Chapter 22-23 Questions: U.S History

What was the first major action Rooseelt took as president?
Declared a Bank Holiday

Which of the following was a goal of the New Deal?
regulate the stock market

Which of the following was most directly responsible for creating new jobs
Works Progress Administration

What was the main objective of the Agricultural Adjustment Act?
to raise prices on farm goods

Which of the following new Deal pieces of legislation was declared unconstitutional?
National Industrial Recovery Act

Which of the following increased in the 1920s
farmer debt’s

Which of the following was not a cause of the Great Depressions
-tariffs on foreign goods
– the availability of easy credit
– a crisis in the farm sector
– a growing number of homeless people?

Which was not cause of the dust bowl
– high winds
– overprodction of crops
– thick layers of prairine grass?

After the stock market crash, how did Hoover try to help the economy
By asking business not to lay off employees

Who made up the Bonus Army?
WWI Veteran and their families

What does buying stock on margin mean?
Borrowing money to help pay for their stock

Which of the following was not an effect of the Great Depression
– many children had poor diets
– many families became homeless
– many men became unemployed
-many people started farming?

Which of the following describes a government system for giving payments or food to the poor?
-rugged individualism
– direct relief ?
– bonus army
– price support

who were least likely to be part of the New Deal coalition?
Southern Republicans

By decreasing farm surpluses, New Deal policies helped to
Rise the price of farm goods

Who claimed the New Deal policies were inadequate and proposed a program share our wealth
Huey Long

the federal emergency Relief Administration was most helpful to
The unemployed,aged , and the ill

Who helped organize the “black cabinet
Mary McLeod Bethune

The SCOTUS ruled this was unconstitutional on the grounds that its provisions were local matter
Agricultural Adjustment Act

What New Deal policy had the greatest long term impact on the American Economy
Social Security

This program reflected Roosevelt’s concern for the natural environment?
Civilian Conservation Crops

In calling shantytowns “Hoovervilles” people conveyed their
Disgust with Hoover

The aim of the Federal Home Loan Bank Act was
Prevent farmers and homeowners from losing their property

An example of the psychological stress caused by the Gd was the rise in the number of
People who committed suicide

Herbert Hoover’s approach to the Great Depression was based on a belief in
Voluntary cooperation

During the Great Depression the overall unemployment rate was

One long range effect of the Great Depression was that many people
Developed habits of thriftiness and saving

Within a few years, the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act led to
a dramatic drops in the world wide

All of the following were important cause of the Great Depression except
Tariffs on foreign imports were lowered

Causes of the farming crisis of the 1920s included the fact that
Demand for crops fell after WWI

This required corporations to provide complete, truthful information on stock offerings
Federal Securities Act

monitored the stock market and enforced laws regarding the sales of stock and bonds
Securities and exchange Commission

Set a national minimum wage and prohibited factory labor of children under 16
Fair Labor Standards Act

This rebuilt dams and provided hydroelectric power to an impoverished region
Tennessee Valley Authority

protected the rights of workers to join unions and established the NLRB to settle disputes
Wagner Act

provided for bank inspections and a means for making federal loan to solid banks
Emergency Banking Relief Act

Provided a pension for retired workers, spouses, disabled, elderly and single mothers
Social Security Act

put hundreds of thousands of young men to work building roads, parks, planting trees etc
Civilian Conservation Crops

Created through the Glass Steagall Act, originally protected up to $5000 of a bank account
Feral Deposit Insurance Corporation

Created jobs in the construct of airports, libraries, etc
Works Progress Administration

Established the FDIC
Glass-Stegall Banking Act

Provided direct relief in the form of food and clothing to the neediest people
Federal Emergency Relief Administration

Created jobs building dams and flood control projects

paid farmers to lower production with the goal of raising crop prices and farm income

put 3 millions young men to work building roads and helping with soil erosion

Required corporations to provide complete information on all stock offerings
Federal Securities Act

Authorized the Treasury Department to inspect banks and close those that were unsound
Emergency Banking Relief Act

Created an admin that set fair prices and established labor standards
National Industrial Recovery Act

provides and old age insurance program
Social Security Act

provides for unemployment compensation
Social Securities Act

provides programs that aid needy families with children and the disabled
Social Security Act

created under the Wagner Act continues to act as a mediator between management and labor
National Labor Relation Board

continues to monitor the stock market and enforce laws regarding the sales of stocks and bonds
Securities and Exchange Commission

Six causes of Great Depression 1- Overproduction-too many goods,(agriculture), too few buyers. 2-Banking failure-system weakness. 3-Stock Market crash. 4-Consumer debt-Installment buying,(buying on credit/margin). 5-Speculation-Federal Government Regulation(businesses expanded expecting profit) 6- Low Wages(paychecks) not keeping up with cost of living. Short …

3 Acts of Hoover Emergency Relief and Construction Act, Agricultural Marketing Act, Reconstruction Finance Corporation Emergency Relief and Construction Act 1932. “Purchasing on the margin”= borrowing. Large public works projects funded (Hoover dam). It was a way for the federal …

Farmer’s debt did what during the 1920s? it increased The following were causes of the Great Depression: tariffs on foreign goods, the availability of easy credit, and a crisis in the farm sector WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE …

Define Huey P. Long’s “share our wealth” program. Everyone in America should have the opportunity to share the wealth of America What did the Emergency Banking Act allow the government to do? Gave the government the power to investigate banks …

Franklin Delano Roosevelt US president in 1932 and pledged the New Deal to help American society Brain Trust nickname given by the press to a diverse group of men and woman whom Roosevelt sought out to help him with the …

Emergency Banking Relief Act Purpose: authorized the Treasury Department to inspect and close banks. Goal: to restore public confidence in banks. Glass-Steagall Banking Act of 1933 Purpose: established FDIC Goal: to restore public confidence in banks WE WILL WRITE A …

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