Code of ethics on medical technology

Code of ethics on medical technology

Code of ethics

            A code of ethics is set of standards of conduct in an organization, expressing the organizational values on ethical issues.  The members of an organization should behave according to the ethical values.  There are several areas in which an organization can set the code of ethics for example, regarding the matters of quality, employees and environment, where an organization sets general principles guiding the behavior on these matters.  Some times organizations set principles about a specific ethical situations for example in gift acceptance and conflict of interest.  The organization can set procedures too to handle situations of when a rule or a general principle is violated (Dansby, Kavaler and Spiegel, 2003).

Code of ethics in health care

            In health care, there are so many areas in which ethical code of conducts can be applied.  All these medical ethics are formulated for the benefit of the patient. Codes of ethics in health care are those standards of conduct that define the important steps physicians should take to ensure good and accepted behaviors.  The standards are meant to regulate the medical profession.  There are general principles that show what physicians are suppose to do to maintain good ethical conduct hence satisfy the aim of the medical ethics which is to benefit patients.

            In health care, a doctor or people responsible for handling patients must consider the patient as well as the society, but the patient comes first.  These codes of ethics principles are such as; ensuring competent service provision with respect to the patient and compassion to the work by a physician, making sure that the standards of professionalism are followed, being honest in the work he/she does as a physician, respecting the law, respecting the patients rights, going for further studies in the medical field to ensure maintenance of medical education and many other principles that are important in medical ethics (Dansby, Kavaler and Spiegel, 2003).

Advamed code of ethics.

            This is an association that deals with the technology in medical field.  Advamed association is dedicated to ensuring that there is improved patient care, high quality and cost effective technology available in the medical field, and ensuring that there is improvement in  medical science.  The association has codes of ethics regarding the interaction between the physicians and the medical technology since it believes that progress can only be made through the interaction between the two parties.  These are ethics on interaction between the health care professionals and the medical technology company.  The goals or the objectives of this association are as have been stated earlier, concerned with patient health care improvement and improved and cost-effective medical technologies.  This is the reason why the association believes in accomplishing the objectives through formulating the codes of ethics involving the medical technology companies and the physicians (Advamed, 2005).

Advamed Goals.

            Based on what Advamed Association is and what it considers, the main objectives of the code of ethics are; to ensure provision of improved medical technologies to the society, and make the medical technologies of the future a reality.  It is usually the physician who knows what a patient requires, the problems of certain diseases and the effectiveness of medical technology machines and procedures.  The medical technology companies deal with providing required technologies to solve medical problems and provide effective services.  The interaction between these two parties is of great importance to the Advamed Association in accomplishing their aims since the association believes in continued interaction for a successful future (Advamed, 2005).

Advamed Ethical Principles.

            The principles of this association are about the interaction standards or guidelines with the medical or health care professionals.  There are seven areas that the code of ethics offers guidelines.  These are on; grants and donations, information on economy provision and reimbursement, gifts, consultation, meetings on promotion and sales, conferences on education and product training.

            In product training and education, the members of the association are guided to make the product training and education available to the health care professionals by sponsoring the trainings and education.  Educational conferences by third parties are to be supported by Advamed members according to the code of ethics principles and this can be done through various ways as indicated in the code of ethics, for example by providing grants to the conferences either directly or indirectly and many other ways.  In sale and promotion, the code of ethics indicate that the members should hold meetings with the health care professionals to discuss the product features, the terms of sales and the contract terms.  The costs such as travel costs incurred by the health care professionals are suppose to be met by the Advamed members.           The next principle requires Advamed members to pay health care consultants a reasonable compensation for the services the professionals offer them about research and health care services.  Another principle is on gifts and indicates that members of Advamed should only provide patient beneficial gifts or educational gifts, to the health care professionals occasionally.  In economic information principle, members of Advamed are suppose to provide information on reimbursement to health care professionals about the product billing, coverage, coding and the product itself.  The last principle of the code of ethics is on donations and grants.  This principle indicate that members of Advamed should make donations for purposes of charity and to the respective organizations of charity.  All these are to ensure improved patient care and medical technology through enhanced ethical behavior (Advamed, 2005).

Grievance procedures

            There are various procedures used in forwarding complains or sharing important issues with the employer.  Employers always have their own grievance procedures but if not specified, the employee should use a specified procedure.  This procedure also shows some ethical values in an employee.  The main one used is the statutory procedures consisting of the standard procedures and the modified procedures.  The members of Advamed have independent an  responsibility to ensure the interaction with the health care professionals is according to the laws  and should forward their additional complains to their attorneys.  It therefore means that the ethical conduct of the members of Advamed depends on how they adhere to the law and the code of ethics ( Gorlin 1999).

Importance of Enforcing the Entire Code of Ethics

            Advamed code of ethics can prove to be very important to the society if implemented.  The interaction between the health care professionals and the medical technology company as have been identified, is very important.  Formulated ways on how to ethically conduct such interactions causes improved medical technology since a lot of information is available to both parties.  The code of ethics considers; sponsoring trainings on health care, offering education on Advamed products and discussing matters of their products with the health care professionals.     These guidelines encourage the health care professionals to give more information and to feel the support of the medical technology field.  The health care professionals provide consultation to the medical technology company, which they are paid for very well according to the code of ethics.  The company also pays for the costs incurred by the health care professionals. These two issues from Advamed’s code of ethics principles encourage the health care professionals to give more information so that in future, there will be more health care professionals ready to give information rather than none due to bad treatment.  If this code of ethics is implemented, the company will benefit a lot and the patients will have improved health care services with time.


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