you must not follow an emergency vehicle closer than
500 feet

In Washington state it is illegal _____________ without wearing a seatbelt
To be a front seat passenger, to be a rear seat passenger, to drive (all of the above)

If your tire suddenly goes flat or blows out, you should first
Hold the steering wheel tightly

Sign looks like: yellow with black horizontal cross and two Rs either side
Railroad crossing ahead

Sign looks like: yellow with a truck o a steep downhill slope
A downgrade ahead

Sign looks like: yellow with a black cross
A crossroad ahead; drivers must be alert

In Washington state, if you are 21 or above, you can be arrested for driving with a blood alcohol content of

When driving at 55 miles per hour, you will require ___________ to pass another vehicle
ten seconds

What is the permitted maximum speed on state highways, unless otherwise posted?
Sixty Miles per hour

A red flashing traffic light should be considered as
A stop sign

If you see a pedestrian using a guide dog or other service animal or carrying a white cane at an intersection, you must
Stop your vehicle

If a vehicle comes towards you with high-beams and blinds your vision, you must look _________ until the car has passed
Toward the right side of the road

When you see a stopped school bus with flashing red lights in your driving lane, you must
Come to a complete stop

To avoid rear end collisions at higher speeds, you must maintain the following distance by using
The four second rule

____________ mark the left edge of one-way roads and separate traffic moving in opposite directions
Solid yellow lines

If you see a solid white line between lanes of traffic, you must
Stay in your lane

Sign looks like: yellow sign with 2 curvy arrows with black spot on top
A divided highway starts ahead

When you park your vehicle next to a curb facing uphill, set your parking brake and turn your steering wheel
Away from the curb

Sign looks like: round red circle with a cross mark through a rightward facing arrow
A right turn is not allowed

Which type of light beams are suggested when following 300 feet of less behind another vehicle at night?
Low beams

When it’s raining or the road is wet, you must reduce your speed to avoid

An ideal position for holding the steering wheel during driving is
Left hand between 8 and 9; right hand between 3 and 4

The legal maximum distance within which you may park your vehicle parallel to the curb is
12 inches

On some roadways some lanes reserved as “Transit” are used for
Busses only

Sing looks like: yellow with a black arrow and a red octagon below it
A stop sign ahead

The hand and arm bent at 90 degrees and pointing downward indicates the drivers intention to
Slow down or stop

A steady red arrow means
You must come to a safe stop and then proceed when it’s safe to do so

White lines painted at the top of an intersection
The point beyond which your vehicle should not cross without stopping first

Which of the following is not a safe situation for passing?
When moving through an intersection

Before you enter an intersection, you must look for
Approaching vehicles from the left, approaching vehicles from the right, crossing pedestrians (all of the above)

If traffic from another roadway is merging into the roadway you are traveling on, you must
Adjust your speed and vehicle position to allow the traffic to merge

An intermediate license holder may use a cell phone while driving
Only to call for emergency help

If you approach a roundabout, always enter to the _______ of the center island

A red light with a green arrow means
You may go cautiously in the direction of the arrow, yielding to pedestrians

Which of the following road rules about turning is not correct
When there are no signs to control turning, you must turn into the lane farthest from the one you came from

If you are having vehicle trouble and need to stop, the first step you should do is
Pull off the road and away from traffic

_______ occurs on wet roads when your tires start to ride on water instead of the road

When a truck is trying to pass your vehicle, you can help the truck driver by
Keeping to the far side of your lane and reducing you speed slightly

When driving through a roundabout, which of the following statements is false?
Always enter the roundabout to the left and proceed on the left side of the center island

When driving in a roundabout and if approached by an emergency vehicle using a siren, air horn or a red or blue flashing light
Continue to your exit, then pull to the right

______________ lines mean that passing in not allowed in either direction
Solid double yellow lines

A single broken yellow line usually marks the centerline of a two way roadway where
A vehicle may pass if it’s safe

Driving under the influence of marijuana drug is reported to cause
Sleepiness, slower reaction time, inability to maintain headway (all the above)

Which of the following actions escalates road rage
Tailgating, blowing the horn, forcing a car off the road (all of the above)

