coding chapter 5

acute renal failure and acute respiratory failure due to sepsis
A41.9 (sepsis general), R65.20 (sepsis severe), N17.9 (failure renal acute), J96.00 (failure, resp)

a patient with early onset Alzheimer’s progresses to combative behavior
G30.0, F02.81

patient with known Hepatitis B seen in the clinic complaining of joint pain, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, and weakness and fatigue. He is admitted to the hospital for sever dehydration.
E86.0 (dehy), B19.10 (hep)

an obstetric patient in her third trimester of pregnancy is admitted for pneumocystis carinii pneumonia due to AIDS
B59, B20, O36.73

lung abscess due to MRSA
J85.2, A49.02, B95.62

patient presents for HIV screening; patient is asymptomatic

patient presents for follow-up exam following reconstructive surgery to repair hypospadias
Z09, Q54.9

initial encounter for a 45-year-old woman receiving her first cycle of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer is seen in the m=emergency room for sever nausea and vomiting due to the chemotherapy. she is admitted for dehydration
E86.0, C25.9, Z51.11

patient seen in an outpatient clinic with ascites due to disseminated malignant neoplasm
R18.0, C80.0

hypertensive heart disease, with congestive heart failure
I11.0, I50.9

patient seen for cellulitis of left lower leg. he is a type 2 diabetic controlled with oral medication. the cellulitis has elvated his blood glucose and the physician elects to treat with sliding scale insulin regime
L03.116 (cellulitis), E11.65 (diabetes)

a 62-year-old man admitted to the hospital from the emergency room diagnosed with a transmural Q wave infarction. He has ASHD and had a pacemaker placed 5 years ago.
I21.09, I25.10, V45.01

patient seen in consult by a high-risk obstetrician. she is two months pregnant and was diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm of the left breast.
O9A.111, C50.912

initial encounter for a patient with sepsis due to a blood transfusion. he has hemophilia. (complication)
A41.9, T80.29, D66

patient with anemia due to prostate cancer
C61, D63.0

patient is admitted for chemotherapy for primary liver cancer
C22.8, Z51.11

patient admitted to hospital for bowel obstruction. this patient is also hypertensive with chronic kidney disease, stage 5.
K56.60 (obst), I12.0 (hpt), N18.5 (disease, kid)

patient is following up at her oncologist’s office for treatment options of metastatic cancer to right axillary lymph nodes she has a history of right upper-ourter quadrant breast cancer, still receiving treatment.
C77.3, Z85.3

patient underwent a biopsy of the brain. the pathology report indicates secondary cancer from the primary site of the breast. the patient had a left mastectomy 5 years ago and currently receives no treatment for breast cancer.
C79.31, Z85.3, Z90.12

patient underwent fulguration of malignant bladder tumors

patient with polycythemia vera presented to an outpatient clinic for a phlebotomy

a 45-year-old man seen in the office is diagnosed with right carpal tunnel syndrome.

initial encounter for failure of insulin pump causing an overdose of insulin and hypoglycemic coma. the patient is a type 1 diabetic
T85.614A, T38.3X1A, E10.641

patient diagnosed with dementia with Lewy bodies.
F02.80, G31.83

patient admitted to the hospital for resection of a malignant lung tumor from the right upper lobe

a man arrested for disorderly conduct is brought to the emergency room he is a known alcoholic-dependent patient. alcohol blood level indicates intoxication.

patient with chest pain is admitted to the hospital. he is diagnosed with acute Q wave myocardial infarction.

initial encounter for cardia arrest due to cocaine dependence.
I46.8, F14.20, F14.23

schizophrenic with disorderly conduct noncompliance with his medication.
F20.9, Z91.14, F91.8

delirium tremors due to withdrawal from cocaine dependence.

meningitis caused by measles.

mononeuropathy of right lower limb due to diabetes, type 2.

polyneuropathy and arthritis due to syphilis
A52.15, A52.77

streptococcal arthritis
M00.20, B95.5

patient admitted with left hemiplegia and cerebral palsy for evaluation for possible Baclofen pump to treat spasticity.

