Chapter 19 -Quiz

What is true concerning operation in a restricted area?
Permission must be obtained from the controlling agency before operating in a non-active restricted area.

Under what conditions can an aircraft be operated after an Airworthiness Directive has been issued for it?
It can be operated under the conditions specified by the AD.

When do you have to meet night time currency requirements?
Between one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise.

An aircraft that is maintained under a progressive inspection program
does not need an “annual” inspection

If you don’t meet night time currency requirements, which period of time can you not carry passengers?
Between one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise.

A steady red light from the tower while in flight after a communications failure means that you should:
continue circling

Aircraft that are maintained under a “progressive” inspection program
do not require “annual” inspections

Which statement is true concerning FDC NOTAMS?
They are regulatory

Which regulation set forth the VFR weather minimums?
CFR 91

When can you log flight time as night time?
Between the end of civil twilight to the beginning of civil twilight.

When do you have to have your navigation lights on?
Between sunset and sunrise.

The period of time from the end of civil twilight to the beginning of civil twilight is:
when VFR night time visibility and cloud clearance requirements apply

The minimum flight visibility required for VFR flights above 10,000 feet MSL and more than 1,200 feet AGL in controlled airspace is
5 miles.

Where may an aircraft’s operating limitations be found if the aircraft has an Experimental or Special light-sport airworthiness certificate?
In the current, FAA-approved flight manual.

The minimum distance from clouds required for VFR operations on an airway below 10,000 feet MSL is
500 feet below, 1,000 feet above, and 2,000 feet horizontally.

During operations within controlled airspace at altitudes of less than 1,200 feet AGL, the minimum horizontal distance from clouds requirement for VFR flight is
2,000 feet.

If a recreational or private pilot had a flight review on August 8, this year, when is the next flight review required?
August 31, 2 years later.

What minimum visibility and clearance from clouds are required for VFR operations in Class G airspace at 700 feet AGL or below during daylight hours?
1 mile visibility and clear of clouds.

Unless each occupant is provided with supplemental oxygen, no person may operate a civil aircraft of U.S. registry above a maximum cabin pressure altitude of
15,000 feet MSL

In order to act as pilot in command of a high-performance airplane, a pilot must have
received and logged ground and flight instruction in an airplane that has more than 200 horsepower.

An ATC clearance provides
authorization to proceed under specified traffic conditions in controlled airspace.

No person may operate an aircraft in acrobatic flight when
over any congested area of a city, town, or settlement.

If an in-flight emergency requires immediate action, the pilot in command may
deviate from the FAR?s to the extent required to meet that emergency.

Two-way radio communication must be established with the Air Traffic Control facility having jurisdiction over the area prior to entering which class airspace.
Class C.

In addition to other preflight actions for a VFR flight away from the vicinity of the departure airport, regulations specifically require the pilot in command to
determine runway lengths at airports of intended use and the aircraft?s takeoff and landing distance data.

According to regulations pertaining to privileges and limitations, a private pilot may
not pay less than the pro rata share of the operating expenses of a flight with passengers provided the expenses involve only fuel, oil, airport expenditures, or rental fees.

With respect to the certification of airmen, which is a class of aircraft?
Single-engine land and sea, multiengine land and sea.

After takeoff, which airspeed would the pilot use to gain the most altitude in a given period of time?

In which class of airspace is acrobatic flight prohibited?
Class E airspace below 1,500 AGL.

Except when necessary for takeoff or landing, what is the minimum safe altitude required for a pilot to operate an aircraft over other than a congested area?
/An altitude of 500 feet AGL, except over open water or a sparsely populated area, which requires 500 feet from any person, vessel, vehicle, or structure.

What is the lowest altitude permitted for acrobatic flight?
1,500 feet AGL.

When an ATC clearance has been obtained, no pilot in command may deviate from that clearance, unless that pilot obtains an amended clearance. The one exception to this regulation is
an emergency.

No person may operate an aircraft in formation flight
except by prior arrangement with the pilot in command of each aircraft.

With certain exceptions, when must each occupant of an aircraft wear an approved parachute?
When intentionally pitching the nose of the aircraft up or down 30° or more.

What minimum flight visibility is required for VFR flight operations on an airway below 10,000 feet MSL?
3 miles.

Prior to takeoff, the altimeter should be set to which altitude or altimeter setting?
The current local altimeter setting, if available, or the departure airport elevation.

Each recreational or private pilot is required to have
a biennial flight review.

Unless otherwise specifically authorized, no person may operate an aircraft that has an experimental certificate
over a densely populated area or in a congested airway.

Who may perform preventive maintenance on an aircraft and approve it for return to service?
Private or commercial Pilot.

When would a pilot be required to submit a detailed report of an emergency which caused the pilot to deviate from an ATC clearance?
When requested by ATC.

To act as pilot in command of an aircraft carrying passengers, the pilot must have made at least three takeoffs and three landings in an aircraft of the same category, class, and if a type rating is required, of the same type, within the preceding
90 days.

With certain exceptions, safety belts are required to be secured about passengers during
taxi, takeoffs, and landings.

What minimum pilot certification is required for operation within Class B airspace?
Private Pilot Certificate or Student Pilot Certificate with appropriate logbook endorsements.

To determine the expiration date of the last annual aircraft inspection, a person should refer to the
aircraft maintenance records.

What is the specific fuel requirement for flight under VFR at night in an airplane?
Enough to fly to the first point of intended landing and to fly after that for 45 minutes at normal cruising speed.

When must a pilot who deviates from a regulation during an emergency send a written report of that deviation to the Administrator?
Upon request.

In regard to privileges and limitations, a private pilot may
not pay less than the pro rata share of the operating expenses of a flight with passengers provided the expenses involve only fuel, oil, airport expenditures, or rental fees.

An operable 4096-code transponder and Mode C encoding altimeter are required in
Class B airspace with within 30 miles of the Class B primary airport.

If an aircraft is involved in an accident which results in substantial damage to the aircraft, the nearest NTSB field office should be notified

The final authority as to the operation of an aircraft is the
pilot in command

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