Which of the following statements is true about driving on highways
Slow moving vehicles should use the right lane, fast moving vehicles should use the left lane

When you are following a vehicle that makes frequent stops, you should allow _________ than usual
More following distance

On one way roads, yellow lines are used as
Left edge lines

Motorists are required to allow a minimum safe distance of ___________ when passing a bicycle traveling in the same direction
3 feet

If you are driving downhill and the downgrade is very steep you must
Shift to a lower gear

If you approach a vehicle displaying a reflective orange triangle sign on the rear, you must
Slow down and use caution

Sign looks like: white sign U arrow with an only beneath
Vehicles must make a U-turn from this lane

All of the following are tips to remember when you travel through a work zone except
Increase your speed

Things that can distract you from the road include
Text messaging and talking on the phone

On a road with three or more lanes traveling in the same direction, the left most lane is intended to used
For passing slower vehicles

The first rule of a safe and legal turn is
To move into the proper lane well before the turn

When you reach a marked or unmarked crossing, you must yield and watch for

Tailgating is the practice of
Following too closely

Sign looks like: orange sign with man holding flag out
Flag person ahead

If you have already started through an intersection when the signal light changes, you must
follow through and proceed to clear the intersection

Sign looks like: red triangle with white triangle in the middle
You must slow down and yield the right of way to traffic

A center lane between lanes of traffic traveling in opposite directions (with double arrows heading each other) may be designated
Left turns only

Backing up is not allowed on freeways or expressways except
By drivers of emergency vehicles

The driver of the car being passed must ______________ until the pass is complete
Not increase speed

You must make a full stop in all of the following situations except
When you meet a flashing yellow traffic signal

Sign: blue background, large white H
A hospital guide sign

On a highway with four or more lanes, slower cars should always use
The rightmost lane

If a driver behind you repeatedly flashes his or her headlights, you should
Get out of the way

On a two way roadway with a center lane, drivers from either direction may make _______ from the center lane
Left turns

when it looks like a collision me happen, drivers must take an immediate step to
Slow or stop their vehicles; speed up their vehicles; make a turn (do any of these)

When turning left from a two way street onto a one way street, you must
Begin the turn with your left wheel as close as possible to the yellow dividing line

Sign: blue background with a person sitting in a wheelchair
Disabled parking

On a three way a driver towing a trailer keeps to the right while driving because
It’s a slow moving vehicle

When there are three or more lanes going in one direction on a highway, fast moving vehicles should use
The middle lane

In a roundabout intersection, drivers must ______________ whether they need to make a right turn, left turn, u turn or continue forward
Turn right and merge into the circle

When approaching or driving through a work zone, you must not
Weave from lane to lane

If you suddenly have no control of the street get wheel, you should
Ease your foot off the gas pedal

If you accidentally pass your exit on the expressway, you must
Continue to the next exit

If drivers approaching from opposite directions reach a stop sign at about the same time, then
The driver turning left must yield to the driver going straight or turning right

A__________indicates the outer edge of the traffic lane, and it may be crossed only by traffic moving to or from the shoulder
Solid white line

Before reaching the crest of a hill or entering a curve, you must __________ and watch for oncoming vehicles
Slow down, move to the right side of the road

Rumple strips are intended to alert drowsy or inattentive drivers through vibrations and sounds that they are
Approaching a stop sign or a signal

Which of the following statements is NOT correct
Bicycles and motorcycles move slower and stop slower than expected

When passing a stopped emergency vehicle, you must
Slow down and move into a non adjacent lane

When stopped for a traffic violation, which of the following documents must be provided by the driver
Vehicle registration, drivers license, proof of insurance (all of the above)

A solid white line between lanes of traffic means
You should stay in your lane

Lanes of traffic going in opposite directions are divided by
Yellow lane dividers

When you are moving through an intersection with a green signal and a pedestrian starts to cross in your path against a red signal, the first thing you should do is
Give a warning with your horn

The most important vehicle control device to use during a skid is
The steering wheel

All work zone signs or symbols have
An orange background and black letters

____________ are designed to allow vehicles to slow down and leave the express way
Exit ramps

Sign: yellow background with a car that has wavy lines attached to wheels
The road is slippery when wet

