ecstasy and depression

in economics, a government’s lack of involvement in private industry

to change appearance

the state of being normal

verbal or written words that strongly support a point of view

Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were two _____ immigrants accused of robbery and murder during the Red Scare of the 1920s.

United Mine Workers
crippling strike that ended successfully for the union during the many strikes that hit the U.S. during 1919

warning signs of impended economic depression that appeared during the Hoover administration
rampant government spending
many farm bankruptcies
too much credit spending

the act of ad-libbing or making things up as you go

Who were the prominent African American writers during the Harlem Renaissance?
Zora Neale Hurston
Langston Hughes

what helped blacks begin to make a mark on the business world during the 1920s
More received a college education.

heavy makeup
strings of beads
short hair style

three things that enabled women to improve their status in society during and following World War I
Women joined the military and served as caregivers and nurses. They worked the essential jobs that needed to done despite their male workers absence and kept Americans transportation systems running. . The willingness of these women to keep the country going helped to push ahead the 19th amendment that gave finally gave women the right to vote.

The _____ Building is the tallest brick building in the world.

knowledge based on observation and experiment rather than theory

a religious doctrine that emphasizes a return to rigid principles

to intentionally force ideas or intrude on others

the belief that an idea should be evaluated based on how it works

not religious or spiritual in nature

Maria Montessori first used her teaching principles on ____.
mentally challenged students

John Dewey
American educator and psychologist who was influential in changing education in this country

education is knowledge and knowledge is ____.

Tennessee Butler Act
prohibits the teaching of evolution in school

what things challenged the traditional religious beliefs of the times?
people who challenged the Bible
the role of science and technology

something that quickly and methodically grows or expands

to act or do something very quickly without thinking about it first

to be without restraints or controls

industry with the greatest impact on the economy in the 1920s?

what two things caused Americans to drastically change their spending habits?
availability of credit
advertising methods

why did farmers have it rough during the 1920’s?
rising equipment costs
extended droughts
falling crop prices

“cause” was poor economic policies, and the “effect” was
the great depression

why did France suffer the most as a result of World War I?
Most of the war was fought on its soil

why did it take France the longest to recover from the Great Depression?

What two things helped prevent Japan from sliding into the Great Depression along with so many other nations?
devalued currency
deficit spending

Why were Latin American nations hit especially hard during the Great Depression?
Their entire economies were based around the United States.

According to the lesson, the two nations who suffered the least from the Great Depression were:
Soviet Union

The Great Depression was caused by not enough people spending money to boost the economy as well as production being at an all-time low.

What happened on Black Thursday that sent everyone into a panic?
Investors sold off vast amounts of their stocks.

During the 1920s, why did so many people heavily invest in the stock market?
People had a lot of extra money they didn’t need.

Stocks were one way to make more money.

official beginning of the Great Depression
october 29th 1929

What were three causes of the Great Depression?
Underproduction of goods caused companies to fold.
Foreign countries reneged on paying back war debts.
Credit card business was not doing as well as some thought.

Makeshift cities during the Great Depression were called

a person who strongly supports an organization or ideal

to become stronger, firmer, or more united

the effects of severe pain such as spasms

what U.S. government position did both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt hold before becoming president?
assistant secretary of the Navy

programs initiated by President Roosevelt as part of his New Deal
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) still alive
Social Security Administration (SS) still alive
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) still alive

to put down or show contempt for a person

to strongly criticize a person over decisions that have been made

to beg or borrow things without being able to pay them back

possessing enough cash to meet debts or expenses

what were two of the steps President Hoover took to combat the effects of the Great Depression?
Home Loan Bank Act
Smoot-Hawley tariff

what were two of the programs President Roosevelt put into place during his first year in office?
Civilian Conservation Corps
Public Works Administration

Why was the Wagner Act so contentious for many Americans?
It seemed to strongly favor organized labor or unions.

fair labor standards
set a minimum wage and maximum number of hours employees could be required to work

what two Roosevelt programs did the U.S. Supreme Court find unconstitutional?
National Industrial Recovery Act
Agricultural Adjustment Administration

the condition of being without basic necessities for long periods

a sad or depressing mood that settles over a group of people

to fix, repair, or make something right

Indian Reorganization Act of 1934
It restored tribal ownership of Indian lands.

Alfred Smith attacked Roosevelt for giving the Federal government _____ control over business and accused him of trying to establish a _____ economic system.
too much, socialistic

America’s unemployment rate stood at ____ percent before Black Thursday and the Great Depression.

Revenue Act
made an attempt to redistribute wealth

Huey Long
wanted to confiscate family fortunes valued over five million dollars while guaranteeing a new car, yearly income, and college

Unemployment went from 12% to 18% during a recession in 1937

The solution to America’s economic woes was on the horizon in the form of:
World War II

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