Chapter 31 pretest

Which of the following descriptions BEST characterizes deep​ frostbite?
The tissue becomes frozen.

Which of the following combinations of findings makes a patient with a potential​ with a related emergency the HIGHEST priority for​ transport?
Hot skin and altered mental status.

Your unresponsive patient was injured in a boating accident. Rescuers have just removed the patient from the water. Which of the following should be your FIRST​action?
Cervical spine protection while beginning the primary assessment.

Which of the following is the HIGHEST priority in managing a patient with a​ heat-related emergency?
Move the patient to a cool environment.

Which of the following factors is MOST likely to increase a​ person’s risk of hypothermia?
The use of certain drugs.

When performing active​ rewarming,
Not delay transport.

Which of the following occurs when the body perspires or gets​ wet?

During an environmental​ emergency, patients who are under the influence of alcohol:
Tend to be affected more rapidly and severely.

A​ 38-year-old male is in the water and requires rescue. Which of the following would be BEST to extend to him to pull him to​ safety?

What is typically the GREATEST source of heat for the​ body?

At what body temperature does shivering typically​ occur?
Around 96 degrees Fahrenheit

Which of the following statements is TRUE about insect bites and​ stings?
Most insect bites and stings are considered minor unless a patient has an

allergic reaction.

What of the following is the LEAST severe form of​ heat-related injury?
Heat Cramps.

Which of the following is a type of poisonous snake in the United​ States?

What is the term for a disruption in the​ body’s normal physiological processes
from some element in the​ patient’s natural surroundings?
Environmental Emergency

Which of the following signs is a characteristic of early or superficial​ frostbite?
The skin changing color and feeling numb to the patient.

You may encounter airway resistance as you ventilate a drowning victim. This
means​ that:
The patient is difficult to ventilate with the BVM.

Which of the following CANNOT be provided effectively while a drowning victim is still in the​ water?
Chest compression’s.

If you must try to pull a victim in the water to safety with your​ hand, how should be​ positioned?
On your stomach.

Which of the following is often a precipitating factor in adolescent and adult​ drowning?
Drug or alcohol use.

Which of the following patients will show the effects of a heat or cold emergency sooner than most other​ patients?
A chronically ill patient.

Which of the following interventions is indicated for all hypothermic​
Passive rewarming.

Which of the following is a sign of severe​ hypothermia?
Absence of shivering.

A man is spending a day fishing in an area where temperatures are over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Which of the following conditions would be MOST l ikely to increase his risk of a​ heat-related emergency?
Having a few beers while fishing.

You are caring for a hypothermic patient who was found outdoors. Once you have determined the scene is​ safe, which of the following is your?
Getting the patient out of the cold environment.

By which of the following mechanisms can the body lose​ body heat?
Evaporation of perspiration.

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