Chapter 34 Jeopardy

Franklin Roosevelt’s _______________ contributed the most to his development of compassion and strength of will.
affliction with infantile paralysis

The most vigorous “champion of the dispossessed”—that is, the poor and minorities—in Roosevelt administration circles was
Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Democratic party platform on which Franklin Roosevelt campaigned for the presidency in 1932 called for
a balanced budget.

In 1932 Franklin Roosevelt campaigned on the promise that as president he would attack the Great Depression by
experimenting with bold new programs for economic and social reform.

The phrase “Hundred Days” refers to
the first months of Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency.

One striking new feature of the 1932 presidential election results was that
African Americans shifted from their Republican allegiance and became a vital element in the Democratic party.

When Franklin Roosevelt assumed the presidency in March 1933,
he received unprecedented congressional support.

The Works Progress Administration was a major _______________ program of the New Deal; the Public Works Administration was a long-range __________ program; and the Social Security Act was a major _______________ program.
relief; recovery; reform

The _______________ was probably the most popular New Deal program; the _______________ was one of the most complex; and the _______________ was the most radical.
Civilian Conservation Corps; National Recovery Act; Tennessee Valley Authority

Match each New Deal critic below with the “cause” or slogan that he promoted. A. Father Coughlin B. Huey Long C. Francis Townsend D. Herbert Hoover 1. “social justice” 2. “every man a king” 3. “a holy crusade for liberty” 4. old-age pensions
A-l, B-2, C-4, D-3 (A)

Senator Huey P. Long of Louisiana gained national popularity by
promising to give every family $5,000.

Match each New Dealer below with the federal agency or program with which he or she was closely identified. A. Robert Wagner B. Harry Hopkins C. Harold Ickes D. Frances Perkins 1. Department of Labor 2. Public Works Administration. 3. Works Progress Administration 4. National Labor Relations Act
A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1 (B)

The Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) proposed to solve the “farm problem” by
reducing agricultural production.

All of the following contributed to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s except
farmers’ failure to use steam tractors and other modern equipment.

In 1935, President Roosevelt set up the Resettlement Administration to
help farmers who were victims of the Dust Bowl move to better land.

Most Dust Bowl migrants headed to

Most “Okies” in California escaped the deprivation and uncertainty of seasonal farm labor when they
found jobs in defense industries during World War II.

The federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority was seen as a particular threat to
the private electrical utility industry.

The strongest criticisms leveled against the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) drew criticism was that it
represented the first stage of “creeping socialism.”

The most controversial aspect of the Tennessee Valley Authority was its efforts in
electrical power.

The Social Security Act of 1935 provided all of the following except
health care for the poor.

The primary interest of the Congress of Industrial Organizations was
the organization of all workers within an industry.

President Roosevelt’s “Court-packing” scheme in 1937 reflected his desire to make the Supreme Court
more sympathetic to New Deal programs.

During the 1930s,
the national debt doubled.

By 1938, the New Deal
had lost most of its momentum.

Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was most notable for
providing moderate social reform without radical revolution or reactionary fascism.

While Franklin Roosevelt waited to assume the presidency in early 1933, Herbert Hoover tried to get the president-elect to commit to
a policy of not offering direct welfare to the unemployed.

The Glass-Steagall Act
empowered President Roosevelt to close all banks temporarily.

The most immediate emergency facing Franklin Roosevelt when he became president in March 1933 was
the need to silence demagogic rabble-rousers such as Huey Long.

President Roosevelt’s chief “administrator of relief” was
Harold Ickes.

Prominent female social scientists of the 1930s like Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead brought widespread contributions to the field of
political science.

On the following, the one least related to the other three is
hydroelectric power.

The National Labor Relations Act proved most beneficial to

The 1936 election was most notable for
a strong third-party effort by the American Liberty League.

The Democratic party platform on which Franklin Roosevelt campaigned for the presidency in 1932 called for A balanced budget The Works Progress Administration was a major ____________________ program of the New Deal; the Public Works Administration was a long-range ____________________ …

Wagner Act This bill was signed into law by president Franklin Roosevelt on July 5,1935. It established the national labor relations board and addressed relations between unions and employers in the private sector Social Security Act A law enacted by …

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