Large trucks turning onto a street with two lanes in each direction:
Often have to use of the left lane to complete the turn

Flash your brake lights or turn on your emergency flashers if you
Need to warn other drivers of a collision ahead

You may drive off of the paved roadway to pass another vehicle:
Under no circumstances

If your vehicle starts to lose traction because of water on the road (hydroplaning) you should:
Slow down gradually and not apply the brakes

You must notify the DMV within 5 days if you:
Sell or Transfer your vehicle

You should increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead when you:
Are being tailgated by another driver

If you drive faster than other vehicles on a road with one lane in each direction and continually pass the other cars, you will:
Increase your chances of an accident.

Should you always drive slower than other traffic?
No, you can block traffic when you drive too slowly.

When parking uphill on a two-way street with no curb, your front wheels should be:
Turned to the right (away from the street)

Yellow lines separate:
Traffic moving in opposite directions on a two-way road

You want to make a right turn at the corner. A pedestrian with a guide dog is at the corner ready to cross the street in front of you. Before making your right turn, you should:
Wait until the person crosses the street

This yellow sign means: ARROW TURNING RIGHT
There is a sharp turn to the right

Always use your seat belt:
When the vehicle is equipped with seat belts.

For which of the following traffic lights must you always stop your vehicle:
Solid red lights, flashing red lights and blacked out traffic signals

Which of these is a safe driving technique
Checking your rearview mirrors frequently

After passing a vehicle, it is safe to return to your driving lane when:
You see the headlights of the passed vehicle in your rearview mirror

On freezing wet days, which of the following roadways is most likely to hide spots of ice
Roadways on bridges and overpasses

At an uncontrolled intersection where you can’t see cross traffic until you are just about to enter the intersection, the speed limit is:

Smoking inside a vehicle when a person younger than 18 years of age is present
Illegal at all times

This sign means don’t pass DO NOT PASS
Other vehicles for any reason

When passing another vehicle, it is safe to return to your lane if you:
See the vehicle’s headlights in your rear view mirror

To make a right turn at the corner, you:
Must merge into the bicycle lane before turning

U-turns in business districts are:
Legal only at intersections, unless a sign prohibits them

Which of these statements is true about changing lanes
Look over your right shoulder for a right lane change and your left shoulder for a left lane change

If you drive 55mph in a 55mph zone, you can be given a speeding ticket
If road or wheather conditions require a slower speed

You are driving on a freeway posted for 65 MPH. The traffic is traveling at 70 MPH. You may legally drive:
No faster than 65 mph.

You should use your horn when:
It may help prevent a collision

When changing lanes on a freeway, you should:
Signal for at least five seconds

An orange-colored sign like this means: SHOULDER WORK AHEAD
There is road work ahead

You reach an intersection with stop signs on all four corners at the same time as the driver on your left. Who has the right of way:
You have the right-of-way

A school bus ahead of you in your lane is stopped with red lights flashing. You should:
Stop as long as the red lights are flashing.

You are on the freeway and traffic is merging into your lane. You should:
Make room for the merging traffic, if possible

What should you do at an intersection with a flashing yellow signal light:
Slow down an cross carefully

When you see this yellow sign, you should MOTHER AND CHILD
Be prepared to stop if children are in the crosswalk

Always look carefully for motorcycles before you change lanes because:
Their smaller size makes them harder to see

You must stop at the intersection ahead. Just before the intersection, you have to cross railroad tracks. You should stop before you cross the railroad tracks when:
You don’t have room on the other side to completely cross the tracks.

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