Equine Anatomy- Muscles ( origin, insertion and Function)

M. pectoralis profundus
I- Medial proximal humerus
Adductor of Shoulder
Supports Thoracic Cavity

M. teres major
O-dorsal,caudal border of scapula
I-teres major tuberosity medial humerus
Flexor of Shoulder

M. Flexor carpi radialis
O-Medial epicondyle of humerus
I-plamer aspect of proximal end of MCIII
Flexor of Carpus

Superfical digital flexor (m.Flexor digitorum superficlitis)
o-humerus,radius ulna
I- distal p1 proximal p2
flexor of digits

O-spines of sacral and caudal vertebrae
I- Proximal tibia
Extends the hip

m. Peroneus tertius
O-distolateral femur
I-proximal metatarus
Flexor of Hock

O-ventral pelvis
I-medial femur and tibia
Adductor of Hip

M gluteus superficials
O-spine of sacrum
I-third Trocanter femur
Abductor of hip

m.extensor digitorum longus
O- Distal femur
I- P3
Extender of digits

m. flexor digitorum superficilitis
O- Humerus,Radius, ulna
I-proximal P2, Distal P1
Flexor of Digits

m. masseter
closes mouth

m. serratus ventralis
O- cervical and thoracic transverse vertebrae
I-medial scapula
supports the thorax and attaches the thoracic limb to trunk

m. Biceps Brachii
o-superagleniod fossa of scapula
I-radial tuberosity of proximal radius
Flexor of Elbow

m. extensor carpi ulnaris
o-lateral epicondyle of humerus
I-dorsal lateral proximal of MCIII
extends the carpus

Deep digital flexor (m. Flexor digitorum profundus )
O-humerus, radius, unla
I- palmer side of P3
Flexor of digit

M. trapezius
O-dorsal midline
I-spine pf Scapula
swings scapula forward and support thorax

M. biceps femoris
O- Sacrum
extend the hip

O- tuber Ischiadicum
I-Proximal tibia
extendor of hip

M. tensor fasciae latae
O-tuber coxae
I- lateral femoral fascia
Abductor of hip

M. flexor digitorum profundus
O-Humerus ,radius and ulna
I- plamer side of P3
Flexor of digit

m ptergoideus
opens mouth

M . quadratus femoris
O -obturator foramen
I- medial femur
Adductor of hip

M .extensor digitorum lateralis
O-lateral collateral ligament of elbow
I-Proximal P1
extensor of digit

m.Orbicularis Oculi
shuts eyes

O-Symphysis of the Pelvis
I-Proximal Tibia
Adductor of hip

M. rhomboideus
O-From dorsal midline both Cranial and Caudal
I-Deep medial face of scapula cartilage

M. flexor carpi unlaris ( m.unlaris Lateralis )
O- medial epicondyle of humerus
I- accessory carpal bone
Flexor of carpus

Transversospinalis system
extends the vertebral column

m. obliquus externus abdominis
support organs of digestion system

m. transversus abdominis
Abdominal Press
Flexes the truck

M. inter-coastales externi

m. infraspinatus
O- infraspinous fossa of scapula
I- greater tubercle of humerus
Flexor of shoulder
acts as a strong collateral ligament of the shoulder

m. gluteus medius
middle guteal
O- spine of sacrum
I-third trochanter
abductor of hip

M. Triceps Brachii
O- a) long head- caudal scapula
b). medial and lateral heads- proximal humerus
I- all insert on the olecranon of unla
extensor of elbow

m.psoas major
O- ventral surface lumbar transverse processes
I- medial femur at lessor trochanter
Flexor of hip

Hamstring Muscles
1). flex the stifle while extending the hip
2). extensor of hock can also flex stifle

M. gastrocnemius
O- caudal aspect of femoral condyles
I- tuber calcanei
extends hock

M. brachiocephalicus
O- occipital bone
I- proximal humerus
extends the shoulder

m .latissimus dorsi
O- spinous processes of thoracic and lumbar vertebrae
I- teres tuberosity, medial humerus
Flexor of the shoulder

Lacertus fibrosus
connects to the M. biceps brachii

Common Digital Extensor ( m.extensor digitorum communis)
O- lateral epicondyle of humerus
I- extensor process of P3
Proximal ends of P2 and P1
Extends the digits

M. quadriceps femoris
1). m retus femoris
O). ilium above acctabulum
2).M.vastus medialis
3) m.vastus intermedius
4).m.Vastus lateralis
O- respective area of femur
I- all insert on patella
Extend the stifle

Superfical digital flexor M. ( m. flexor digitorum superficilitis)
O- humerus, ulna and Radius
I- Proximal P2 and distal P1
Flexor of the digits

m.tibialis cranialis
O- craniolateral proximal tibia
I- Medial metatarsus
Flexor of Hock

M. gluteus profundus
O- ischium
I- greater trochanter of femur
Abductor of Hip

m .extensor capri radialis
O- lateral epicondlye of humerus
I- proximal end of metacarpus
Extends the carpus

O- spine of scapula
I- deltoid tuberosity of humerus
Flexor of shoulder

Lateral digital extensor (m. extensor digitorum lateralis)
O- lateral collateral ligament of the elbow
I- proximal p1
extends the digits

m. supraspinatus
O- supraspinous fossa of scapula
I- greater tubercle of the humerus
extends the shoulder

O- ventral surface lumbar transverse processes
I- medial femur at lessor trochanter
flexor of hip

m. orbiclaris oris
its contraction purses the lips

epaxial muscles (m longissimus )
largest muscle
extensor of vertebral column
saddle sores

iliocastalis system
extensor of vertebral column

m pectoralis superficialis
O- sternum
I- medial humerus
adductor of the shoulder


ligamentum nuchae
reaches from the withers to the skull
gives considerable aid to the muscles that extend and support the head and neck


m.inter-coastales interni

Popliteus Flexes stifle. Origin- lateral condyle of femur. Insertion- caudomedial border of tibia Gastrocnemius Extends hock, flexes stifle. Origin- medial and lateral heads from supracondylar tuberosities of femur. Insertion- common calcanean tendon WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON …

pectoralis major O: clavicle, sternum, ribs I: intertubercular groove A: flexes, adducts, and internally rotates shoulder pectoralis minor O: ribs 3-5 I: coracoid process of scapula A: protracts and depresses scapula WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY …

Platysma origin: Acromion insertion: Mandible Action: Opens the jaw Masseter (21) origin: Zygomatic insertion: Ramus of the mandible action: Closes the jaw WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE Write my …

Biceps Femoris Origin: the sacrotuberous ligament, ischiatic tuberosity Insertion: By means of the fascia lata and crural fascia to the patella, patellar ligament, and cranial border of the tibia; by means of the crural fascia to the subcutaneous part of …

sternocleidomastoid MUSCLE OF THE NECK ORIGIN: Sternum, Clavicle INSERTION: Mastoid process of temporal bone ACTION: Rotates head; Pulls head to side External Oblique MUSCLE OF ANTERIOR ABDOMINAL WALL ACTION: Compresses abdominal viscera; bends vertebral column laterally; flexes vertebral column WE …

Biceps femoris O: sacrotuberous ligament, ischiatic tuberosity I: cranial surface of distal thigh, cranial surface of crus, calcaneus as part of common calcanean tendon A: extend hip, hock, and stifle, flex stifle, shortens the distance between ischiatic tuberosity and tibia …

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