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“Health is metabolic efficiency, sickness is metabolic deficiency” Considering this statement, the researcher can say that health is important. Catastrophes like accident is inevitable in our daily living, Emergency sickness like headache, stomachache and toothache may attack us anytime and anywhere. Thus, in every establishment, there should be a place for our health.

One place that we can rely on is the so called “Clinic” that provides primary aid and care that will eliminate or at least lessen up our difficulties when in pain. But, what if one day you’re not feeling well and decided to go to the clinic, but before they assist you, They ask you to fill up a form with your name, age, sex, location, religion and so on. Maybe you will just be stressed about it or end up with a headache.

Though we are in the modern era, where Information Technology made an impact in our industry, wherein computers are a great help for every establishments with different operations and transactions, we can say that other firms and establishments aren’t updated about the Evolution of technology. To analyze the situation, there are clinic that still stick to use manual operations or the paper based system for their medical transactions.

In this case, the researchers will propose a system that will eliminate paper works, improve the service, and will provide an efficient approach for both the user and the patient. The proposed study is about the development of Sales and Billing System of Beautiful Smile Dental Clinic.

The study is only limited for billing only. The proposed system has the capability to track the number of patient a day, monitor their bills. A search index is also added for the users to track the patient’s information. Login account for different users will be created for database; if you are not registered in the database you can’t enter the entire system.

1.1 Background of the Problem

During the last few decades there has been a significant problem in dental clinic, from focusing upon facts towards a focus on solving the problem and a deeper understanding of making the appropriate solution. Billing system have not been developed correspondingly, which make the dental clinic uses the manual system up until now. As the proponent conduct the study, the proponent observe that using manual system in billing the patient takes time and effort so the proponent decided to create a computerized system for their convenience.

Based on the “Beautiful Smile Dental Clinic” that the proponent interviewed “Beautiful Smile Dental Clinic” is one of the dental clinics using manual system. Beautiful Smile Dental Clinic will be the first clinic here in Ormoc that uses a modern billing system that make their services improve unlike their competitors that still uses a manual billing system. It can also make the business grow and progress. By the use of the system that the proponent created, it tackles about the billing system of the “Beautiful Smile Dental Clinic” that gives more convenience for their clinic not like the manual; it takes more time and effort.

1.2. Overview of the Current State of Technology

Technology now a day has come to a state that most of the population living in this world uses it. Especially, in the business world, as we all know for a fact modern technology is very appropriate for a business because it can make our work easier and faster especially if you are attached in a large business or in a company.

If we mention technology, the first thing that comes into our mind is computer and internet were you can use a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and you can surf some of the most popular social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and Skype. Everyone can use it, even the younger ones knows how to use computer. Technology also has an advantage in our daily living. But we should also bear in our mind that not all modern technology that we are using is good it also have its disadvantages so use it carefully and use it for the better.

1.3 Project Rationale

  • Dentist

The dentist will be the first beneficiary of the proposed system. Only the dentist and the employees can log-in the proposed system. It is also for the security and safety of the system and their business.

  • Employee

The employees are the second beneficiary of the proposed system. If there would be instances that the dentist will not be in the clinic and there would be a customer inquiring for the cost of their services, the employee can enter the system and give some information to the customer’s inquiry.

  • Patient

The proposed system will make services better and faster for the customer in terms of billing for their total payment. It can also lessen their burdens because it takes time and effort for the patient to be register but it depends if they already have a record in the system.


2.1 Problem Statement

This project focuses in dental billing system, as the proponent conducted a survey in a specific town most of the dental clinic in the said town is using a manual system. But as the proponent conducted the interview of one of the dental clinic manual system causes low income to their business because some of their patients are indebted to them, most cases, the patient are paying half of their bills and promise to pay the other half if they have some extra money next time.

It takes so much time for them to pay the whole amount. This project is not also for the convenience of the dental clinic but also to lessen the burdens of the patient because if they already have a record in the system they will no longer have to waste some effort just to register.

2.1.1 General Problem

How to convert manual system or the so-called paper-based system to computerized system?

