Chapter 3 Brain, Body, and Behavior

Cerebral Cortex
The outermost layer of the brain
-Controls high-level thinking mental process such as thought

What sides of the brain control what sides of the body?
Right side of brain –> left side of body
Left side of brain –> right side of body

What is the depression between the hemispheres called?
the fissure

What connects the two hemispheres?
the corpus callosum

Parietal Lobe
division of the cerebral cortex that contains the sensory strip

Temporal Lobe
division of the cerebral cortex responsible for hearing and some speech function

Occipital Lobe
division of the cerebral cortex that interprets visual information.

Sensory Strip
A band running down the side of the parental lobe that registers and provides all sensations.

Motor Strip
a band running down the side of the frontal lobe that functions body movement.

Prefrontal Area
part of the frontal lobe that enables us to re-experience personal past events

Frontal lobe
associates mental conditions, personality, and complex thoughts (heavy packed)
-division of the cerebral cortex that contains the motor strip, prefrontal area, and the frontal association area.

Corpus Callosum
a large bundle of nerve fibers that transfer info from one half of the cerebral cortex to the other.

Left Brain
speech, language, logic, writting

right brain
spatial reasoning, art, music, emotion.

What is the main difference between the cerebral cortex and the lower brain?
-the cerebral cortex is more complex thoughts
-the lower brain has easier functions such as breathing

-lower brain
-limbric system structure that is involved with emotion, especially aggression

-lower brain
-coordinates and organizes bodily movements for balance and accuracy

-lower brain
-limbric system structure involved in forming memories

-lower brain
-regulates basic needs (hunger and thirst) and emotions such as pleasure fear, rage and sexuality

-lower brain
-the master gland; it activates other glands and controls the growth of hormones

Reticular Activating System (RAS)
-the alertness control center of the brain that regulates the activity level of the brain; also called the reticular formation (sleep and alert)

-lower brain
-functions primarily as a central relay station for incoming and out going messages from the body to the brain and the brain to the body.

a nerve cell; transmit electrical information.

Function of the Axon
part of the neuron that carries messages away from the cell to the dendrites on another neuron.

Function of a Dendrite
part of the neuron that recieves information from the axon of other neurons

the junction point of two or more neurons; a conection ismade by a neurotransmitter

chemicals in the endings of neurons that send information across the synapes

Function and location of vesicles
bubble-like containers of neurotransmitters; located at the ends of neurons

What effect do acetylcholine, dopamine, and endorphines have on the body?
how you move the “control” of the move, and the pain or sensation of the move

What makes up the central nervous system?
the brain and the spinal cord

how does the spinal cord serve as a relay station?
functions as an autonomic “brain” in its own right and as a relay station for impulses to and from the higher brain.

What is the role of the spinal cord during a reflex?
the movement or”reflex” that is activated or traveled through the spinal cord (with out of higher brain)

Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
all of the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord

Somatic Nervous System
a division of the peripheral nervous system containing sensory and motor nerves

Autonomic Nervous System
the autonomic nervous system ofthe body regulates breathing, heart rate, digestion, ect.

Sympathetic Nervous System
a division of the autonomic nervous system that energizes and prepares for emergencies

Parasympathetic Nervous System
a division of the autonomic nervous system that conserves bodily activity; works in opposite of the sympathetic nervous system (calms you down)

chemical regulator that control bodily processes such as emotional responces, growth, and sexuality.

Where are hormones held before being release?
in a gland

Where are hormones released?
into the bloodstream.

Thyroid Gland
controls and regulates the speed of bodily process, called metabolism

adrenal gland
causes excitement in order to prepare the body for an emergency or for some important activity.

the sex gland; they make sperm or eggs for reproduction

male sex hormone

female sex hormone

the study of bumps on the heads as they relate to personality and mental abilities.

Synaptic Gap Neurons do not touch each other, therefore this is how information is passed from one neuron to the next Myelin Sheath The speed at which a neural impulse travels is increased when the axon is encased by this …

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