Defeating MRSA by Aqsa Zafar

This is very interesting and challenging topic for all of us, who wants to knock down the MRSA bacterium. Where evolution (mutation) gives us a lot of variations in nature (which are benefits for us) in the same way so, evolution also gives benefits to bacteria by helping them to evolve resistant against antibiotics. Before my research on this topic, I just considered HIV the most dangerous disease but my study on this topic proved me wrong, because the death rate of MRSA infection people more as compared to HIV virus.

Now come to the point, in my article, I mostly prefer on the precautions and preventions from MRSA infection because precaution is better than treatment. When especially now, when there is no better medicine for the hundred percent cure of this disease. Anyhow, MRSA stands for Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, which is responsible for many problematic infections in humans. It is resistant to many antibiotics that is commonly used such as penicillin (methicillin, dicloxacillin, nafcillin) etc. This is because, through the process of natural selection, they have developed a resistance against the betalactum antibiotics.

Due to the evolution of resistant in MRSA infection, it gives us a lot of difficulty in treatment with standard types of antibiotics, as I mentioned above. There are two types of MRSA: 1. Health care-associated MRSA( HA-MRSA) 2. Community-associated MRSA (CA-MRSA) Health Care-Associated MRSA: HA-MRSA is MRSA infections that are spread in hospitals, nursing homes and other places of health care. H A-MRSA is a most common type of MRSA infection. Usually affects older patients, or patients with weak immune systems. ( Average age has to be observed 68) Community-Associated MRSA:

CA-MRSA is a type of MRSA, which spread in close contact areas, such as gyms, pools, army barracks, etc, and from skin to skin contact. This is a less common type of MRSA (14% of MRSA cases) but it is on the rise. Target younger people (average age 23) and also those people who are healthy.

Symptoms of MRSA staph infection is very clear, when the infection stars off, it will look like a small pimple, bug bite, or boil, and it will grow quickly into a painful abscess. MRSA may lead to cellulites, blood infections, meningitis, or pneumonia. MRSA usually affects the skin, but sometimes it will spread to the bloodstream, and to other organs of the body.

It is become a monster, when it affects bones, joints, lungs, heart, etc. which are life threatening cases. Death rate of 4% to 10% of patients that are hospitalized due to MRSA. The treatment of MRSA, now a days is more challenging than ever. MRSA has become a Superbug, which means that it has developed a resistant to many different kinds of antibiotics. Such as Methicillin, Penicillin and cephalosporin (antibiotics) which have zero affects on MRSA. When it first came to know the MRSA has developed a resistant against Methicillen, so the other alternative antibiotics were made to outbreak the bacteria.

Although the drugs were affected for a while, but MRSA also resistant to them. No doubt, we are in that kind of era, where each and everything possible and understandable, because of our ancestors do a lot of things, we learned from their mistakes, so all I want to say that, just a hundred year ago, people had died because of Tuberculoses but now, we have overtaken this disease completely. In the same way HIV, MRSA and also undiscovered diseases are still existed, which are challenging our wisdom and knowledge, so it’s all dependent us, how and when we defeat them in a better way. Main Recommendations:

There are some recommendations, which we have to follow in order to avoid MRSA infection ?Prevention of MRSA is very important. Wash hands. Do not share gym equipment. Towels, razors, etc. Cover your own wounds with bandages so MRSA cannot be introduced. ?In hospitals, hand hygiene before and after each patient contact is essential. ?The physical environment of any health care units should be clean in a proper way ?In hospitals, to avoid the spread of MRSA, the space between adjacent beds, should be adequate. ?We should also have to educate people about MRSA, because very less majority knows about this disease. ?

This is very necessary for those persons, who have skin infections should keep wounds covered, wash hands regularly , and the used bandages should be throw in the trash, and this is the responsibility of the infected person, to not give others , his personals things. ?Healthy person can also minimize the infection, by keeping cuts and scrapes clean and covered, they also should wash their hands frequently also avoids sharing items. ?To avoid the spread of MRSA infection, it is very necessary to dispose the waste material in proper way.

In hospitals or in crowded place, this is the responsibility of management to provide proper guides to people about MRSA. So people have to be aware, about this monster. ?Media is the fastest and easiest way to spread any information or guide to the whole world, so it is our responsibility to aware people by advertizing on print media or electric media or through internet and also not forget the radio, these are the common ways, by using them, we can educate people in better way, as we can do that.

Conclusion: I do not know what to write in the conclusion because I have no better answer, to minimize the spread of this disease, as it is increasing per year, and it also has become a very strong challenge for us. MRSA infection, it’s just a infection, but due to minor carelessness, has turn out this infection in to a life threatening infection.

It is just a skin infection ( this idea has just came to my mind,( can we use that infected skin for a medicine) maybe we should observe. that infected parts more carefully under observation, because this bacteria has developed a strong resistant against antibiotics, then we should observe their feces(waste material) on infected parts, I think so it will help to understand a lot of hidden secretes.

I KHOW THATALL OF MY FENCY IDEAS. But ANYHOW, we are living in 21 first century, where we can fight with a lot of things alone by using our knowledge, observation and results. One day, we definitely find out the answer of this entire puzzle. There are many ways to minimize the spread of MRSA from hospitals, but in true just only one way, which is Precaution, is better than cure. We should clean our hospitals from dirt and mess and all of those things, which provoke the growth of this bacteria and also we clean our hospitals on daily basis, that’s why less chance of transmitted this disease to other people. And when more thing when we discharge patients.

We have to make sure, that patient does not carry the MRSA bacteria on their used things, which they are taking with themselves. References: I wrote my whole article, by after watching YouTube’s videos, so that’s the only reference, I can give to you.

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