computer-assignment 16:

hormone-based contraceptives can work in all of the following ways except
constricting the fallopian tubes to block passage of the fertilized egg

an advantage of progestin-only pills is _____________.
there are no estrogen-related side effects

of the following, which is the most effective birth control method when used correctly?

users of birth control pills may experience all of the following except _____________.
increased risk of ovarian cancer

seasonale is designed to _____________.
reduce the number of menstrual periods from 13 to 4 per year

all of the following are advantages of taking birth control pills except _____________.
reducing the possibility of hypertension

both the _____________ and multiphasic pill prevent conception from occurring by inhibiting ovulation

use of combination pills often eliminates _____________.

for women over the age of 35 who smoke, the _____________ outweigh the _____________ of oral contraceptives
risks; benefits

which of the following statements regarding oral contraceptive use is false?
it often reduces the incidence of migraine headaches and/or depression

in order to maximize the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, users should _____________.
take the pill at the same time each day

the most common reversible birth control method among women in the United States is/are _____________.
oral contraceptives

one danger sign for pill users associated with the acronym ACHES is _____________.
abdominal pain

when using the transdermal patch, which of the following techniques is correct?
a woman replaces the old patch with a new one on the same day each week for three weeks and then takes a patch free week

all of the following medications reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives except _____________.

both the vaginal ring and the transdermal patch work by _____________.
slowly releasing hormones into the bloodstream

which is an injectable contraceptive that needs to be given once every 12 weeks

the only temporary method of birth control for men is _____________.

which of the following statements regarding condoms is true?
polyurethane condoms are more sensitive but not as strong as latex

natural-skin condoms interfere less with sensation than do latex ones
-is this statement true or false?

to correctly use condoms to prevent pregnancy _____________.
the condom must be used before the penis has contact with the vulva; water-based lubricants should be used; the condom must be held at the base of the penis as it is withdrawn from the vagina

women purchase _____________% of condoms sold today.

which of the following statements regarding the female condom is false?
it comes with spermicide on it

the female condom becomes available in the United States in the _____________.

vaginal __________ may increase the incidence of yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

which of the following is not considered an advantage of vaginal spermicides?
they are associated with increased post-coital discharge

according to various sources, a woman may insert a diaphragm as much as _____________ prior to intercourse for it to still be effective.
six hours

the cervical cap resembles a miniature _________ .

the diaphragm should remain in the vagina for at least _____________ following intercourse but not for more than _____________ .
eight hours; twenty-four hours

which of the following is not disadvantage of cervical barrier methods?
they lack hormonal side effects

all of the following contribute to effectiveness of the IUD except _____________ .
the barrier that is created when the IUD is inserted in the cervical os

which of the following statements regarding intrauterine devices is true?
they are more effective than using a diaphragm

two of the danger signs for IUD users associated with the acronym PAINS are _____________ .
abdominal pain, nasty discharge

in order to confirm that the IUD is in place, the length of the ______ should be checked

all of the following are used as emergency contraceptives except _____________ .

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