2.2. Specific Problems

  • How to compute the bill faster especially when the customer/patient had a record already?
  • Using manual system it takes so much time and effort especially if it’s their first time to visit the clinic.
  • How to consume lesser space and paper for documents and records?
  • If there are many patients in a day, too much paper will be used for their information, some instances, too much paper can also be lost.
  • How to avoid possible errors that may occur in computing the bill of the patient manually?
  • In computing the patient’s bill manually, there will be unnecessary errors that will happen.

Proposed Research Project

2.2.1 General Objective

It is difficult for the user in billing and tracking down the record of the customer/patient so the proponent create the billing system that solves the entire problem that they are encountering.

2.2.2 Specific Objectives

  • Computing the bills by the use of the proposed system.
    • The user will no longer use the manual system for billing the patient because the proposed system which is a computerized system can help the user.
  • The proposed system was connected to a database.
    • Less space and paper will be consumed because some of the records will be saved in the database.
  • By making the proposed system, it will compute the right billing of the patient.
    • It will not be hard for the user to compute the patient’s payment

2.2.3 Scope and Limitations


  • The proposed system can search, add, update and delete a record for the maintenance of the system.
    • If for example a patient is already dead or the patient has a new address they can search, update or delete the record and if there will be a new patient they can add it in the system.
  • The proposed system has a log-in system for security and safety.
    • Only the dentist and the employees can access the proposed system, because they are the only user that knows the username and password of the system.
  • The proposed system can track down how many patients in a day, month and a year for the reports.
    • The dentist will know how many patient visits their clinic and how many patient they gave their services.


  • The proposed system is not an online system
    • Since, the programming language that the proponent uses is Microsoft Visual Basic, so the proposed system is not an online system.
  • The proposed system cannot connect to the printer
    • The proponent didn’t include the codes into the program to connect to the printer.

2.2.4 Methodology

The proposed system is all about billing system; it is for the dental clinic which is the Beautiful smile Dental clinic. The purpose of the proposed system is to lessen the problems that the dental clinic have. One of the problems that they have is billing there patient, we all know that they are using the manual system or the so called paper-based system up until now.

It’s very difficult for them to bill their patient using the manual system it takes time and effort. So the proponent creates the billing system. In making the program the proponent uses the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language the proponent uses the Microsoft access in connecting the database so all the records that the system have will automatically be stored in the database.

The proposed system can view, add, update, delete and compute the bill of the patient. It also has the security and the safety because it has the log-in form. The beneficiary of the proposed system is the dentist, employee and the patient. The benefits that they will get are it will make their business gain more income and make their work easier. The patient will not waste their precious time and effort to fill-up some form just to be register.


3.1 Calendar of Activities


  • What is the name of your business?
    • Beautiful Smile Dental Clinic
  • When your business was established?
    • Beautiful Smile Dental Clinic was establish on the year 1995
  • Where did you finish your profession?
    • He finished is study in Southwestern University
  • At what age did you establish your business?
    • I establish my business at the age of 30.
  • Do you have a business partner?
    • No
  • How did you maintain your business to make the customers satisfied?
    • Through good services
  • Are you using manual billing to your patient?
    • Yes
  • Have you encounter some problems?
    • Yes
  • What are they?
  • How to compute the bill faster especially when the customer/patient had a record already?
  • How to consume lesser space and paper for documents and records?
  • How to avoid possible errors that may occur in computing the bill of the patient manually?
  • How many employees in this establishment?
    • Only one
  • What are your business rules in terms of billing?
    • No discount even if you have a record already or even if you are a senior citizen
    • Payment will depend on the capability of the patient to pays
  • What are the services offered and their corresponding price?
    • Root Canal Treatment-3,500 per tooth
    • Ortho -60,000/braces
    • Filling-600-1500
    • Oral Prophylaxis-600-1500
    • Tooth Extraction-600
    • Crown and bridge construction-3,800 porcelain/1800 plastic
    • Denture-it depends of the size of the tooth
  • What is the information that you are asking to your patient?
    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone
    • Occupation
    • Status
    • Complaint
    • Age


The proponent uses the desktop to encode the documentation. The proponent also used the desktop to make the program.


The proponent uses the internet to conduct some research about the program. The proponent use the search engine Google.



The proponent uses the internet to conduct some research about the program. The proponent use the search engine Google.


The proponent used one book which is the dictionary. The proponent used the dictionary for the meaning of the difficult words in the documentation.

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