Bilateral sensorineural deafness following bacterial meningitis

Menieres disease

right carotid stenosis causing a cerebral infarct

acute pulmonary edema due to left heart failure. patient now intubated and on a respirator.
J81.0, I50.1, Z99.11

viral gastroenteritis

severe sepsis due to pseudomonas with septic shock
B96.5, R65.21

acute poliomyelitis

candida vaginal infection

post-chickenpox yelitis

unspecified parvovirus infection

oral thrush

body louse (pediculosis) infection

a patient if admitted for chemotherapy for primary ovarian cancer (neoplasm malignant primary)
Z51.11, C56.9

a patient is admitted for radiation therapy for metastatic bone cancer. the patient had a mastectomy for breast cancer 3 years earlier.
Z51.0, C50.91, Z85.3

multiple myeloma

carcinoma in situ, cervix

cancer of the sigmoid colon with spread to the peritoneum
C18.7, C18.8

adenocarcinoma of the prostate with metastasis to the bone
C61, C41.9

metastatic carcinoma of the breast to the lungs; the breast carcinoma has been removed by mastectomy
C78.00, Z85.3

Mr. Jensen is status post colon resection 3 months ago for sigmoid colon cancer and is now admitted for adjunct chemotherapy.
Z51.11, C18.7

pernicious, congenital, anemia

acquired afibrinogenemia

hemophilia A

acute blood-loss anemia

benign familial polycythemia

diabetes mellitus with hypoglycemic coma

graves disease with thyrotoxic crisis

chronic diabetic foot ulcer (diabetic peripheral angiopathy, no gangrene) in patient with diabetes mellitus, type 1, out of control
E10.51, E10.621, I97.509


alzheimer’s dementia with aggressive behavior
G30.9, F02.81

depression with anxiety

profound mental retardation
F73 (disability, intellectual)

anorexia nervosa

delirium tremens due to withdrawal in alcohol-dependent patient
F10.231 (dependence)

withdrawal from heroin-dependence, daily use
F11.23 (dependence opioid)

meningitis due to proteus morganii
G00.8, B96.4

multiple sclerosis

Bell’s palsy
G51.0 (palsy, facial)

seizure complex, febrile with status epilepticus

primary open-angle glaucoma

stenosis of the right lacrimal sac

acute otitis media, right ear

swimmer’s ear, left ear

bilateral acute serous otitis media (nonsuppurative)

congestive heart failure

acute subendocardial infarction, initial episode

treatment for secondary hypertension due to periarteritis nodosa
M30.0, I15.8

cerebral infarction due to arterial thrombosis, brain

subarachnoid hemorrhage

acute renal failure in patient with hypertension
N17.9, I10

treatment for respiratory failure due to congestive heart failure
I50.9, J96.90

COPD with chronic bronchitis (without exacerbation)

influenza with acute bronchitis

Pneumonia due to hemophilus influenzae

COPD with emphysema

aspiration pneumonia

combined spinal cord degeneration due to pernicious anemia
D51.0, G32.0

carcinoma, in situ, of the lip, upper vermilion border

subacute bacterial endocarditis

acute bronchitis with chronic obstructive bronchitis

group B streptococcal pneumonia

hypertensive congestive heart failure with hypertension and chronic kidney disease, stage 4.
I13.0, I50.9, N18.4

atherosclerotic coronary artery disease with history of stent placement via angioplasty in the native right coronary artery.
I25.10, Z95.5

treatment for anemia due to non-hodgkins’ lymphoma.
C85.90, D63.0

acute rheumatic mitral and aortic valve disease

admission for pain control for liver cancer
G89.3, C22.9

arthritis due to lyme disease

acute suppurative otitis media without rupture of eardrum, of the left ear.

stenosis of the left carotid artery causing infarction/occlusion of a cerebral artery.

acute bilateral lacrimal canaliculitis due to staphylococcus aureus.
H04.333, B95.61

infectious colitis

encounter for treatment of pancytopenia due to primary angiosarcoma of the liver
D61.818, C22.3

encounter for chemotherapy for malignant glioma of the frontal lobe
Z51.11, C71.1

primary lung cancer of the right middle lobe with metastasis to the neck of the pancreas
C34.2, C78.89

bifascicular block

Prinzmetal angina

chronic asthmatic bronchitis with COPD

acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure with hypotension
I21,3 I50.9, I95.9

septic shock due to severe sepsis
A41.9, R65.21

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