Eating Disorders

Compulsive over exercising is a result of extreme goal of losing weight without the use of self-induced vomiting or refusal to eat. People with this disorder thinks that they cannot eat if they do not exercise. The exercise done is more than what can be considered safe for an individual without causing any harm. Over exercising often causes stress fracture, bone disease like osteoporosis, dehydration, heart problems and arthritis. Compulsive over exercising can even cause injury or death in extreme cases. The reason why people with this disorder over exercise is mainly because they are addicted to it.

It is through exercising that they think they gain “self-respect and power”. People engaged in athletic activities are often the sufferers of this disorder. They are extremely pressured to have a fit body therefore they turn into extreme exercising. Dancers and wrestlers are also prone to having this disorder. Compulsive over exercising is also a coping mechanism of a person if he is not engaged in behaviors like purging or using laxatives. Recovering people may substitute it with their past method of becoming thin (“Compulsive Over Exercising” 2008).

After having known the different Eating disorders, it is also important to know the reason why people develop such disorders. One important and perhaps obvious reason for developing such, was already mentioned in the past discussions- Low self esteem. People with low self esteem usually thinks that they cannot do anything right, and that they do not deserve anything good in their life. They see themselves as miserable people and only losing weight can change everything. Another reason is due to emotional issues (“What’s the Cause” 2008).

These issues that need to be resolved is most of the times the cause why people develop Eating disorders to cope with them. Social pressure, being an abused person, cultural issues- these are some of the things that cause a person to develop such. However, most of the times it is not caused by a single issue, but a combination of issues. Culture also plays an important role in men’s physical outlook. Taking for example in Hollywood, there, thin is in. People’s value is oftentimes judged according to how gorgeous their bodies look like. That’s why many actors and actresses are trying to maintain their bodies.

For years, technology has rendered an essential servitude for people wanting to be thin, or even skinny. This type of body that can be seen in the televisions, in magazines and other printed materials is what is becoming the norm for many people. Culture, as a way of life, determines a person’s food habits. As one culture may consider eating as a means of pleasure giving, others may consider it as a virtue, or just a plain means of satisfying hunger. Whatever reason it is, culture greatly affects a person’s outlook in eating- in a way that it can be harmful or beneficial (Mitchell 1976: 199-200).

We were all aware of the Barbie doll image for women, now; there is already the ‘wolverine action figure’ that serves as its counterpart. So, why are men complied to have this kind of physique? Looking at it, men are not that pressured to be like women do. At such an early age, some women are already engaging themselves on a diet. In actuality, the wolverine action figure was created to protect the thin females they are with; it was to complement it (ANRED 2008; Further Health 2007). Women’s empowerment is also a factor for the development of Male Eating Disorders. In the present setting, men and women are equal.

Men used to be on top, but women today are becoming more and more competent, so, the tendency for men is to increase their masculinity (Zelman 2008). The extreme obsession of a man to lose weight and to attain the ‘wolverine action figure’ they’ve all been wanting to seek approval from others are what drives them to go further. Though it will give them what they want, it is with a great expense. A more detailed effects of having an Eating disorder shall be discussed below. Malnutrition is associated with eating disorders due to the fact that a person actually deprives himself with the nutrients his body needs.

If the body doesn’t receive the adequate nutrition it needs, then the body will use itself to fulfill its needs. We must remember that even if one person starves himself, the body still has deposits. A Muscle Atrophy can develop by feeding on the muscles when the body can no longer feed on anything. Because the body’s muscle mass has decreased, the person might have a hard time moving and can lead to paralysis. By starving one’s self and by having a little fluid intake, a person would be dehydrated, as indicated by a dark urine. Dehydration can further lead to kidney complications.

However, too much water intake to combat the hunger like what an Anorexic would do causes Hyponatremia, wherein there is no longer a sodium in the blood. Too much water intake can also cause Edema, or the swelling of soft tissues. Electrolyte imbalance can develop due to deprivation of some nutrients. The esophagus of an Anorexic or Bulimic man suffers and can acquire tearing of esophagus. On the other hand, due to a person’s refusal to eat, there is a great tendency to have a gastrointestinal bleeding. By abusing the use of laxatives, one can develop pancreatitis.

On extreme cases, death can be the effect of these disorders (“All Eating Disorders are Dangerous 2008). There are considerably many harmless effects of having Eating disorders. Compared to the goal of losing weight and seeking approval from other people, it would seem, or rather it is irrational to find your self worth from other people. Each being is inimitable, one on its own. The only thing that a person must do is to have that understanding that life is not about gaining the acceptance of other people. When one is suffering from the harmful vengeance of these disorders, he s not the only one suffering.

His family, his loved ones. They are also suffering with him. Life is too wonderful to waste. Death is something we should not put in our self. It is not our option. Life is not only about looking good. It’s also about feeling good inside out.


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