Chapter 7 Glacier Valley Landforms

A bowl shaped depression located at the head of a valley glacier.(formed by erosion)

A jagged, narrow ridge that separates two adjacent glacier valleys or cirques.

hanging valley
A valley left by a melted tributary glacier that enters a larger glacial valley above its base, enters glacial valley high up on the valley wall.

glacial tarn
– is a mountain lake or pool, formed in a cirque excavated by a glacier

A pointed, mountain peak, typically pyramidal in shape, bounded by the walls of three or more cirques.

Example of a horn in the Swiss alps. The most famous mountain in the Alps

U Shaped Valley
previously a V shaped valley eroded by a glacier giving it a more round shape thus a “U”

A mound, ridge, or distinct accumulation of glacial till. A layer of stuff dropped off by a glacier when ice melts away.

toward the outside (adj)

near the middle (adj)

final (adj)

zone of accumulation
at the head of a glacier, the area where snow and ice build up in thickness and mass

snow line
the line on a mountain above which there is perpetual snow and ice

zone of ablation
the area where snow and ice are lost by a glacier either by sublimation or by melting and forming streams

steep hole in a glacier formed by running water in the summer. water flows to the base of a glacier lubricating movement

Buried snow compacted by moving glaciers– compressed and recrystallized, rough and granular

glacial ice
very dense ice in a glacier found at its base often bluish in color

the grinding away of rock by rock carried by water, ice, or gravity

The building blocks of glaciers. As more and more snow falls and condenses, it forms firn.

Forming or depositing in layers snow in glaciers sediments in sedimentary rock

one layer in a stratified sequence

glacial trough
U shaped valley formed by a glacier gouging and abrading the steep walls of a former V shaped mountain stream channel

pater noster lakes
a chain of small lakes in a glacial trough that occupy basins created by glacial erosion They look like Rosary beads connected by small streams

ice age
any period of time during which glaciers covered a large part of the earth’s surface

inter glacial
A period of time where glaciers retreat and temperature of the Earth warms

valley glacier
A glacier that flows for all or most of its length within the walls of a mountain valley. Also called an Alpine Glacier or a Mountain Glacier.

ice sheet
a very large, thick mass of glacial ice flowing outward in all directions from one or more accumulation center(s)

continental glacier
synonymous with ice sheet Antarctica and Greenland are covered with continental ice/ice sheets

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