ERG Book Page Color

White pages
at the begging of the ERG includes instructions on how to use the book, where to call for emergency assistance, an overview of that hazard classification system, and am explanation of placards and other warning systems.

Yellow pages
at the begging in of ERG, numerically sequenced listing of 4-digit hazardous materials identification number, followed by three digit emergency response guide number and the name of the material. The guide numbers refer to the orange pages in the book. which this spells out the hazards encountered in the event of transportation related release and the immediate emergency response procedures.

Blue pages
They are similar to the yellow pages, but they are alphabetically sequenced by the name of the hazardous material.

Orange pages
emergency response guides, which include the potential hazards to health, risk of fire or explosion, and emergency response procedures.

Green pages
Initial isolation and protective action distances. DOT identified isolation and protective action distances were highlighted in the yellow bordered pages and in the blue bordered pages. Initial Isolation is found in the green section.

White pages (back of the book)
includes information on personal protective equipment, fire & spill control, criminal terrorist use of hazardous materials, and glossary.

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