EMT Pharmacology Test

Oxygen Names:
oxygen, O₂

oxygen dosage:
1-6lpm NC, 10-15 NRB, 15lpm BVM

Oxygen route:

Oxygen effects:
improves O₂ saturation

Oxygen indication:
hypoxia, anticipated hypoxia, DOB, possible CO poisoning

Oxygen Contraindication:

Oxygen side effects:
dizziness, hyperoxia

Oral Glucose Names:
oral glucose, glutose15

Oral Glucose dosage:

Oral Glucose route:
buccal, orally

Oral Glucose effects:
raise blood sugar, raise LOC

Oral Glucose indication:
can’t swallow, unconscious

Oral Glucose Contraindication:

Oral Glucose side effects:

Activated Charcoal Names:
Activated Charcoal, Actidose

Activated Charcoal dosage:
1g/kg of body weight up to 25g

Activated Charcoal route:
oral (po)

Activated Charcoal effects:
binds to poison

Activated Charcoal indication:
overdose, poison intake

Activated Charcoal Contraindication:
Acid, low LOC, can’t control airway

Activated Charcoal side effects:

Aspirin Names:

Aspirin dosage:

Aspirin route:

Aspirin effects:
lower pain, vasodilation, lower platelet coagulation

Aspirin indication:
chest pain

Aspirin Contraindication:
high blood pressure, ulcers, GI bleeding, hypersensitivity

Epinephrine Names:
Epinephrine, EPI pen, adrenaline

Epinephrine dosage:

Epinephrine route:
muscular, IM

Epinephrine effects:
reduces swelling, opens airway, vasoconstriction, smooth muscle relaxer

Epinephrine indication:
severe allergic reaction, anaphylactic reaction

Epinephrine Contraindication:
hypersensitivity (known)

Aspirin side effects:
tachycardia, prolonged bleeding

Epinephrine side effects:
elevated B/P, elevated heart rate

Albuterol Names:
Albuterol, Ventolin

Albuterol dosage:
1-2 puffs, 2.5mg (nebulizer)

Albuterol route:
inhalation, nebulizer

Albuterol effects:
open airway, open lungs, broncopilation

Albuterol indication:
difficulty breathing, wheezing, asthma attack, exacerbation of COPD

Albuterol Contraindication:
hypersensitivity, high heart rate

Albuterol side effects:
tachycardia, tremors

Naloxone Names:
Naloxone, Narcan

Naloxone dosage:

Naloxone route:
intra-nasal (1mg in each nostril)

Naloxone effects:
binds and blocks to opiate receptors

Naloxone indication:
opiate overdose, or unknown unconsciousness

Naloxone Contraindication:

Naloxone side effects:
vomiting, aggressiveness

Ondansetron Names:
Ondansetron, Zofran

Ondansetron dosage:

Ondansetron route:

Ondansetron effects:
decreases nausea

Ondansetron indication:
nausea, vomiting

Ondansetron Contraindication:
decreased LOC, hypersensitivity

Ondansetron side effects:
headache, constipation

Nitroglycerin Names:
Nitroglycerin, Nitrostat

Nitroglycerin dosage:

Nitroglycerin route:

Nitroglycerin effects:
vasodilation, decrease chest pain

Nitroglycerin indication:
chest pain

Nitroglycerin contraindication:
low blood pressure (hypertension), meds for erectile dysfunction

Nitroglycerin Side Effects:
headache, decreased blood pressure

(Type of drug:) Nitroglycerin (Type of drug:) Vasodilator. (Mechanism of Action:) Nitroglycerin (Mechanism of Action:) Dilates coronary arteries and veins, improves blood flow. Decreases oxygen demand of the heart. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY …

1) Oxygen 2) Oral Glucose 3) Activated Charcoal 4) Aspirin What are the 4 medications carried on the EMS Unit? chemical name describes the drug’s chemical structure WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU …

Specific signs, symptoms, or circumstances under which it is appropriate to administer a drug to a patient Indications Spray device with a mouthpiece that contains an aerosol form of a medication that a patient can spray directly into his airway …

Epinephrine- brand name (3) Adrenalin, epinephrine, Epi-Pen Epinephrine- Class (2) Natural catecholamine, sympathomimetic WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE Write my sample Epinephrine- MofA (5) 1. Direct acting B1, B2, …

Absorption Process by which medications travel through body tissue Contradiction Situation in which a drug should not be given WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE Write my sample Side Effect …

A 31-year-old female is experiencing an acute asthma attack. She is conscious and alert, but in obvious respiratory distress. After assisting her with her prescribed MDI, you should: Select one: A. administer another treatment in 30 seconds if she is …

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