Drivers Ed Part 1

When you are driving on an interstate, why is it dangerous to follow the same vehicle for a long time?
You may become too relaxed and lose concentration.

When you overtake another vehicle at night, why should you use your low beams?
Not to blind the driver ahead

What should you do if you are being overtaken by an emergency vehicle flashing its emergency lights?
Pull over to the right and stop

Why should you use your turn signals well in advance of a turn?
To notify the other drivers of your intentions

If you are going to make a turn at an intersection, what is the first thing you should do?
Signal correctly and consistently

What should you do before backing out of a diagonal parking space?
Be sure the road is clear, look over your shoulder while backing up, and yield to approaching traffic

When are paved roads most likely to be their slickest?
When it first starts to rain or drizzle

What does a flashing yellow traffic signal mean?
Slow down; caution

When may you drive at the posted speed limits in Mississippi?
Only for the most ideal conditions

If there is any question about right-of-way in a particular situation, what should you do?
Stop and wait

As a driver, how can you help reduce accidents at intersections?
Drive defensively

As a driver, what is your responsibility to pedestrians?
Yield the right of way

What should you do if you are involved in an accident in which there is personal injury or $1000 or more in property damage?
Write a written report within 10 days on a SR-1 form

Why shouldn’t you drive when you are ill, angry, or depressed?
You are accident prone or will cause an accident

What is the legal maximum distance at which you may park your car parallel to the curb?
12 inches

What should you do when a law enforcement officer is directing traffic?
Obey the officer

What is the best way to inform other drivers of any maneuver you are about to make on the highway?
Signal correctly and consistently

When waiting to make a left turn, what should you do?
Keep your wheels straight

Where do most accidents occur?

What should you do if you take the wrong exit on the interstate?
Do not stop. Take the next exit.

What is your first step if your vehicle has a blowout?
Take your foot off the gas then apply the brakes slowly and carefully

Before you leave your vehicle parked on a downhill slope, parallel to the curb, what should you do?
Put the car in park and set the parking brake and turn the wheels towards the curb.

On a two-way, four lane street, which lane should you use to make a left turn?
Right of center

Why are rear-end collisions so common on interstate highways?

If you are traveling in the right lane of an interstate highway, what adjustments must you make when other vehicles are entering the highway?
Merge to the left when possible

What action should you take if you encounter a pedestrian crossing the street where there is no marked crossing?
Yield the right-of-way

What is the penalty for the first offense under Mississippi’s DUI laws?
$250-$1000; 1 year suspension; 90 days if MAESP is completed

If you approach a school bus that is loading or unloading school children, what should you do?

If you are driving slower that other traffic on an interstate, which lane should you use?
Right lane

What is the first step you should take before backing any vehicle?
Turn and look through the rear window

What is a traffic lane?
A lane that separates traffic

If you are involved in an accident, what information should you give the other drivers involved?
Name, address, driver’s license number, and vehicle tag number

What does a flashing light or a ringing bell at a railroad crossing signify?
Always stop, because a train is coming

As a general rule, what is the safest thing to do if your vehicle goes into a skid?
Turn your wheels in the direction of the skid

At night, when is it acceptable to drive with your lights on high beams?
In the open country without other cars near

What light beam should you use when driving at night in heavy fog?

When is passing permitted?
When the way is clear and the yellow-line is not in your lane.

When entering an interstate highway from the acceleration lane, how fast may you go?
Adjust to the highway or freeway speed

If your vehicle has become disabled on an interstate highway, what is the proper way to signal other motorists that you need assistance?
Raise your hood and tie a white cloth on the antenna or hood

A child restraining device must be provided by every person transporting a child in a motor vehicle if the child is under the age of?
From birth to 4 years old

Refusal to submit a chemical breath test upon the request of a law enforcement officer in this state will result in the suspension of your driver’s license for how many days?
90 days

When you are approaching a flashing red traffic light at an intersection, you should:

Before making a turn at an intersection you should give a signal for at least how many feet?
100 feet

When meeting a car at night with blinding lights, what is the safest thing to do?
Dime your lights and watch the right edge of the road.

When nearing an intersection marked with a “yield right of way” you are required to:
Slow down so you can yield the right of way to vehicles

When overtaking a vehicle on a two-lane highway the safest to do before cutting back in front of the vehicle being passed is:
Make sure you can see the passed vehicle in the rear-view mirror

The most dangerous place on a highway is:

What traffic violation is most likely to cause deaths in automobile accidents:

When a traffic light shows both a red light and a green arrow in the direction you wish to turn, you:
Turn in the direction of the arrow

A pedestrian using a white or white tipped with red cane, is usually:

What is a driver’s responsibility when driving through a congested area where children are playing?
Slow down and use extreme caution

A double, solid-white line is used to define a traffic lane where travel in the same direction is permitted on both sides of the line, but:
Crossing the line is forbidden

When meeting or following a vehicle at night, you should dim your headlights at least how many feet away?
Dim your lights at 500 feet

When two vehicles enter or approach an intersection at approximately the same time and there are no traffic sign or signals, who has the right of way?
The driver on the left must yield to the driver on the right

In driving what is meant by the term ” Over-driving” your headlights?
Driving too fast to stop in a distance you are ahead

What is the maximum speed limit for cars and trucks on the highways of Mississippi?
55 mph

When the driver of a vehicle approaches an intersection the question of right-of-way should be determined:
Before you enter the intersection

A right turn is permitted at a red traffic signal only after the driver of the vehicle has:

When approaching a traffic signal showing a steady yellow light Stop if you can If you hit a parked vehicle and are unable to find the owner, you should Leave your name and address in an easily seen place on …

1.When the driver behind you wants to pass, you should: Slow down to allow room in front of your vehicle and for the other driver to complete the pass sooner. 2. Aggressive drivers .take out their frustrations on other motorists …

What are the color of the runway markings and runway hold lines? white runway markings and yellow runway hold lines ____Are the portion of the airfield where aircraft or helicopters are parked before, after, or between flights, and for servicing …

When you want to make a turn, the turn signal must be given at least _________ before the turn during normal daylight hours. 100 feet Passing is illegal on any curve or hill where the driver cannot see at least: …

If weather conditions require you to use your windshield wipers, you must also __________________. turn on your headlights *If weather conditions require you to use your windshield wipers, you must also turn on your headlights.* When in a roundabout, you …

When in a roundabout, you should do all of the following EXCEPT driving in a counter-clockwise direction. watching for signs and pavement markings. stopping your vehicle to turn. using turn signals to change lanes. stopping your vehicle to turn. When …

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