Emotional Health

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Emotional health refers to that state in which individuals are in total control of their thoughts, behaviour and feelings. Being emotionally healthy implies that individuals have ways of dealing with and overcoming situations that could result to depression, grief, anxiety, loneliness and related pains such as chronic pain. Emotional heath makes it possible for individuals to be happy and feel good about themselves. Individuals who are emotionally healthy enjoy their relationships with other people as they have ways of dealing with obstacles that could deter them from having good relationships.

However, this does not imply that these individuals do not have emotional problems. Every human being always experience emotional problems at some point in their daily lives as they interact with other people or go about their work or school work. Being emotionally healthy implies that individuals learn to deal with these emotional problems so that they do not become complicated. There are several factors that humans go through which if not controlled have negative impact on their emotional health.

These include anxiety which refers to worry that is constant over issues such as financial situations, relationships, retirement and work. Anxiety can result to complications and mental illness hence should be controlled. Chronic pain is another issue that should be controlled. This refers to pain that is continuous and lasts up to and beyond three months. Depression which is one of the most common health problems refers to a state of the mind that is characterized by a sense of inadequacy that is pessimistic. Depression is deeper than and different from the usual unhappiness and blues individuals feel.

It causes change in individuals’ physical health, behaviour, work and academic performance, and their ability to think clearly that is required to make the usual daily decisions hence inactivity. Such individuals also find it hard to handle the normal pressures that they usually experience hence will tend not to tackle the tasks they usual handle. Depression hence is one of the serious causes of mental health that should be controlled or avoided in order for one to remain emotionally healthy. Social isolation and loneliness is another threat to emotional health.

This occurs when one alienates themselves from other people and keep to themselves. It causes one to think too much about their problems and situations. It should be noted that problems have a tendency of looking bigger when one thinks too much about them. Social isolation can cause one to develop stress and depression which are harmful not only to emotional but also physical health and should be avoided. Grief also is a threat to emotional health. The disadvantage is that it is one of those mental situations that one has no control over as it is natural.

Grieving over a loss is a natural process which has the capability of continuing for long time if help is not sought. Grief and loss can have adverse effect on the emotional health of a person if it is not contained. Anger is another threat to good emotional health. It is normal to feel angry at people who wrong you or get angry at yourself in the event you make a mistake that you consider silly. Anger however can become a hazard to emotional health if it is not controlled. Other risky situations of anger is when one feels angry and irritated over nothing.

Such anger which whose cause is not known can be harmful to emotional health. Stress is another health threat which arises when there is an increase in pressure and competition which requires an individual to put in a little more effort than usual. It is the undesirable responses of the body towards external pressure that are dangerous and threaten the health of an individual. Stress can work related, family related, health related amongst many other causes. Its impact on emotional health is very serious hence needs to be contained and controlled to prevent its negative effects.

Poor/bad emotional health has several negative effects on individuals. One of its main effects being that it results to deterioration of the physical health. Emotional health usually causes the body system to stop functioning the normal way. It also affects individuals such that they engage in activities that are unhealthy. Situations such as stress and depression deter one from thinking clearly hence they can not do the everyday normal things such as eating. This amongst other unhealthy activities that result from poor emotional health could cause on be to develop physical illness.

Poor emotional health can also result to development of physical diseases such as ulcers and high blood pressure. Another effect of poor emotional health is that it causes individuals to develop undesirable habits such as engaging in drugs and alcohol. Most emotionally unstable individuals who turn to drugs and alcohol do so in search for refuge from the problems that they are experiencing. They believe that getting high and drunk will help them feel better and not think of their situations. Some even believe that the problems will go away if they engage in these things.

Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol never solve or heal the problems and pain they might be experiencing as they usually have to face them once they get sober. This has caused several of such individuals to become drug and alcohol addicts. Some have even become criminals as they need money to buy the drugs and alcohol which are expensive. Bad emotional health also has negative impact on one’s performance at work and in school. This is based on the fact that it usually affects the mind causing it to lose concentration on the normal tasks that one usually does.

In the case of students, they are not able to pay attention to their tutors or concentrate on reading. It results to decreased productivity and sometimes a lot of mistakes which are costly. Bad emotional health could result to individuals losing their jobs or failing in their studies. Poor emotional health affects ones social life. It results to one isolating themselves from peers, colleagues and sometimes family. Poor emotional health can also be fatal and cause death. Research has shown that suicide are as a result of instability in individual’s emotional health.

When the problems become too much for one to handle, individuals usually resort to suicide as a way of escapism. The above effects of poor emotional health are just but a few as they are so many that we can never exhaust their discussion. It therefore is important for individuals to learn on how they can keep themselves emotionally healthy so as to reduce and eliminate some of the negative impacts of poor emotional health. As mentioned earlier, emotional problems are inevitable and every normal human being has to experience them.

Poor emotional health occurs when individuals let their emotional problems get out of control. It should be noted that mental states such as stress and depression only occur when emotional problems are left to pile up such that the body system can not handle the pressure hence produces undesirable responses to the pressure which is then experienced as stress or depression. Individuals who are emotionally healthy have learnt how deal with these problems hence keep them at perspective. These individuals engage in many practices which help them to keep poor emotional health at bay.

Some of the practices that help maintain and improve emotional health include getting enough rest. It is important for individuals to take good care of their bodies if they want to be mentally healthy. Enough rest includes having adequate sleep of up to hours on the low. Practising good nutrition is also good for emotional health. This requires one to learn and the more it is practised the better results for the mind and the body hence and consequently emotional health. Exercise is also a good way of relieving one of anxiety and stress. It also helps in lifting one’s mood eliminating possibility of stress occurrence.

It is also good for the physical health which is interconnected with emotional health. One can also improve their emotional health by reducing exposure of their body systems to drugs, alcohols and cigarettes. These things have a tenancy to cause instability and harm to one’s mental system hence increasing emotional problems. As such, they need to be avoided. Another way of eliminating some of the causes of emotional problems is by being social and getting involved in group activities. This helps one not to think and concentrate too much on their problems.

It keeps loneliness and stress away. Talking to friends’ about ones problems also helps reduce the magnitude of their effect on emotional health. While talking about one’s problems may not help them get immediate solutions, it reduces the burden as it is shared. It should also be noted that emotional problems can be cured. It is important for individuals experiencing problems to seek professional guidance and counselling from their doctors and psychiatrists who offer counselling therapies, medication and support groups that enable one to get over the problematic situations.

Emotional health basically involves one taking care of themselves. It is fundamental that individuals take care of their own feelings and needs. One has to strike and maintain balance between their responsibilities and leisure. No matter how tight the schedule is, time to do things that one enjoys has to be created. It is vital to keep stress away if one wants to remain emotionally healthy. Emotional health is more than just the absence of the emotional problems such as depression, stress and anxiety.

It also involves the presence characteristics that are positive. Being emotionally healthy implies that one is content with life, one loves life and is happy, one can deal with the emotional problems and be back to themselves, one has the ability of not only building but also maintaining relationships that are purposeful and fulfilling, one can adapt to change and learn from it and that they have high self esteem and confidence in themselves. Word Count: 1600.


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