Which of the following statements is NOT true in/near school zones
Drivers must not yield to pedestrians in school crosswalks with no school crossing guard

When changing lanes, all of the following are correct maneuvers except
When you turn your head to check the blind spots, turn the steering wheel

Sign: yellow background with two persons seemingly crossing holding bags
A school zone

According to the current handbook, the most frequently detected psychoactive substnace among drivers is

Marijuana could impair your driving abilities for up to
5 hours

When you turn from a high speed two lane roadway ________________ if you have traffic following you
Try not to slow down your vehicle too suddenly

You may not pass another vehicle except
When your lane is separated by a broken yellow line

Which of the following statements about parking is false
It is legal to park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant

If you are parked parallel to the right hand side of the street, you should ___________ before pulling out into traffic
Signal a left turn and look over your left shoulder

A triangular orange sign on the back of a slow moving vehicle indicates that
The vehicle can not travel faster than 25mph

Which can be considered a legal parking zone
The curb or edge of a public road

The likelihood of an increases of a driver is under the influence of
Alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication

Rear end crashes are common on highways because many drivers
Follow too closely

What is the correct hand signal for indicating a right turn?
Hand and arm extended upward

Flashing arrow panels may be used in work zones to
Guide drivers into the correct lane

While getting onto an expressway, you reach the end of a freeway onramp. At this point, you should be traveling
As close as possible to the speed of the traffic

When you come to a school or church bus that is stopped on any roadway to load or unload passengers, you must
Stop and remain stopped until all people have cleared the roadway

If a broken yellow line is on your side of the center dash stripe, then
You may cross the line to pass other vehicles

When making a right turn from a four lane divided highway, enter the right lane well in advance of the turn and make
A tight the right land of the cross street

Which of the following statements is not true regarding the use of headlights?
High beams are used when traveling behind other vehicles

Driving on the left side on a multi lane highway is legal when you are
Passing another vehicle; avoiding an obstruction; turning left (doing any of these)

If you see a yield sign in your driving lane, you must
Slow down and stop your vehicle if necessary

Sign: yellow background with a traffic light on it
A traffic signal is ahead at an intersection

Which of the following is NOT a proper step for parallel parking?
Back up quickly, turning your steering wheel to the left to aim the back of your vehicle toward the front of the vehicle behind you

Passing on the right is permitted in all of the following situations except
When driving in a lane set aside for left turns

An _________ is the connection of a freeway to a road or another freeway by a series of ramps

You must not pass a vehicle from the left when
Your lane has a solid yellow center line

If a railroad grade crossing has info warning devices or only a cross buck sign, you should
Slow down and proceed with caution

If your vehicle’s directional signals fail, use __________ until you have them repaired
Hand signals

What should you do if fog closes in completely while you are driving and visibility is reduced to near zero
Carefully pull as far off the road as possible, and stop

If the braking action has been reduced due to water or rain, apply _________ until proper breaking action has been restored
the brakes lightly several times

If you are making a left turn you must begin
In the leftmost lane

Motorists entering the highway from the entrance ramp must yield the right of way to
Traffic already traveling on the highway

You may make a left turn at a red light if you are turning from
A one way street onto another one way street

The eye test for the drivers license evaluates
Peripheral vision; depth and color perception; acuity (all of the above)

If you want to change several lanes on a multi lane highway,
Change them one at a time

You should never back up your vehicle in any travel lane EXCEPT
To parallel park

A vehicles stopping distance is equal to
The sum of the braking distance and reaction distance

When driving a vehicle, unbalanced tires and low tire pressure can cause
Faster tire wear

Which of the following right of way rules is not true
At an intersection where there is no stop sign, yield sign, or oncoming traffic, drivers must yield to vehicles coming from the left (false they must yield to vehicles coming from the right)

If you are in an intersection and hear the siren of an emergency vehicle, you should
Continue through the intersection, then drive to the right and stop

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If weather conditions require you to use your windshield wipers, you must also __________________. turn on your headlights *If weather conditions require you to use your windshield wipers, you must also turn on your headlights.* When in a roundabout, you …

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