DTD 6 Skin Diseases: shingles, acne, psoriasis, skin infection, burns and scalds, Drug rash, Contact dermatitis

3 major skin type issues
Heat Toxic

W/H s/s
skin hives, itching

Heat Toxicity s/s
sores, boils, carbuncles, local redness, swelling, hardness, pain, with pus

Damp s/s
fungus related

Shingles s/s *4 major*
-early: w/h and fatigue
-1-2 day later- tight skin, irritated, itchy
-rash, water blister-thin,clear,cloudy
-very painful

Shingles: patterns
Heat toxicity
LV/GB damp heat

FMLA: heat toxicity
Huang Lian Jie Du Tang

FMLA: LV/GB damp heat
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang or Dang Gui Long Hui Wan

External APP for heat toxicity and LV/GB damp heat
*Liu Shen Wan* (int/ext.)
-10 pill: 1 tsp vinegar- melt
-use q-tip apply
-heat toxic throat probs.
or *Qing Dai San*

ingredients: Qing Dai San
qing dai
huang bai
hua shi
shu shi gao
1 pt. herbs: 4 pts oil/vaseline

Acne: patterns
ST heat- face, diet
LV qi stag. w/heat-worse with menses; emotions

Acne: ST heat/LV qi FMLA
external: Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin

ingredients Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin
pu gong ying
jin yin hua
zi hua di ding
tian kui zi
ye ju hua

Acne: LV qi stag. with heat FMLA
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang/Xiao Yao San

Psoriasis tx
nourish xue, clear st heat, and spleen damp heat

Psoriasis FMLA
Si Wu Tang Base
LI 10 SP 10, Bai Chong Wo

tonify xue single herbs
sang shen zi
he she wu
yu zhu

Skin Infection-general tx principle
clear toxicity

Skin Infection: Stage 1 fmla and tx principle
Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin
-clear heat toxicity w/o pus
Jin Huang San
-injury and trauma: reduce pain and swelling

Skin Infection: Stage 2 fmla and tx principle
Xian Fang Huo Ming
clear heat d/c pus

Skin Infection: Stage 3 fmla and tx principle
-clear heat toxicity
-tonify qi/xue xu
-close wound,regenerate flesh
Tai Yi Gao
Sheng Ji Yu Hong Gao

Burns and Scalds 2nd degree topical
Jing Wan Hong Ruan Gao

1 part (9%)

Each arm
1 part each= 2 parts (18%)

Torso: chest,ab, genital, back no glut
3 parts (27%)

5 parts (45%+1%)

Tinea FMLA External
Yi Hao Xian Yao Shui

Drug Rash 1st occurrence
5-20 days

Drug Rash/contact dermatitis 2nd occurrence
within 1 day

Skin reaction internal herbs
Ban Lan Gen
Da Qing Ye
Yu Xing Cao
Di Long
Chan Chu (toad)

Contact dermatitis 1st occurence
incubation 4-5 days

contact dermatitis Formula *internal*
Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin

contact dermatitis Formula *external*
Qing Dai San/Gao

Distinct borders Thick silvery scales Candle waxing Auspitz sign (pinpoint bleeding when scales brushed away) loc: Yang areas, belly button, genitals, but crack, scalp, nose Heavy genetic component Psoriasis Long term use of corticosteroids can lead to thin skin. Irreversible. …

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Snake Cinnabar (Shingles) AKA Herpes Zoster, this is a skin disease characterized by the eruption of vesicles running together like a string of beads associated with excruciating pain. It often occurs around the waist or on the chest and fact …

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