COM 105 Ch. 7 Depressed & or Suicidal Clients

Minor depression is known as dysthymia

There are three major tests used to diagnosis depression
no major tests

Men are nearly twice as likely to experience depression as women
women are nearly twice as likely to experience depression as men

Depression is among the leading cause of disability worldwide

The elderly are more successful in suicide attempts than are younger people

Preschoolers are the fastest growing market for antidepressants

About half of the adults who are depressed believe their depression is a personal weakness and they are too embarrassed to seek help

Most suicides occur without warning

Major depression
is disabling

what do researchers believe about depression
d. a, b, c
after treatment brain chemistry returns to normal
treatment of depression rarely req. psychotherapy
all depression involves some changes in brain chem.

According to one of the diagnostic manuals that sets the diagnosis & classes of depression, major depression must have an episode(s) that
d. a, b, c
causes some impairment in a person’s social or occupational functioning
represents a change from previous functioning
lasts at least two weeks

subtypes of major depression include the following types

what type of depression leads to anger with temper outbursts, excessive crying, decreased sexual desire, and chronic fatigue
dysthymic depression

which of the following statements is true about seasonal affective disorder
the treatment of choice is light therapy or phototherapy

which of the following statements is true about postpartum depression (PPD)
stress seems to be one of the contributing factors of PPD

suicide statistics include
it’s the eighth leading cause of death in the US
one half of all male suicides involve firearms
over one half of suicide communicate their plan to someone before they follow thru with it

also known as manic depression manic depressive illness
bipolar depression

depression is severe enough to require treatment
major depression

also known as mencholia
involutional depression

a person has had episodes of depression only

depression caused by decreased sunlight
seasonal affective disorder

comes from within and has no discernable cause
endogenous depression

chronic low-level depression that may continue for years
dysthymic disorder

individuals begin a plan to carry out the suicide
stage 4 of suicide

individuals experience frustration, anger that turns inward, hostility
stage 1 of suicide

individuals communicate their helplessnes to someone else
stage 3 of suicide

individuals stress levels become unbearable and they panic
stage 2 of suicide

Over one million people commit suicide every year. This is also one of the leading causes of death among teenagers and adults under 35. At the beginning of my research, I truly believed that most cases of suicide could be …

One of the most common reasons given by the psychiatrists for administering ECT is that it prevents suicide. Depressed patients have a higher death rate than the general population, from both suicide and non-suicide causes, and this rate is reduced …

After reading all of the statistics, the facts, the observations and opinions about suicide through the research of this paper, it is safe to say that suicide is never really about one thing in particular. People who lose their home …

In the article, Addressing hopelessness in people with suicidal ideation: building upon the therapeutic relationship utilizing a cognitive behavioural approach by Collins and Cutcliffe, they focused their study to those who will attempt or attempted suicide. Further elaborate in this …

Modern life is stressful and leaves its psychological scars on too many adolescents, who are unable to cope effectively, never reach their human potential. An adolescent who says “I’m depressed” or “I’m so down” may be describing a mood that …

People surrounding the survivors must accept the fact that grieve caused by suicidal deaths is really intense because they don’t know what exactly happen why their loved ones committed suicide. In such case, people surrounding the survivors must be willing …

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