Chapter 5 Quiz

All of the following are associated with the mission of modern hospitals EXCEPT
care of patients with long term residential needs.

The elements of the health care system are patient, institution, and

Who is at the center of the “ideal caring situation”?

Which country spends more on health than any other industrialized country?
United States

The “principle of symmetry” advocated by Daniel Callahan states that a technology should be judged by a balance between the
extension and saving of life and the quality of life.

According to Greek legend, the first physician was

Surveys indicate that most people diagnosed with a life-threatening illness
want to be told.

In Candace West’s study of how doctors and patients relate to each other, all of the following were true EXCEPT
patients want to talk about “the cure.”

In achieving clear communication, what is referred to as proxemics?
Space and time

Regarding hospice and palliative care, what are the 3 C’s of high-quality care?
Competent, compassionate, coordinated

What are Diakonia, Metanoia, and Kairos?
Concepts that form a basis for hospice care

All of the following are features of St. Christopher’s hospice EXCEPT
pets are forbidden

In what year was the first civilian helicopter medevac program established?

The roots of modern emergency and trauma care can be traced back to
the Civil War.

The purpose of the triage system is to
reduce the time between injury and care.

What do experts in trauma and emergency care call the first hour after serious injury?
The Golden Hour

More important than who is the death notifier, is how, when, and

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) refers to
intervention following traumatic events.

What is the purpose of post-trauma defusing?
To assure people involved that their feelings are normal

Feelings of inadequacy, nonreciprocal giving, and too many demands are among the main sources o
caregiver stress.

A 38-year-old male with a history of schizophrenia is reported by neighbors to be screaming and throwing things in his house. You are familiar with the patient and have cared for him in the past for unrelated problems. Law enforcement …

1. ____________ is what you can see of a person’s response to the environment. A. Affect B. Behavior C. Neurosis D. Psychosis Answer: B Question Type: General Knowledge Page: 702 2. The term “behavioral crisis” is MOST accurately defined as: …

You receive a call for a domestic dispute. When you arrive at the scene, you find a young male standing on the front porch of his house. You notice that an adjacent window is broken. The patient has a large …

Minimum staffing in the patient compartment of a basic life support (BLS) ambulance includes: Choose one answer. A. at least one EMT. B. an EMT and an AEMT. C. an EMT and a paramedic. D. at least two EMTs. A …

Q24 – You have been called by a family for their mother, who is “not acting right”. On scene you find the 69 year old woman to be confused and seemingly slow in talking. her airway is open and respirations …

What is true concerning operation in a restricted area? Permission must be obtained from the controlling agency before operating in a non-active restricted area. Under what conditions can an aircraft be operated after an Airworthiness Directive has been issued for …

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