EMT Test 2

your partner assesses a homeless persons level of consciousness by kicking the patient. Which of the following areas of personel conduct and attitude did you partner fail to demonstrate

A quality improvement review process of AED use in a particular EMS system is being performed. The auditor will look at what after every cardiac arrest case
voice recordings and EKGs memory

A rescuer is treating a 45 year old man with chest pain. He has decided to apply a cardiac monitor to analyze the patient’s heart activity. Which rescuer is allowed to do this skill in the prehospital setting
EMT paramedic

What system identifies the callers location when a 911 call is placed
enhanced 911

What best describes the scope of practice. You are allowed to provide any treatment you are….
licenced and authorized to do

what is the minimum certification for ambulance personnel

Sue Johnson has specialized EMS type training. During her search and rescue class she learned the essentials to triage and how to gain access to a patient at a trauma scene, and she is certified in basic resuscitation skills. Which level of license do you thinkshe has if her training only lasted 4 weeks
Emergency medical responder

select a statement that most accurately describes the registration process for EMS providers
registration is the activity of entering ones name into an official book of record

What skill is an EMT most likely to be taught to perform in a standard course
splinting a broken femur with a traction splint ad applying oxygen

what best describes the EMS system
all components necessary to address the needs of he sick and injured patient in the prehospital setting

You have become licensed as an EMT provider. What is your role in the EMS system regarding medial direction
you are operating as an extention of the medical director allowed to perform this skills that you are trained and authorized to perform

which training level includes delivering medications via an IV line

you partner assesses a homeless persons level of consciousness by kicking the patient. What area of personal conduct did your partner fail to demonstrate
non judgemental and fair

what is the goal of quality improvement in AED use
to improve timeliness of shock and delivery

which of the following is the best resource for learning about issues and trends in EMS
attend ems conferences

what is the best quality improvement process
assessing performance and improving the system

who typically issues an EMS license
the state

what is the best definition of a third service
municipal based service separate from police or fire

what best describes an EMS system
a team of healthcare professionals responsible for providing medical treatment outside the hospital

An EMT must have a written protocol for using an AED because
all of your privileges are granted through medical control

What is the most appropriate way to reduce or alleviate stress
begin and maintain an exercise program

during patient lifting you should
avoid twisting the body

what is the most appropriate body substance isolation precautions in preparing for child birth
gloves, gown, goggles

you are treating a patient with an abrasion to the right leg after falling from a bike. what is the proper BSI
gloves only

after a stressful pediatric call an EMS provider should
recognize that they may have challenges coping with these types of calls and that it is normal

at the beginning of your shift your partner suggests you are burned out which behavior would best exhibit the actions of the provider responding negatively to stress
arrives late to work 5 days in a row

you are preparing to carry a 180 lb patient who has fallen off a ladder. describes the best method for assuring maximum safety when moving the victim
keep the patient close to you while lifting

you have completed treatment of a patient confirmed of having TB. How should you disinfect the stethoscope
medium level disinfectant

the proper use of the body to facilitate lifting and moving and prevent injury best describes
body mechanics

the patient you are treating is coughing up bright red blood. Every time he yells or coughs he spits up secretions. Which protection other than vinyl gloves would offer you the most protection
face shield

which of the following plans will reduce the chances of serious injury to employees
implement a drivers safety program

for what patient would you recommend a non emergency move if there were no other complications or injuries
patient experiencing chest pain

while in the back of your ambulance you need to reach for a piece of equipment for patient care. Choose the best advice when reaching for something in the back of a moving ambulance
grab an overhead railing whenever possible

when lifting a stretcher from the lowest position you should
lock your back

what is the best advice when dealing with a significant laceration on an upper arm bleeding severely
the rescuers should apply gloves, a gown, and face protection

What BSI equipment would you wear for a trauma assessment involving a possible sprained ankle
standard exam gloves

while moving your medical bag you should
lock your back into position

you arrive to find a 25 year old male lying in bed pulseless and apneic. Which category of moves should you utilize

the captain of your rescue squad begins describing in great detail a pediatric cardiac arrest call where the child ultimately died despite their efforts. Identify what emotional response the captain may experience after this call

why is body substance isolation important
it reduces the risk of you obtaining a communicable disease

during which of the following would you least likely have a duty to act
when you come across an accident driving home from your EMS shift

When an EMS provider attempts to preserve evidence at a scene it is best placed in
a brown paper bag

you arrive on the scene of a patient who is in need of resuscitation. The family indicated that the patient has a DNR order but they are unable to find it. What should you do while waiting for them to find the document
perform CPR, obtain additional info from the family, and call medcon

when do most cases of patient abandonment occur
when turning patient over to the hospital

which of the following is true regarding advanced directives where a patient has chosen some interventions to be done but have other things withheld
these are usually invalid in prehospital setting

which of the following is true regarding advanced directives where a patient has chosen some interventions to be done but have other things withheld
these are usually invalid in pre hospital setting

what laws deal specifically with maintain patient confidentiality

which of the following is the most uncommon reason for varying degrees of DNR orders
financial reasons

which of the following best indicates that your patient falls into the category of DNR
the family produces a valid document signed by the patient and his or her physician

which of the following is the most important aspect regarding patient refusals
it is critical to make sure the patient is fully informed

which of the following is true regarding organ donations
organ donation intentions may be found on cards or medic alert tags

which of the following situations is it unnecessary to contact the police or some other agencies
an adult patient with a behavioral emergency

during your treatment of a patient you perform a treatment incorrectly. For which of the four parts of negligence case are you potentially guilty
failure to meet the standard of care

you are at the scene of a 27 year old male who is unconscious and EMS was called by his parents. Which of the following type of consent would apply
implied consent

in which of the following situations will treatment and transport of a minor without the express consent of the parents be allowed
when the minor has a life threatening injury

your patient has refused treatment and transportation. You have documented the assessment results, obtained the patient and witness signatures, explained possible problems of refusing treatment and transport and indicated that the patient could call you again if needed. What else should be included
all methods used to persuade the patient to go

