EMG 101 Final Exam

After which event did preparedness around commercial nuclear power plants become a major issue for continued licensing?
Three Mile Island

Which of the following is not required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s licensing?
Distribution of Potassium Iodide

HSPD#8 directed DHS secretary Tom Ridge to do which of the following?
Establish a National Exercise Program

What is considered the cornerstone of emergency management?

Which of the following is a preparedness measure?
Training residents to assist themselves and their families in times of disaster

The CAR process is designed to do which of the following?
Assess the operations, readiness, and capabilities of a state to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all disasters and emergencies

The community and family preparedness program is administered by which federal agency?
The Federal Emergency Management Agency

The core message of the community and family preparedness program is which of the following?
Family Disaster Plan

FEMA provides education in emergency management though which of the following?
The Emergency Management Institute

The FEMA disaster resistant jobs course was developed primarily to do which of the following?
Help small and medium-sized communities protect the economy from the effects of catastrophic events

Which of the following is not taught in CERT training?
Disaster Site Security

The CERT course concept was originally developed by which of the following agencies?
The Los Angeles Fire Department

The CERT course is developed by which of the following?
A team of first responders

Emergency management programs exist in which of the following centers of education?
Junior Colleges, Colleges, and Universities

Which of the following is not one of the four basic areas of fire prevention and mitigation that USFA programs are divided into?

Which of the following does not normally apply for NFA courses?
City Planners

Which of the following steps is normally performed before a plan is exercised?
Train Personnel to the plan

Which of the following is not one of FEMA’s four categories of emergency management exercises?
Real Life

How many categories of exercises are provided by the CEP program?

Which of the following events raised awareness of the fact that the survival of business?
The September 11 attacks

Which of the following is not a preparedness measures for a hurricane?
None of the above

Which of the following describes an effective communications strategy in the Response Plan?
To provide to the public notification, warning, evacuation, and situation reports on an ongoing disaster

Which of the following describes an effective disaster communications strategy in the Mitigation Phase?
To promote implementation of strategies, technologies, and actions that will reduce the loss of lives and property in future disasters

Which of the following describes an effective disaster communications strategy in Response Phase?
To provide individuals and communities affected by a disaster with information on how to register for and receive disaster relief

The foundation of an effective disaster communication strategy is built on all except for which of the following?
Command Structure

Which of the following guides illustrates FEMA’s focus on customer service and its strategy of getting messages out to the public as directly as possible?
FEMA emergency information field guide

All of the following describe the way information should be disseminated to contribute to the well being of the community following a disaster except which description?
Demonstrates clearly that FEMA and other federal, state, local and voluntary agencies are working together to provide the services needed to rebuild communities and restore lives

External customers include all but which of the following?

Which of the following FEMA directors was known as a great communicator?
James Lee Witt

The most important part of leaderships commitment to communications is which of the following?
Inclusion of Communications in Planning and Operations

Which of the following technological changes has had a profound effect on the demand for information?
All of the above

A media partnership provides the media with all except which of the following?
All of the above

Which of the following is the largest audience of emergency management communications?
The general public

Which of the following audiences is often ignored by emergency managers but is critical to disaster recovery, preparedness, and mitigation activities?
The business community

Which of the following most effectively ensures that the public is receiving the most accurate information?
Performing regular communication with the public and the media

Which of the following structures does FEMA use to implement public affairs activities after a disaster?
Joint Information Center

In a major disaster, a JIC is always established at which location?
On the disaster site

Which of the following was used approximately 20,000 times during the first month following the 9/11 terrorist attacks to inform victims about the type of assistance they may be available to receive, and allowed them to apply for such assistance?
The toll free number

Which of the following was not one of the several innovative ways the FEMA Office of Public Affairs developed for disseminating information to the public in the 1990’s
The Weather channel

Which of the following communications methods is typically the most effective at providing detailed information?
Printed Materials

FEMA’s core media list consists of which of the following?
All of the above

Which of the following is considered the most fundamental communications product?
The press release

What percentage of disaster related injuries and deaths are sustained in countries with capita income levels that are below $760 per year

