Chapter 25 – Great Depression

What occurred on “Black Tuesday”?
A stock market crash wipe all the gains of the previous year

The Wall Street crash
Marked the beginning of the depression, but did not cause it

All of the following were causes of the Great Depression except
A drop in agricultural production in the mid-1920s

In the early years of the Depression
Foreign markets for American goods shrank

And early result of the 1929 stock market crash was
A large decrease in American investments in Europe

The depression was prolonged when
The Federal Reserve Board restricted the nation’s money supply

In the first years of the depression, personal income
Dropped by more than half

What were Hoovervilles?
They were squalid collections of shacks where the homeless of America cities lives

In what year was unemployment the highest

Which statement about women during the depression is not true
Firing women usually opened up more job opportunities for men

The Great Depression affected Germany and all of the following ways except
It slowed the rise of Adolf Hitler to power

Most countries responded to the international crisis of the great depression with
Policies that hindered international trade

Social effects of the depression included all of the following except
Higher divorce rates

Which statement about conditions for African-Americans during the depression is true
Blacks were generally the first workers to be fired and the last to be hired

During the depression, Hispanic Americans
Lost many jobs due to prejudice against them

Which statement best summarizes protest movement, in the early years of the depression
Protesters came from a vast range of social, political, and economic interests

One of Herbert Hoover’s few relief measures was the creation of the
Reconstruction Finance Corporation

The Bonus Army
Was dispersed by troops under the command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Franklin Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover in 1932 for all of the following reasons except
Roosevelt had announced the specifics of his New Deal package of legislation

“The 100 Days” refers to
The active first three months of FDR’s first term of office

Franklin Roosevelt’s first goal as president was to
Strengthen the faltering bank industry

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration
Furnished funds to local and state governments

The Securities and Exchange Commission was created to regulate
The stock market

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