Emergency Action Steps (CCC)

1. Check
is the scene safe?
is immediate danger involved?
what happened?
how many victims are there?

2. Call
Making call
-stay online
-be specific location, the victim(s), and care being given
Call 1st and Fast (provide 2 min of care, then call)

-Monitor the person’s level of consciousness and breathing.
-Help person rest in a comfortable position
-Give any specific care as needed

1 Skin incision may be midline or low transverse (Pfannestiel). The most common incision is the low transverse. Using a #10 knife blade the incision is carried to the level of the fascia. 2 The fascia is incised at the …

Importance of Oxygen Found in the air we breathe, oxygen is the most essential element the human body requires to live. Effect of Illness or Injury When a serious illness or injury occurs, the body’s ability to process oxygen can …

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authorized by a medical director to give medications and provide emergency care. The transfer of such authorization is an extension of the Medical Director’s license to practice medicine. Designated Agent description of medical techniques or practices that are supported by …

STEP 1: Develop a Basic Skeleton Diagram □Client as the Center □Dates of: admission, chief complaint, Medical &/or Surgical Diagnosis, Procedures □Priority Assessments □Nursing Diagnoses as major concepts -6 to 8 appropriate N.Dx. -Full diagnostic statements (Dx., R/T, AEB) STEP …

1. Which of the following is not a sign of a hypoglycemic diabetic emergency? a. Combativeness b. Slow heart rate c. Anxiety d. Cold, clammy skin 1. b. Slow heart rate 2. Which of the following is characteristic of a …

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