Chapter 7 Pharmacology Workbook

Drug concentrations and their effect on the body.

Complementary health practices
Combine traditional beliefs and mainstream health practices

The effect of a drug that varies from the predicted response due to genetic factors.

Study of drug responses unique to an individual due to social, cultural and biological phenomena.

Traditional health practices
Include the use of teas, herbs, spices, and special foods.

Drug concentrations and their effects on the body.

Giger & Davidhizar’s Transcultural Assessment: 6 phenomena
1. communication
2. space
3. social organization
4. time
5. environmental control
6. biologic variations

Which statement reflects the physiologic response of African-American individuals to medications?
They are less responsive to beta blockers than are European Americans and Hispanics.

Many cultural groups have lactose intolerance. What would the nurse assess in a client experiencing this alteration?

What communication action is part of the dominant culture in America?
maintenance of eye contact

A client, age 22 years, is from the Caribbean. She is 6 months pregnant. At her parents’ request, she eats red clay to provide minerals for the fetus, a practice she intends to continue. What would be the best action by the nurse?
Determine the amount of clay she eats daily

A client is newly diagnosed with diabetes and is taking an oral hypoglycemic. His healer has recommended that he drink Sabila tea three times a day to improve his nutriton. What would be the nurse’s best action?
encourage him to drink the tea, but also be sure he continues taking his oral hypoglycemic medication.

Which factors may affect clients’ physiologic responses to medications?
1. poverty
2. trust in health care provider
3. access to health care

If the parents of a Chinese girl do not make eye contact wit the nurse, how should the nurse interpret the behavior?
They are demonstrating respect to someone considered knowledgeable.

The parents of a Chinese girl have been giving their daughter a tablespoon of erythromycin each time instead of a teaspoon. How much more erythromycin was the child receiving than prescribed?
3 times the prescribed dosage.

What should concern the nurse about this practice?
The nurse should be very concerned because the client is being overdosed and it may cause liver impairment.

How might the use of a tablespoon versus a teaspoon have been prevented?
1. by giving the parents a teaspoon
2. by having the parents demonstrate giving the correct dosage
3. by having a translator present to provide information

If the parents speak only in the present tense, how will this affect the nursing care and discharge teaching?
The nurse must realize that the parents may discontinue the medication once the child feels better.

If the nurse needs an interpreter, who would be the “ideal” interpreter?
a health care provider who speaks the client’s language

The nurse is performing a health assessment on a newly admitted client who is of African descent. The client looks at the floor whenever the nurse asks a question. Communication is enhanced when the nurse does which action?
uses eye contact sparingly

The nurse has been measuring the blood pressure of an African-American client every 4 ours for the past 3 days in a hospital setting. The blood pressure is consistently 140/90. The client has been compliant with the anti-hypertensive drug therapy while hospitalized. The nurse will initially perform which action?
Inform the prescriber that the antihypertensive drug therapy isn’t working.

A male nurse has been assigned to care for a young married woman who practices Islam. It is important that the nurse perform which action?
delegate nursing care that involves touching to a female member of the nursing team whenever appropriate

A nurse is teaching a 16 year old female client about a newly prescribed medication. The client is bilingual in Spanish and English. Which behavior best indicates the client’s understanding of the instructions?
the client repeats the nurse’s instructions to hear mother who is present during the reaching.

An Asian is being treated in the emergency department for a fractured right ankle. The physician has ordered codeine for complaints of pain. The client denies any allergies. The nurse would anticipate that after administration of the codeine, the client will experience what response?
Little relief of the pain

A Native American client is newly diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 2 and is prescribed the antidiabetic drug metaformin (Glucophage) 500 mg PO with morning and evening meals. Which statement best indicated to the nurse the the client will adhere to the pharmacotherapy?
“I need to take the medicine as scheduled to reduce the possibility of damage to my body.”

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