Identify which of the following would most likely require online medical support
diabetic patient refusing transport

you have misspelled a word on your patient care document. how should you correct it
draw a single line through it, initial it, and write the correct spelling

which of the following should be omitted in the verbal report you give to hospital staff
your opinions of what is wrong with the patient

rescuers are completing a pre hospital care report for a car collision victim with a head injury. What is the most pertinent information in this report
bystander treatment rendered

which of the following describes the proper way to communicate on the radio
identify who you are calling first and then identify yourself

why is it Important for use to use an accurate and synchronous clock in our documentation
inaccurate times can be used against you in court

why is an effective verbal report at the hospital so important
this is an integral part of the transfer of care

which of the following is correct regarding a patient care report
it is a legal document that can be subpoenaed

which of the following is unrecognized as a reason for providing efficient and effective radio traffic
to educate the public

which of the following describes a pertinent negative
a cardiac patient denies having difficulty breathing

what is the pertinent negative
a cardiac patient denies having denies having difficulty breathing

what is the name of the type of radio that you will most likely have installed in your vehicle

which of the following should be left out of a patient care report

how does a court view the written ems run report
it documents exactly what happened during a call

during a Mass casualty incident rescuers are permitted to do which of the following
a triage tag may be used as a run form instead of a prehospital care report

after an ems run your partner suggests you write down vital signs differently than the ones obtained. What is the best reason to write the vital signs down accurately
if the vitals are inaccurate it puts the rest of the document In question

of the following which section is omitted from a patient care report
subjective review of your partners actions

you observe that your EMT partner has challenges with documenting his vital signs accurately. It seems like sometimes he even makes information up. What is the most important reason for him to properly document accurate vital signs
it helps members of the healthcare team see trends and track condition changes

of the following components of a radio report to the hospital which should occur first
chief complaint

which of the following is prohibited by the FCC when using the radio
using offensive language

you indicated in your patient care report that the patient complained of left quadrant pain anterior and lateral to the umbilicus by inches. You meant to indicate superior to the umbilicus. Which of the following is the greatest reason this mistake is a problem.
it potentially threatens the patient’s care in the receiving facility

you are doing your pre trip inspection. You are checking over the emergency medications on the ambulance. According to national EMS scope of practice definitions which of the following is considered to be an ALS level medication
epinephrine 1:10,000

steps that need to be taken to prepare a patient for air transport by helicopter
strap down all the sheets and blankets and do not use IV poles

you are on the scene of a hazardous materials spill where a bystander that has wet clothing and an odd odor approaches you. The patient is having some dizziness and nausea. What should be your first course of action?
make him report to the decontamination line for decontamination

where, when, and under what condition do most accidents involving ambulances occur
at intersections, during the day and with good road conditions

you are responding to an incident involving multiple cars. While you are about a quarter of a mile away which of the following presents the greater probable hazard?
other responding emergency units

replacing used equipment after a run occurs during which phase of an ambulance call
terminating the call

what is one of the major advantages of using rotary wing transport verses fixed wing transport in EMS? Compared to fixed wing transport rotary wing medical transport
is able to respond to emergency scenes

one method that helps with safely driving an emergency vehicle is to
delegate other operational duties

what move is used to remove a MVC patient that is stable and primarily seated but at risk to spinal cord injury
short backboard device

just before lifting off a rotary pilot must check the weather at the scene for a medical transport in addition the pilot must also
check the weather at the receiving hospital

which of the following basic ambulance designs looks like a standard van
type 2

driving an emergency vehicle at speeds over the posted speed limit will
save only a few minutes of travel time

which of these is the most correct regarding emergency landing zones
remember to remove your hat when approaching a rotary wing aircraft

Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of the Emergency Medical​ Dispatcher? Providing medical direction to the responding units Prepare the prehospital care​ report: as soon as you are free from​ patient-care activities. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY …

delivering a patient to the hospital involves all of the following activities, EXCEPT: giving a verbal report to the triage clerk the six-pointed Star of Life emblem identifies vehicles that: meet federal specifications as licensed or certified ambulances WE WILL …

A medical transport helicopter is incoming and you are responsible for setting up the landing zone (LZ). You should: B. use weighted cones to mark all four corners of the LZ. A type _____ ambulance features a conventional, truck cab-chassis …

While en route to a call for a patient in cardiac arrest, you approach a stopped school bus with its red warning lights flashing. You should: A. slowly and carefully pass the bus on the left side. B. pass the …

Operators of emergency vehicles must drive with the safety of others in mind. This is known as​ driving: A. defensively. B. with emergency privilege. C. with due regard. D. as a public servant. C You have transported a stable patient …

Which of the following is true concerning prehospital delivery of twins? a There are always two placentas. b The umbilical cord of the first infant must not be cut until the second infant is born. c This is a true …

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