Chapter 21-25 Review

The medical term meaning transmission of ECG signals via radio waves is …

On an ECG tracing, an indication of the absence of electrical charge it activity represents …

A beat arising from a focus outside the SA node of the heart is known as …
Ectopic Beat

Which of the following is the epicardium?
Outermost layer of the heart

The sudden rush of blood pushed into the ventricles as a result of atrial contraction is known as …
Atrial Kick

The U Wave represents …
Repolarization of the Purkinje Fibers

Which of the following is not necessary in administering an ECG?
Sterilizing the leads

Which type of lead is lead III?
Bipolar lead

Which of the following is represented by the Q-T interval?
One ventricular contraction and recovery (repolarization)

Leads aVR, aVL, and aVF are …
Augmented leads

Successful depolarization of the atria or ventricles by a artificial pacemaker is called …

All of the following are causes of artifacts except …
Clean sensors

Augmented leads are also called …
Unipolar leads

The QRS complex represents …
Contraction of the ventricles

The coronary sinus empties into the …
Right atrium

The medical term meaning a falling or drooping of the heart is …

Which of the following is the measurement of the atrial rate on the ECG tracing?
The P waves

Lead II is a(n) …
Bipolar limb lead

The hearts conduction system is measured by which of the following?
Exercise Electrocardiography

Which of the patient’s limbs serves as an electrical ground?
Right leg

Depolarization of fast cells is dependent on which of the following electrolytes?

Which of the following devices may deliver a small amount of electrical energy to cause myocardial depolarization?
Electronic Pacemaker

Cardiomegaly often occurs in which of the following conditions?
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Which of the following waves on an ECG represent the slow recovery or repolarization of Purkinje fibers?
U Wave

When ventricular rhythm is extremely slow and irregular, and it becomes slower to the point of asystole, it is called …
Agonal Rhythm

A measurement of the actual absorbed dose of radiation is called …

An image produced on film by a sweeping beam of radiation is known as …

The study of the gallbladder by X-Ray with an oral contrast medium is called …

Which of the following statements regarding myelography is NOT correct?
It is fluoroscopy of the central nervous system

Radiation therapy for deeper tumors done on an outpatient basis is known as …

The best temperature for film storage is between …
60 – 70 F

Film artifacts are …
Areas that interfere with the diagnostic value of the radiograph

The frequency of electromagnetic radiation is measured in …

Excretory urography is also known as …
Intravenous Pyelography

A type of diagnostic radiology that uses high-frequency sound waves is …

Positions that are neither parallel not perpendicular to the body are called …

The front-to-back position in radiology is known as ..

The process in which an atom may gain or lose electrons is called …

Which of the following statements is NOT correct in regard to radiosensitivity?
Immature, nonspecialized cells and rapidly growing cells highly radioresistant

Before a mammogram, the patient should ..
Avoid wearing deodorant

In preparing orients for such tests as barium enemas and CT scans, the medical assistant should …
Ask them whether they are allergic to contrast media, iodine, or shellfish

Safety precautions are necessary because …
Radiation exposure is cumulative

Which of the following does not utilize contrast media?

How long should a patient fast prior to the procedure of a “barium meal” ?
12 hours

Which of the following is used in the patient’s mouth for a sialography in order to open the salivary duct?
A lemon

In preparation of the patient for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), you should ask the patient if he or she has …
A pacemaker

A radiological study of the spinal cord is called a …

Xeroradiography is useful to diagnose which of the following disorders?
Breast cancer

Thermography indicates which of the following abnormalities?
Fibrocystic breast disease ; Breast Abscesses ; Breast tumors

Which of the following types of radiology involves the injection of isotopes combined with glucose?
Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

The branch of medicine that uses physical devices or agents therapeutically for the diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of diseases is …

The degree to which a joint is able to move is known as …
Range of motion

Lateral deviation in the normal vertical curve of the spine is called ..

Which of the following is paralysis of the lower portion of the body?

The use of dry or wet cold applications to control bleeding by constricting blood vessels is known as …

Heat therapy should not be used …
For pregnant or menstruating women

How long does diathermy usually last?
15 to 30 minutes

Cryotherapy is used for all of the following purposes except …
To reduce clotting

Muscular weakness of one half of the body is called …

Patients instructed on how to use crutches should be told to …
Move crutches no more than 6 inches at a time

When using a heating pad, the patient must lie ..
On a towel or pillowcase placed over the pad

Movement allowed by joints to decrease the angle between two adjoining bones is called …

Correction of a fracture, dislocation, or hernia is called

Electromyography is the process of electrically recording muscle …
Action potentials

Diathermy is useful in treating patients with all of the following conditions except …
Metal implants

How far from the area being treated should a heat lamp be placed?
2 to 4 feet

Which of the following heat therapies uses radio waves to provide heat deep in the body?
Shortwave Diathermy

A way of assessing the patient’s walking behavior is called ..
Fair assessment

When using a chemical hot pack in heat therapy, you should …
Knead the pad and then cover it with cloth before placing it on the patient

How high should the top of a cane be?
Level with the top of the femur

Exaggerated anterior curvature of the lumbar spine is called …

A slow gait used by persons who can bear weight on both legs is referred to as a …
Four-point gait

A modified three-point gait often used by persons with physical disabilities is called a …
Swing-to gait

Which of the following methods of measurement is used to assess the range of motion of a joint?

