at the start of every week because as the weeks progress, so would my strength. I wouldn’t be improving if I kept working at 70 – 80% of my original one rep max throughout the 6 weeks.

When running on the treadmill, I ran for 20 minutes whilst maintaining 60 – 80 % maximum heart rate. This improved my fitness which was proved when I did my second bleep test Discussion of other Theoretical Factors I monitored my heart rate whilst doing C.V training by using a heart rate monitor. This ensured that I stayed in my intended zone and because of this, improved. I used both free weights and fixed weights. This was due to the lack of machines in the gym and also that there wasn’t always some to spot when lifting free weights. Fixed weights are safer and ensures that technique is correct. Free weights provide quick, explosive strength and are for a bit more experienced gym users as you have to know all the right techniques/positions otherwise you run the risk of injury.

Most of the time, I went round the gym circuit with a partner. We encouraged each other and helped each other when needed. As we also had someone to talk to, we didn’t get bored. When I didn’t have my partner, I found it quite boring and found that I wasn’t as highly motivated. Modifications for future use of principles I felt I rushed through the overload exercises on the machines. I would of benefited more if I lifted the weights more slowly. This would of made it harder, but I would of Improved a lot more. I could also do some outdoor running. This is more specific to my sport than running on the treadmill.

Modifications for future use of other factors I would use more free weights. This would enable me to work on specific muscles rather than overall muscle groups. This would make my training more specific to my sport. To prevent boredom, id always try to do the circuit with a friend to help and encourage each other. Another solution to prevent music would be to listen to music. Although there was music playing in the gym, it wasn’t the most up beat of music. It would be better if I was listening to my music. This would also keep me motivated. The main thing id do if I were to do my pep again is extend. In 6 weeks I could start to feel the effects of the training whereas if I did for double or triple the time, I know I would of definetly improved my strength. It would show both mentally and physically.

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