Chapter 31: Assisting in a Medical Experiment

the best way to prevent an emergency is to
know your patient

most medical emergencies occur because a person is
under stress

what member of the dental team is ultimately responsible for a patients safety in the dental office

what members of the dental team would most likely be in charge of calling emergency medical services
business assistant

emergency phone numbers should be kept where
next to each other

what minimum credentials must a dental assistant have to meet emergency care standards
CPR and Heimlich certification

in emergency care, the acronym CAB represents
chest compression’s, airway, breathing

what is the ratio of breaths to compression’s when CPR is performed on an adult
30 compression’s/2 breaths

the drug most commonly used in medical emergncy

in emergency care, the acronym AED represnts
automated external defibrillator

what does the AED provide to the heart
jolt of an electrical current

if a patient tells you how he or she is feeling, the patient is referring to a

when a patient is not responsive to sensory stimulation, he or she is said to be

what is the medical term for fainiting

the medical term for chest pain is

the medical term for a stroke is
cerebrovascular accident

the medication a patient with asthma would most commonly have with them is
a bronchodilator

what kind of allergic response could be life threating

an abnormal increase of glucose in the blood can cause

the universal sign for someone choking is
turning blue

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