clinic questions

after a bout with bacterial endocarditis, scar tissue often stiffens the edges of the heart valves. How would this be picked up in a routine examination?
the stiffened edges wouldn’t allow the valve “hole” to be closed tightly which would allow blood to pass through the valve in every contraction. this is what would cause a murmur and that would be heard during an examination.

during his story, he mentions that the ECG revealed that he has a defective bicuspid valve and a heart murmur. he apparently misunderstood some of what the doctor explained to him about the diagnostic process. what has he misunderstood?
an ECG doesn’t show the bicuspid valve dysfunctions or heart murmurs. he either had an ultrasound of the heart or something different. an ECG only shows how that electric current generated by the heart muscle spreads.

describe the symptoms of a heart attack, and what a heart attack is.
a heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart is blocked. the symptoms are pressure, tightness, pain, or squeezing sensation in your chest or arms that can spread to your neck, jaw, or back, and more.

a young man is rushed to the emergency room after fainting. his blood pressure is alarmingly low, and his companion reports the man collapsed shortly after being stung by a wasp. what do you think is the cause of his condition?
since it all happened so fast, it probably wasn’t his primary response, but his secondary response. this happened because the B-cells cloned to make plasma cells, which make antibodies.

use of birth control pills decrease the acidity of the vaginal tract. why might this increase the incidence of vaginal infections?
when the acidity is depressed, the bacteria has a more habitable place to live, increasing the incidence of vaginal infections.

david’s lymphatic system contains a high number of plasma cells. has the relative number of antibodies in his blood stream increased or decreased at this time, and what is one possible cause for the increase in plasma cells?
the number of antibodies in his blood stream have increased because the plasma fights infections.

why are the antibodies infants receive from their mother’s during breast feeding not a replacement for vaccination?
once the infant stops breast feeding, it will no longer be receiving immunity from its mother. if it gets vaccinated, the immunity will last much longer.

jeff is very short for his age (8). when you take a blood sample what hormone levels will you check and why?
you would tae a sample of the growth hormone because it regulates growth and development.

you are running early in the morning and see a large bear out of the corner of your eye. what specific hormonal changes would you expect?
you should expect changes in ACTH and Catecholamines.

how does your body maintains homeostasis of the calcium ion levels in your blood?
your body maintains homeostasis of the calcium levels in your blood by calcitonin and parathyroid by working opposite each other.

how does your body maintain homeostasis of your blood glucose levels?
insulin is made to lower blood glucose and glucagon is made to raise blood glucose.

explain how hydroxycut would affect the function of the nephron, and what the overall effect of taking this drug would be.
a weight loss supplement would trick the body into getting rid of water that it shouldn’t. it would inhibit the ADH hormone and prevent it from secreting water back into the peritubular capillary.

4 year old betty sue is a chronic bed wetter. what structure in the urinary system may be dysfunctional?
the external urethral sphincter may be dysfunctional because it is the sphincter under voluntary control.

a man is drunk and brought to the emergency room after falling down and breaking his arm. he is complaining about his “cotton mouth.” knowing that alcohol inhibits antidiuretic hormone, how will you explain this condition to him?
the ADH hormone regulates water absorption, so because he has been drinking, he is not absorbing enough water, therefor becoming dehydrated. dehydration makes him thirsty and will make him go rehydrate.

“the pill,” a commonly prescribed contraceptive, contains the hormones progesterone and estrogen. how might these hormones prevent a woman from ovulating/being fertile?
progesterone and estrogen stabilize a woman’s natural hormone levels and prevent estrogen from rising during ovulation. without the rise in estrogen, the ovaries won’t release mature eggs. the hormones prevent the lutenizing hormone from spiking and causing ovulation.

wheyier males considered fertile for most of their lives wile women are only fertile until about 51?
males can produce sperm their whole life. females become infertile because they lose all of their eggs they were born with.

a man swam in a cold lake for an hour. he noticed his scrotum was shrunken and wrinkled. what happened?
the scrotum had moved closer to the body to stay warm to male the optimum sperm.

what is the effect of piton? what is the normal mechanism by which oxytocin acts to promote birth?
pitocin will promote contractions. the baby typically produces the oxytocin once it is mature enough.

a man had a stroke. he is struggling to speak clearly and has lost some motor control. explain what region of the brain has been damaged.
his broker’s area has been damaged, causing him to not speak clearly. his frontal lobe has also been damaged, causing his loss of motor control.

why does it take a long time for us to calm down after we are scared?
the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system increases the intensity of activities including excitement, emergency, and embarrassment. sympathetic activates adrenaline which takes time to calm down.

is the brain tumor more likely to have developed from the non-mitotic nerve tissue or the mitotic neuroglia cells?
the tumor probably developed from the mitotic neuroglia cells because mitosis causes the cells to regenerate which can make them build up and develop a tumor.

identify the division of the autonomic nervous system that is affected by anesthesia and explain.
the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system is affected because it controls defecation and water balance in the body.

Pete is very short for his chronological age of 8. What physical features will allow you to determine quickly whether to check GH o thyroxine levels? Pituitary dwarfs who secrete inadequate amounts of GH have fairly normal proportions; cretins (hypothyroid …

List five major functions of blood. 1. Transportation of dissolved gases, nutrients, hormones, and metabolic wastes 2. Regulation of the pH and ion composition of interstitial fluids 3. Restriction of fluid losses at injury sites 4. Defense against toxins and …

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what is another name for deoxygenated blood? pulmonary (r) circuit (>D2 ARTERIOLES (oxygenated blood) -> CAPILLARIES (exchange of gas) -> VENULES (deoxygenated blood) -> VEINS (to) name the 2 semilunar valves and 2 atrioventricular valve. -tricuspid valve, -bicuspid/mitral valve, -pulmonary …

B, C, D Which of the following is true of skeletal muscle? a) skeletal muscle comprises 10% of the body’s weight. b) skeletal muscle attaches to bones by tendons. c) muscle contraction helps keep the body warm. d) skeletal muscles …

Furosemide Antihypertensive Loop Diuretic; acts on the co-transporter in the thick ascending portion of the loop of Henle Competitive inhibitor of the co-trasporter, which prevents reabsorption of Na+, Because the Na+ is not being reabsorbed into the blood; water is …

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