What is first aid?
Is emergency help given to sn injured or suddenly ill person suing readily available materials.

What are the three priorities of first aid
3 P’s
1) preserve life
2) prevent the illness or injury from becoming worse
3) promote recovery

Besides giving First Aid, it’s important for a first aider:
1) Protect causualtys belongings

2) keep unnecessary people away

3) reassure family or friends of the casualty

4)clean up the emergency scene and work to correct any unsafe conditions that may have caused the injuries in the first place

When giving first aid as part of your job, do you HAVE or DONT HAVE a legal duty to respond to an emergency situation at your workplace

In Canada( except Quebec) and most of the United States, A first aider HAS or DOESNT HAVE a legal duty to help a person in need?

The principles of the GOOD SAMARITAN include: (4)
1) you identify yourself as a first wider and get permission to help the injured or ill person before you touch them (consent)

2) use reasonable skill and rare in accordance with the level of knowledge and skill that you have

3) you are not negligent in what you do

4) you do not abandon the person

What is implied consent?
When the casualty is unconscious, with no guardian or parent in the scene, so you are able to help

As a first aided you are expected to use reasonable skill and care according to your level of knowledge and skill. To avoid being NEGLIENT what must you do?
Give only he care that you have been trained to provide and always act in he best interest of the casualty.

List the 3 basic types of risks a first aider must be aware of:
3 T’s
1) the energy source that caused the original injury
-is the mechanism that caused the original injury still active, causing injury to others?

2) there may be hazards caused by external factors

3) there may be hazards associated with first aid procedures or a rescure

what is a SIGN?
Something we can see, feel, hear, or smell
e.g bleeding, bruising, agonal breathing, skin discolouration

What is a SYMPTON?
Something the casualty is relying
(e.g nauseous, weakness, pain) and must tell you

Explain what the “golden hour” refers to.
the period immediately following a severe, life-threatening injury. “Golden” -the faster a casualty makes it to a hospital operating room, the better the chances of survival and recovery.

What is Emergency Scene Management?
The sequence of actions you should follow at the scene of an emergency to ensure the safe and appropriate first aid is given.

The four steps of ESM are?
Scene survey
Primary survey
Secondary survey
Ongoing casualty care

List the 6 steps in a Scene Survey:
1) Take charge of the situation
2) call out for help to attract bystanders
3)Assess hazards and make the area safe
4) find out the history of the emergency, how many casualties there are and the mechanism(s) of injury
5) get consent
6) assess responsiveness

In the primary survey, you check for the following life-threatening conditions:
A: Airway
B: breathing
C: circulation

Whenever possible the casualty should be in the _______(position of the casualty) while you complete the primary survey.
Position found

What is the rapid body survey?
Is a quick assessment of the casualtys body which is performed during the primary survey.
Run hands over the casualtys entire body from head to tie
-can feel for bleeding and fractures

When performing a rapid body survey you should:
1) Wear gloves when possible, and check gloves for blood every few seconds
2) be careful not to cause any further injuries while performing the survey
3) look at the casualtys face to notice any responses to the rapid body survey

What is a Secondary survey?
The first aider is looking for injuries or illnesses that may not have been revealed in the primary survey

The secondary survey should be completed if:
1) The casualty has more than one injury
2) medical help will be delayed for 20 minutes or more
3) you will transport the casualty to medical help

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