What class is DEMEROL?
Narcotic Analgesic

Alters perception of and emotional response to pain

Moderate to severe pain

NAME 7 Side effects?
Urinary Retention
Respiratory Depression

Name five Nursing implications?
-Assess patient’s pain on a scale of 1-10
-Assess respiratory and cardiovascular status;withhold if respirations are below 12
-Give before intense pain develops
-check time of last dose
-A controlled substance,must sign out using special protocol

What type of syringe would you use?
Use a 3ml hypodermic syringe with correct needle size for IM injection

4 Additional nursing implications?
-Select correct dosage strength
-expiration date
-choose IM site carefully
-aspirate before administering and massage after

Safety measures?
Side rails up,bed in a low position:caution pt not to get up,but to call for assistance

How long do you wait to reassess the pt?
30 minutes to determine response to med

Narcotic antagonist?

What would you monitor in post-op patients?
bladder function

name 5 Potentiates effects of other meds such as?
general anesthetics

albumin Nursing Implications Monitor vital signs, central venous pressure, intake and output. Assess for signs of vascular overload before and after administration. Monitor serum sodium levels; may cause an increase in concentrations. Monitor hemoglobin and hematocrit levels; these values may …

Bisacodyl Suppository Generic Name: Bisacodyl Suppository Trade Name (s): Dulcolax Classification: Laxative OB Category: Category B Mechanism of Action: Unclear. Thought to stimulate colonic mucosa, producing parasympathetic reflexes that enhance peristalsis and increase H20 and electrolyte secretion, thereby causing evacuation …

hydrocodone/acetaminophen Lortab, Norco therapeutic classification allergy, cold, cough remedies (antitussive), non-opioid, analgesic (acetaminophen)/opioid analgesic (hydrocodone) WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE Write my sample pharmacologic classification opioid agonists (hydrocodone)/non-opioid analgesic …

Codeine Codeine Classification: Narcotic (opiate agonist) analgesic, antitussive Dosages: Tablet-15, 30, 60 mg Oral-15 mg/5 mL Injectable- 30 & 60 mg Uses: 1) Symptomatic relief of mild to moderately severe pain 2) To suppress hyperactive or nonproductive cough Contraindications: 1) …

Procrit (Epoitin Alpha) action Stimulates division and differentiation of RBC progenitors in the bone marrow Procrit drug classification Colony stimulating factor – Erythropoetin-stimulating agent WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE …

Ventolin, Proventil. Pro-Air Generic name: Albuterol Classification: Beta 2 agonist inhaler (SABA, rescue, either MDI or nebulizer via liquid) – bronchodilator Indications: Side Effects: trembling to shaking of hands, arms – “hyperkinesia”, legs or feet. Drowsy/dizzy, headache, dry mouth, arrhythmias …

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