Coney Island Hospital


            Coney Island Hospital is one of the best medical centers in Brooklyn area. It is well known for its excellent medical performance, which has been constantly improved since the 19th century, when the hospital was founded.

Coney Island Hospital


            Coney Island Hospital is known for the excellence of its services, which he has constantly provided to its patients since the end of the 19th century. The hospital carries stable unblemished reputation and is fairly considered to be one of the best medical institutions in Brooklyn.

            “In the late 19th century, as swarms of summer beachgoers made the Coney Island beaches and Amusement Parks their place of respite from the heat of the city, a first-aid station and later a Reception Hospital were erected along the busy shorefront” (Coney Island Hospital, 2005a). Coney Island Hospital is mentioned by many other medical institutions and informational resources as the reputable medical center which offers numerous quality medical services to its patients (Coney Island Hospital, 2005a). Coney Island Hospital’s mission is to provide the residents of the Southern Brooklyn with the cost-effective high quality medical services. Moreover, the hospital promotes the vision of equality in relations with patients, “in a respectful way to all, regardless of ability to pay” (Coney Island Hospital, 2005c).

            The hospital has numerous facilities and specialties: emergency services, women’s health services, medical and surgical specialties, pediatric services, cardiology services, nuclear medicine, behavioral health services, complementary medicine, occupational therapy, social work, EEG lab, and even its own blood bank (Coney Island Hospital, 2005d). Moreover, Coney Island Hospital is well known for its extremely advanced nuclear medical department. The department of nuclear medicine is one of the best and the most technologically advanced in the hospital. It is located on the fifth floor of the main hospital’s building, and makes it possible to perform whole body bone scans for spreading cancer, osteomyelitis scanning, gallium scanning of the whole body for the detection of infections, thyroid scans, and thyroid cancer treatment with the application of radioactive iodine, etc. (Coney Island Hospital, 2005d).

The hospital is the member of the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation (Coney Island Hospital, 2005b). It is a for-profit organization, but as it protects its financial interests, it also promotes the principles of social equality towards all patients. There are several unique features which make Coney Island Hospital different from other similar medical entities. First, the hospital staff includes interpreters, who help medical specialists communicate with Russian, Chinese, Albanian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu patients, and those of other nationalities and backgrounds. Second, the hospital employs an American-Russian Sign Language interpreter to assist deaf patients in their communication with medical personnel (Coney Island Hospital, 2005d). The hospital offers affordable medical services to low-income patients without any regard to their immigration status (Coney Island Hospital, 2005c). Moreover, the hospital is involved into various financial cooperative programs aimed at improving its technical state and maintaining its cost-effective performance. The major source of the hospital’s income is patients’ insurance and small fees the hospital takes from those who do not have insurance. For example, a patient’s visit may cost around $15 (Coney Island Hospital, 2005c); in this way the hospital creates affordable conditions for those who require medical assistance, and supports its for-profit status.


            The physical location of the hospital requires that the hospital staff is able to communicate with multinational patients: southern Brooklyn has historically been the refuge for the immigrants from the Soviet Union (Coney Island Hospital, 2005a). Coney Island Hospital is well known beyond Brooklyn for the highest quality of its medical services and respectful treatment of all patients regardless of their financial and social status.


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