A patient comes to the medical office for an annual physical examination. While walking into the office, the patient trips and falls on his right knee. Which of the following is the most likely effect of immediately applying ice to the patient’s knee?
Prevention of swelling

What percentage of the body is involved in a burn that covers one arm and the head of an adult?

The Good Samaritan law explicitly allows medical assistants ..
To administer first aid within the scope of their competence

In emergency childbirth, at what point should the umbilical cord be tired and cut?
When the infant starts breathing

To treat frostbite, a medical assistant can ..
Place warm clothing and blankets around the affected area

Which of the following are symptoms of heatstroke?
The pulse is rapid, the skin is hot and dry, and the patient feels weak

When treating a second-degree burn, a medical assistant should …
Immerse the burned area in cold water

When Bill Williams scraped his skin, he most likely got a(n) ..

Irreversible brain damage can be caused by tissue anoxia lasting …
More than 4 to 6 minutes

Which of the following is a correct way to treat a snakebite?
Immobilize the bitten area and wash it with soap and water

All of the following are sign and symptoms of shock, except:
Decreased pulse

One possible cause of stroke is …
Occlusion in the brain by a thrombus

White, waxy, or grayish yellow skin that also feels crusty and softness in tissue beneath the skin could indicate …

Which of the following is a possible treatment of syncope?
Having the patient lower his or her head between the legs ; Laying the patient flat of the patient’s back with the feet slightly elevated ; Loosening tight clothing and applying a cold cloth to the patient’s face

The Heimlich maneuver is used for which of the following?

Anaphylactic shock occurs following ..
Allergic Reaction

Which of the following should not be done by a patient with a concussion?
Take aspirin

The most severe and major complication for burn victims is …

Which of the following should not be done when a patient complains of abdominal pain?
Apply heat to the patient’s abdomen

Closed wounds are called …
Bruises or Contusions

When administering CPR, how many compressions should you do in 1 minute?

What does the Universal Emergency Identification Symbol represent?
A person who has a life-threatening health condition

Chest pain might indicate ..
Cocaine use AND myocardial infarction

When you suspect neck injury, what action should you take to open the patient’s airway before administering rescue breathing?
Put your fingers behind the jawbone just below the ear and push the jaw forward

Treat hypoglycemia by …
Administering glucose

What is the best location to check the pulse of an adult who is unconscious and not breathing?
At the carotid artery of the neck

Which of the following is an appropriate site for capillary blood collection?
Earlobe and Heel

Which cells play a vital role in internal respiration?

What is the longest time a tourniquet should remain on a patient’s arm?
1 minute

Dysuria is …
Painful or difficult urination

Which of the following devices might be used to collect blood from fragile veins?
A butterfly needle

A light-blue stopper indicates that a collection tube …
Contains sodium citrate

To test for substances that are sporadically released into urine, a physician might order which type of urine specimen?

To follow Universal Precautions in phlebotomy, you should ..
Wash your hands and wear examination gloves

A medical assistant or phlebotomist should NOT attempt to obtain blood from any patient more than …
Two times

If a urinalysis cannot be performed within 30 minutes after collection, the urine specimen must be stored …
In a refrigerator

Specific gravity may be measured by all of the following methods EXCEPT …

The quality control log …
Shows when the testing equipment was last calibrated

Which of the following stains is specific to blood?

The color code for an evacuation tube that does NOT contain an additive is …

A creatine kinase test is done to help diagnose which of the following conditions?
Muscular dystrophies and heart disease

Which of the following describes a centrifuge?
Machine used to separate particles

An erythrocyte sedimentation rate test might be used to ..
Determine sickle cell anemia or infections

How should the patient’s arm be positioned when drawing blood in phlebotomy?
Slightly downward

Which of the following is used in direct examination of a specimen?
Wet Mount

The venipuncture site most commonly used on adults is the …
Medial Cubital Vein

After preparing a KOH amount, …
Let the specimen sit at room temperature

Before inoculating a culture plate, you should …
Label it on the bottom, agar side

A home diabetes test is an example of ..
A waived test

Albumin found in urine might indicate …
Renal Disease ; Heart Failure ; Hypertension ; Fever

Urine that is too acidic could indicate ..

A 52-year old woman was admitted with dyspnea and discomfort in her left chest with deep breaths. She has smoked for 35 years and recently lost over 10 pounds. Her vital signs on admission are: HR 112, BP 138/82, RR …

A 52-year-old woman is admitted with dyspnea and discomfort in her left chest with deep breaths. She has smoked for 35 years and recently lost over 10 lbs. Her vital signs on admission are: HR 112, BP 138/82, RR 22, …

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