Does Aspirin Affect Plants

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The question of this science fair project question is “Does Aspirin Effect Plant Growth. ” This is a good question because aspirin help human get better but, will it help plant grow bigger. Or maybe it makes the plant grow faster? Or maybe it can make the plant not grow at all. In this science experiment I am using dieffenbachia plants. Dieffenbachia plants are usually house plants. This is great because this science experiment is being done in the winter time. When growing your dieffenbachia indoors, you have to keep the plant in a room that has average humidity levels.

So that means these plant should be in the temperature range of 60-75 degrees. The dieffenbachia plant can’t handle a lot of sunlight. In fact, high temperatures and bright light can make Dieffenbachia weak and sickly. So the best place to keeping dieffenbachia plants is in the kitchen. Dieffenbachia plants are usually watered once a week or every other week, or when the soil starts to feel dry. Aspirin is also a big part of this experiment. Aspirin is used to relieve minor aches and pains, or to reduce fever. Aspirin can also prevent blood clots and the risk of a stroke.

Aspirin is also known as acetylsalicylic acid because that is what aspirin has in it . Aspirin get this acid from plants. Plants produce acetylsalicylic acid when they are damaged or stressed by environmental conditions. Aspirin was actually first produced by nature, in a sense, in the form of pain-reducing willow bark. Research shows that aspirin on plants helps the plant have defense from insects. To find out if aspirin effects plant growth I have two dieffenbachia plants. They are labeled plant A. , and plant B. the plants are watered twice a week.

When watering plant A. I put 1 tablet of aspirin in it and it dissolved in the water. Plant B. just gets regular water. Each plant gets ? of a cup of water. Both of the plant are in a plastic cup with soil and put the cup on a plate. I try to make an observation every day and see the outcome on my experiment. The plant experiment has been recorded in a notebook. Ms. Rebecca Brown is a person that has done an experiment on tomatoes… Ms. Rebecca Brown is a professor of plant sciences at the University of Rhode. She said it made a border protection on insects.

Also it help prevent the tomatoes not get diseases. She treated the tomatoes with a solution of 250 milligrams of aspirin to 1 gallon of water. 250 milligrams is usually 2 tablets of aspirin. Another person that has done this same experiment with similar results is Marion Owen. She did these experiment on her vegetable garden . The dosage that she used was 1. 5 aspirins to 2 gallons of water. She also added 2 tablespoons of yucca extract to help the aspirin water stick to the leaves better. Her results were the plants were huge, and green and with no insects.

She saw some disease problems that reversed themselves. Does aspirin effect plant growth is a really important question to ask. If this experiment is successful people all-around can use aspirin in there plants. There are so many things that can go wrong in plant growth. Sometimes the plant dies. Sometimes the plant grows too slow. Some plants you might want bigger. We don’t know what aspirin does to plants. This experiment can answer your question. Overall in my research aspirin does have an effect on plant growth. It helps plants have defense on insects.

It also helps the plants not to have any disease. This experiment has mostly been done on vegetables. What people do is they take the aspirin water and spray it on their vegetables. Aspirin is also a big help on cut flowers. It will help them last longer. Doing research on this experiment no public record on aspirin and a dieffenbachia plants has not been recorded. My predictions are that the aspirin will help the dieffenbachia plant stay away from diseases, and help it grow big and tall.


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