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Psychodynamic Theory for Unipolar Depression
belief that it comes from unconscious grief over real or imagined losses, compounded by excessive dependence on other people

Psychodynamic Treatment for Unipolar Depression
encourage depressed clients to associate freely; suggest interpretations of associations, dreams and displays of resistance and transference

Behavioral Theory for Unipolar Depression
Tied mood to the rewards in a person’s life

Behavioral Therapy for Unipolar Depression
therapist reintroduce pleasurable activities and events, appropriately reinforce depressive and nondepressive behaviors and improve social skills

Cognitive Theory for Unipolar Depression
results from a pattern of negative thinking that may be triggered by current upsetting situations

Cognitive Therapy for Unipolar Depression
Helps clients recognize and change their negative cognitive processes and thus to improve their mood

Multicultural Therapy for Unipolar Depression
cultural sensitive therapies, special cultural training, heightened awareness of clients cultural values and related stressors, prejudices and stereotypes

Family Social Therapy for Uniploar Depression
Helps clients change how they deal with close relationships

Interpersonal Psychotherapy
says that any of the 4 interpersonal problem areas may lead to depression and must be addressed

Interpersonal Loss
loss of a loved one. Clients explore their relationship w/lost person and express any feelings of anger

Interpersonal Role
When 2 people have different expectations of their relationship and role each should play. Resolve expectations

Interpersonal Role Transition
brought about my major life changes such as divorce or birth of child. Help develop social supports and skills the new roles require

Interpersonal Deficits
extreme shyness or social awkwardness that prevent them from having an intimate relationship. Teach social skills

Biological Therapies for Unipolar Depression
use of antidepressant drugs, herbal supplements or ETC

Types of Antidepressant Drugs for Depression
MAO inhibitors, Tricyclics, selective serotonin reputable inhibitors (SSRI’s)- e.g fluxoetine(prozac) and sertraline(zoloft)

Treatments for Bipolar Depression
Mood stabilizing or anti bipolar drugs. Lithium- white element found in mineral salts

______ is the most effective treatment for bipolar disorder.

People with anorexia nervosa may benefit from supplements of which mineral?

Most second-generation antidepressants are:
selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI)

One explanation for lithium’s effectiveness is that it acts directly on the brain’s?
second messenger system.

What percent of depression patients improve after ECT treatment?
60-70 percent

Which form of depression treatment is LESS effective than the others in treating unipolar depression?

Which type of therapy would be associated with preparing a weekly activity schedule that is set up around pleasurable activities?

Long-term psychodynamic therapy is ____________ helpful in treating unipolar depression.

Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) is a _________ approach to treating unipolar depression.

Compared to other psychological disorders, unipolar depression is considered:
among the most successfully treated of all psychological disorders.

One theory about the mechanism of lithium in reducing the symptoms of bipolar disorder suggests that it changes ____________ ion activity in neurons.
potassium and sodium

Among the biological treatments for depression, antidepressant drugs and __________ appear to be equally effective.
electroconvulsive shock therapy (ECT)

If a client said to you, My roommate told me that she has other friends on campus, so I think that she must completely hate me, what sort of cognitive error would this be considered?
dichotomous thinking

MAO inhibitors block the destruction of which neurotransmitter?

There is evidence that ____________ is especially helpful in depression brought on by social conflicts or changes in careers or social roles.
interpersonal psychotherapy

What impact does the use of lithium have on depressive episodes?
Lithium helps people with bipolar depression overcome their depressive episodes, though to a lesser degree than it helps with their manic episodes.

Which form of depression treatment acts most quickly?

__________ is a common flower that can be quite helpful in cases of mild depression.
St. Johns Wort

Around two-thirds of women typically turn to ______ when they feel depressed.

Research suggests that behavioral therapy is of less help to people who suffer which kind of depression?
Severe depression

ECT was first used in the treatment of?

Which of the following is used to put patients to sleep and reduce their terror during ECT?
anesthetics (barbiturates)

Which of the following is a well-known side effect of ECT?
Memory Loss

Which of the following is true of self-help bereavement groups?
They allow the healing process to proceed without pressure, misinterpretation, or judgment.

Which of the following has shown promise as a treatment for the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause?
Black cohash

A pilot who sacrifices his life in a fighter-plane skirmish would be categorized as an example of _________ suicide

A seriously ill person whose consistent mismanagement of medication led to his or her death would probably be considered a victim of?
subintentional death

self-inflicted death in which one makes an intentional and direct effort

unsuccessful attempts to kill one self

Death Seekers
clearly intend to end their lives at the time they attempt suicide. Purpose may only last for a short time than change to confusion

Death Ignorers
Do not believe that their self-inflicted death will mean the end of their existence. They believe they are trading their present lives for a better or happier existence

Death Imitators
also intend to end life but act out of a belief that the process of death is already underway. (elderly)

Death Darers
Experience mixed feelings although they wish to die, their risk taking behavior doesn’t guarantee death (skydivers)

Viewing problems and solutions in rigid either/or terms is known as
dichotomous thinking.

What time after incarceration are inmates at the highest risk for suicide?
within the first 3 hours

Which age group is most likely to leave a suicide note indicating such problems as illness, pain, disability, and loneliness as the reason for suicide?
people over the age of 60

Which group of Americans has the highest overall rate of suicide?
Native Americans

Which mental disorder(s) are not mentioned as being linked strongly to suicide?
personality disorders

Which perspective believes that suicide is the result of anger directed at ones self?

Suicide committed by people over whom society has little or no control is known as _______ suicide.

Which method of killing oneself is used in nearly two-thirds of male suicides?

Which of the following is true of suicide notes?
Most suicide notes are addressed to specific individuals.

According to recent research, what is the likely relationship between working outside of the home and suicide?
Working outside the home may be linked to lower suicide rates among women, just as it is among men.

According to Freud, what are the forces that lead a person to attempt or commit suicide?
a real or symbolic loss leads to a defense mechanism called introjection, and this in turn leads to suicide as an extreme expression of internalized anger and self-hatred.

The ultimate prevention of suicide lies in:

_________ levels seem to have a role in suicide separate from depression.
Low serotonin

Suicide prevention programs and hotlines focus on
crisis intervention.

Research indicates that suicides by people with schizophrenia more often are experiencing feelings of __________, rather than delusions or hallucinations.

One strategy for studying suicide, which is a kind of psychological autopsy in which clinicians and researchers piece together data from a suicide victims past, is known as
retrospective analysis

Response programs that are put into action to prevent a rash of suicides after one person, particularly a high-profile individual, commits suicide are referred to as:

Chronic Suicide
people behave in life-endangering ways over an extended period of time. Ex: Consuming alcohol

Durkheim’s Sociocultural View
probability of suicide is determined by how attached a person is to such social groups (family, religion, community)

Egoistic Suicide
are committed people over who society has little or no control. These people aren’t concerned w/norms or rules of society

Altruistic Suicide
opposite of of egoistic, committed people who are well integrated into social structure. Ex: kamakaze pilots,

Anomic Suicide
people whose social environment fails to provide stable structures. Ex: family and religion give meaning and support to life

Suicide in children are…
common by behavioral patterns as running away from home, aggressive acting out, temper tantrum

Suicide in adolescents are…
linked to clinical depression and stress

Suicide in elderly are…
linked to illness, lose of close friends and relatives

Suicide Prevention Programs
program that tries to identify people who are at risk of killing themselves and offer them crisis intervention

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy Unipolar Depression Treatments: Psychological Approaches: PSYCHODYNAMIC THERAPY therapists here seek to help clients bring underlying issues to consciousness and …

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