chicken pox/shingles

human herpesvirus 3 (varicella-zoster virus)
-icosahedral, enveloped, DNA virus
related to herpes simplex virus and Epstein-Barr virus
latent virus in the nerve cells – does not cross the midline, follows a nerve path

pathogenesis – 1st wave
infection begins in mucous membrane of respiratory tract
then spreads to liver, spleen, and lymph nodes via blood and lymph

pathogenesis – 2nd wave
2 weeks later
spreads via blood throughout body and to skin
infects cells of dermis (producing rash)

through respiratory droplets
fluid in lesions (direct contact)
dry crusts are not infective
virus becomes latent in nerve ganglia and can reactivate in adults (shingles occurs in band of skin innervated by infected nerve)

sings and symptoms – chicken pox
highly infectious
2-3 weeks after infection slight fever and characteristic skin lesions on back and trunk, then spread to face, neck and limbs

severe cases of pox lesions
spread into mouth, pharynx, vagina

pox lesions
being as macules
progress in 1-2 days to papules
then become thin-walled, fluid-filled vesicles on red bases
(teardrops on rose petals)
vesicles turn cloudy dry up and crust over
more lesions over 3-5 day period
not life threatening, but may be to newborns

shingles signs and symptoms
virus is latent in sensory nerves
stress, aging, or immune suppression cause virus to reactivate in 15-20% of individuals
extremely painful skin rash near distal end of nerve

shingles lesions
localized on same side of body as nerve
extremely painful
may affect eye (temp vision problems), ear (hearing loss), or other part of head (paralysis of face)
scabs falls off
most have no further symptoms but pain may remain months to years after lesions heal

pox epidemiology
most seen in children but more severe in adults because of developed immune system

shingles epidemiology
15-20% of those who had chicken pox develop shingles usually after age 45
4% develop second case of shingles
shingles can spread virus to person who has never had chickenpox

pox diagnosis
characteristic appearance of lesions
antibody test available

shingles diagnosis
more difficult
localized lesions withint band of skin on one side of body
antibody test available

pox treatment
no treatment required
relief – acetominophen & antihistamines
do not geve aspirin to children (Reye’s syndrome)

shingles treatment
manage symptoms and bedrest
loose fitting clothes and non adherent dressings
acyclovir provides relief

pox prevention
difficult to prevent exposure to virus (carriers)

attenuated vaccine protects against chickenpox and shingles
12-18 months old and again before starting school, makes you less likely to develop shingles later in life

more potent form of live chickenpox vaccine
for people 19-49 years old to prevent shingles in those who had chickenpox as children

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Description Shingles is the painful inflammation of the nerve ganglia. The eruption of the skin forms a girdle around the middle of the body. The disease is also the same virus that causes the chicken pox. Statistics and Facts 1. …

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