Chapter 4 nursing process and critical thinking

nursing process
Assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation

nursing process
tool for identifying patients problems or potential problems and an organized method for meeting patients needs.

collecting, organizing, documenting, and validating a patients health data; patient, family, physicican, medical records, diagnostic tests, other health care professionals; look at everything provided to you

Nursing diagnosis
sorting and analyzing the assessment data to identify potential health problems; problems identified during the process are specific nursing diagnoses

nursing diagnosis
DX prioritized and entered into nursing care plan; only RNs are to develop nursing dx; LVNs use the nursing DX and interventions planned by the RN to provide patient care

series of steps in which the nurse and patient set priorities and goals to eliminate diminish or control identified problems; goals should be stated with specific outcomes

nurse and patient collaborate to choose specific interventions to enable the patient to meet the specific outcomes listed in the plan of care; don’t need physician approval for nursing goals; all goals need a set time to be done by

carrying out nursing interventions prioritized during the planning process; some interventions may be delegated or carried out by other members of the health care team

the patients response to the interventions; responses compared with expected outcomes to evaluate whether outcomes have been met; nursing care of plan may need to be changed

anything you can do for a patent as a nurse

critical thinking
directed, purposeful, mental activity by which you evaluate ideas, construct plans, and determine desired outcomes; Necessary to think critically to use the nursing process successfully

critical thinking
problem solving and decision making

problem solving steps
first define the problem, second consider all possible alternatives as solutions, third consider outcomes for each alternative, fourth predict likelihood of each outcome occurring, finally choose alternative with best change of success and fewest undesirable outcomes

problem solving 1
define the problem

problem solving 2
consider all possible alternatives as solutions

problem solving 3
consider outcomes for each alternative

problem solving 4
predict likelihood of each outcome

problem solving 5
choose alternative with best change of success and fewest undesirable outcomes

skills for critical thinking
effective reading, effective writing, attentive listening, effective communication;

Concept mapping
helps students learn to synthesize pertinent assessment data, develop comprehensive care plans, link nursing interventions with heal problems and nursing diagnoses, and effectively implement care plan.

concept mapping
will help you gather data in a logical manner and then group those data in a meaningful way

involves placing nursing diagnoses or nursing interventions in order of importance.

high priority
life threatening problems

medium priority
problems that threaten health or coping ability

low priority
problems that do not have a major effect on the person if not attended to that day or week

critical thinking priorities
priorities change as patient conditions change; you must consider what will happen if the task is not done on time

Maintain workload
constantly changing because patient needs and conditions change frequently; need to be flexible and must frequently reorder your tasks. reconsider your work organization plan at least every 2 hours during your shift, reprioritizing as needed. know when to ask for help and delegate tasks

critical thinking skills
with these skills you can weigh many factors and skillfully solve problems, making good decisions a majority of the time

Is a way of thinking and acting based on the scientific method: nursing process The nursing process is a way of thinking and acting based on: scientific method WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR …

Critical thinking Directed, purposeful mental activity by which ideas are created and evaluated, plans are constructed, and desired outcomes ate are decided Outcomes Result of actions WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR …

the nursing process a way of thinking and acting based on scientific method; used as a tool to identify pts. problems and an organized method to meet pts. needs scientific method a step by step process with observable results used …

critical thinking “…the process of questioning, analysis, synthesis, interpretation, inference, inductive and deductive reasoning, intuition, application, and creativity [and]…underlies independent and interdependent decision making” (AACN, 2008, p. 36; as cited in EKU BSN Student Handbook). nursing process “…a problem solving …

Actual nursing diagnosis Statement describing human responses that have been validated by the nurse. Assessment First step of the nursing process; the orderly collection of objective and subjective data on the patient’s health status. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY …

Critical thinker Raises questions/problems and formulates them clearly and precisely ◦Gathers and assesses relevant information ◦Arrives at conclusions and solutions that are well-reasoned and tests them against relevant standards ◦Is open-minded and recognizes alternative views ◦Communicates effectively about solutions to …

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