Chapter 3 Pharmacology Test

The main part of word that gives the word its central meaning

The structure at the beginning of the word that modifies the meaning of the root

A word ending that modifies the meaning of the root

Chemical name
Describes the chemical makeup of a drug

Generic name
This is also called approved name or nonproprietary name

Proprietary name
Also called brand or trade name

Sources of drug derivation
Plants, animals (including humans) minerals or minerals products, synthetics, (chemical substances), and engineered investigational sources

Blackbox warning
The most severe warning from the FDA about a drug. This alerts all healthcare providers and patients about potentially harmful adverse effects of the drug.

Prescription drugs
Issued by a licensed prescriber (medical practitioner dentist a veterinary surgeon ) in some states nurse practitioners and even pharmacist can write prescriptions with certain restrictions

Also known as medication prescribed

Also known as RX symbol

Dispensing directions to pharmacist

Directions for the patient

Standing orders
Written orders sometimes left by physicians as ongoing prescriptions in a hospital nursing home or residential care setting

Solid forms
Tablets, capsules, powders; disintegration of the solid-dose form must occur before dissolution, a process by which a drug goes into a solution and becomes available for absorption

Liquid forms
Solutions,suspensions, elixirs; more rapidly available for G.I. absorption then those in solid form

Powdered drugs mixed with liquids and rolled into a round or oval-shape

Powdered drugs compressed with bulk-filling materials under high-pressure

Drugs contained in an external shell

Sustained-release tablets and capsules
Containing several doses of the drug with special coatings that dissolve at different rates thereby releasing the drug gradually

Entric-coded tablets and capsules
Covered by a special coating that keeps the drugs from dissolving in the stomach

Drugs shaped like capsules but in the form of tablets with film coatings

Oil-based medications enclosed in soft gelatin capsules

Drugs that are dried and ground into fine particles

Small pills accompanied by many others. Encased within gelatin capsules

Troches or lozenges
Flattened discs placed on the tongue or between the cheek and gum and left in place until they dissolve

Topical drugs
Applied to the skin usually providing a local effect include transdermal patches lotions ointments and liniments

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