Driver’s Ed Unit 2

do not shorten the distance needed to stop.
Power brakes require less foot pressure to operate than nonpower brakes, but they

limit yourself to a quick glance to detect the presence of objects.
When looking over your shoulder at another lane or checking your side mirrors to change lanes, you should

Turning on your headlights helps other roadway users see you both night and day.

discomfort can distract you from the driving task.
It is important to be comfortable while driving because

Clutch pedal
The extra pedal in a vehicle with a manual transmission is called a(n)

Your horn should be used to warn cyclists about pedestrians.

operate without the user having to do anything.

If you wear a shoulder-lap safety belt, your risk of moderate to critical injury is reduce

an area of the road you cannot see while driving the car.
A blind spot is

The parking brake is also called an “emergency” or “hand” brake.

accelerator and brakes.
A vehicle’s control system includes

temperature warning light
If your engine is overheating, the ____ will flash.

make the doors less likely to open in a crash.
prevent uninvited people from opening your vehicle door.
keep young children from opening the doors.
By keeping your vehicle’s doors locked while you are in the car, you

Properly adjusted mirrors will eliminate all blind spots.

before you drive
Adjustments to your driving position are best made

inspect the outside area around it
before you enter your vehicle

anitlock brake system

overdrive gear
allows the engine to run more slowly and fuel efficiently at high speeds

provides electricity to keep the engine running

inflate automatically in a frontal crash

one of the five ignition switch positions

ignition switch
usually on the steering column, holds the key and starts the car

keeps track of the total number of miles the vehicle has been driven

cruise control
lets you maintain a constant speed without keeping your foot on the accelerator

daytime running lights
automatically come on and stay on while the engine is running

Antitheft devices prevent thieves from stealing any vehicle.

It is okay to adjust your seat and steering wheel position while driving.

your vehicle is stopped on or near the roadway
Emergency flashers will warn other drivers that

starting out or changing lanes
Rearview and sideview mirrors are useful when you are

t is okay to use the cruise control in snowy or icy situations.

turn off unnecessary electrical devices.
When the alternator is not working properly, you should

10-15 mph
Without exceeding the speed limit, you should probably be going how much faster than the vehicle in front of you in order to pass it?

turn your wheels toward the curb
When you park on a hill, you should

the front side of the vehicle opposite the direction in which you are turning.
When backing up, one of the points most likely to hit something is

driving around the block
The easiest and safest method of making a turnabout is

pavement marking
road sign
weather condition
all of the above
To determine if passing is safe and legal, you should look at

When making a right turn, you should always yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and cyclists.

8-12 seconds
You should prepare for a turn before you make it approximately

after you have entered the intersection
When parking or turning beyond an intersection, you should signal left or right

too close to a fire hydrant
it is usually illegal to park

three point turn
hardest turn to make

It is legal to make a U-turn on a one-way street.

pedestrians in the crosswalk
vehicles approaching from the opposite direction
cross traffic
all of the above
When making a left turn, you must yield the right-of-way to

when you actually begin the turn
When you are making a left or right turn, it is correct to turn your wheels

If you have the right of way, you do not need to check for signs and markings at an intersection where you want to turn.

there is at least 500 feet of visibility in each direction.
there are no laws prohibiting the turnabout.
you have enough space to complete the maneuver
all of the above
When considering making a turnabout, you must make sure that

8-11 seconds
When making a right turn into traffic, the gap in traffic approaching from your left should be

If you do not want to be passed, it is okay to speed up while someone is trying to pass you.

farthest to left
Normally, the correct lane to make a left turn is

4 sec
The gap between vehicles to give you time and space to make a safe lane change should be

5 feet
When you parallel park, you will need a space at least how much longer than your vehicle?

turn to right
When parking uphill without a curb, your front wheels should be

When backing up, keep both hands on the wheel and look over your shoulder in the direction you want to move.

move as close to the inner edge of the shoulder as possible.
When parking downhill with no curb, you should

space visibilty
all of the above
When pulling into traffic, a crucial consideration is

antilock brakes
You should not pump the brakes on a car equipped with

through tight radius turns
Hand-over-hand steering provides effective vehicle control when you are steering

you should direct your attention to a spot 20 to 30 seconds ahead along your intended path of travel.

increase stopping distance
Although you do not want to hit a pedestrian who suddenly enters your path, you do not want to brake so hard that your wheels lock because

The best way to prevent yourself from speeding is to trust that you know how fast you are going.

gear ratios
power of engine
weight of vehicle
all of the above
Factors that affect acceleration include

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As a senior citizen was driving down the freeway, his cell phone rang. Picking up, he heard his wife, her voice high with anxiety; warning him, “Henry, I just saw on the news that there’s one car driving the wrong …

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