Disaster management programs in poor countries are most commonly viewed as superfluous because of which of the following reasons?
Disasters are chance events and not guaranteed to happen

Which of the following disasters normally involve an international humanitarian response?
All of the above

Complex humanitarian emergencies are characterized as different from other disasters due to the presence of which of the following?
Internal and External conflict

Coordination is vital and immediate component in international response because of which of the following reasons?
The sheer number of responding agencies that appear

The united nations is best suited to lead the international response to disasters because of which of the following reasons?
They have longstanding relationships with the host countries where they work

The sphere project has done which of the following?
Developed a standard of conduct

Which of the following is based upon the recognition for political authority characterized by territory and autonomy?
Sovereignty of the State

Which of the following is a form of bias in relief distribution characterized by inequality resulting from the male/female roles of the society?
Gender Bias

Which kind of bias in relief distribution can be exacerbated if the responding agency hires local staff without consideration of the existence of such bias?
Class Bias

Which of the following cannot be done by the United Nations?
Write Laws

Which of the following is in charge of heading the UN response to crisis through a committee of several humanitarian bodies, including UNOCHA,UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR, and WFP?
UN emergency relief coordinator

The international decade for Natural Disaster Reduction was followed by which of the following?
The international strategy for disaster reduction

Which of the following types of response and recovery support is not provided to disaster affected nations by the world bank?
Restoration of Access to Transpor

Which UN agency was created in 1998 to accomodate the needs of victims of disasters and emergencies?

Which UN agency’s original mission has been expanded to address the problems that affect poor children throughout the world, including in times of disaster?

In rapid onset events, the WFP is activated in the response to which of the following?
Immediate nutritional needs of victims

Which of the following agencies was originally established to serve as the central authority on sanitation and health issues throughout the world, and is used in times of disaster to address the health of victims?

Which of the following is not a general category of NGO’s described in the book?
Private Voluntary Organizations

Which of the following is not a subunit of the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance?
Recovery Finance Division

Which of the following is a service provided by the IFI’s in times of disaster?
Provide Emergency Loans to fund reconstruction

Which of the following provided the primary authority and focus for domestic federal preparedness activities for terrorism before September 11, 2001?
Nunn-Lugar Legislation

Which of the following agencies was involved in activities pertaining to preparedness for terrorism before September 11, 2001?
All of the above

Which of the following is not something that the post 9/11 terrorism funding is allowing local first response agencies to fund?
Additional Personnel

Today, the director of FEMA reports directly to which of the following Federal officials?
The secretary of the Department of Defense of Homeland Security

Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, the federal government provided a $15 billion bailout package to help which of the following industries?
The airline industry

Which of the following is an area where U.S. government policy failed in preventing the attacks of September 11th, as identified by the 911 commission?

According to the Arlington County After-Action Report, which of the following is a capability of the Arlington County Fire Department that should be emulated by other departments?
ICS and Unified Command

Arlington County is credited for having in place an aggressive, well-established EAP at the time of the Pentagon attack, allowing for Critical Incident Stress Management services, EAP stands for which of the following?
Employee Assistance Program

On November 25, 2002, President Bush did which of the following?
Signed ito law the Homeland Security Act of 2002

A total of how many existing federal agencies and programs were transferred into DHS?

Which of the following agencies remains intact following its move into DHS?
The U.S. secret service

Which of the following is a department of homeland security directorate?

Which of the following is an area where many local governments are finding themselves deficient?
All of the above

Historically, which of the following have received significant funding from the federal government?
Police Department

Which of the following colors in the Homeland Security Advisory System stands for Guarded Condition?

The 9/11 commission proposed the creation of National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC), which would be located in which of the following offices?
The executive office of the president

Which of the following protective measures should be taken when the Homeland Security Advisory System Is Green?
Ensuring personnel receive training on HSAS, departmental, or agency specific protective measures

Which of the following agencies did not respond to the events of September 11, 2001?
The department of homeland security

Infrastructure protection is a major concern of which of the following?
All of the above

Water and wastewater security is a primary concern of which of the following?
Local government

Which of the following terrorist attacks could take several days to detect?
biological attack

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