Chapter 18 A and P 2

Compared to the endocrine system, the nervous system is __________.
briefer in action
more rapidly acting
more localized in action
all of the listed characteristics

All of the following are true of steroid hormones except that they
are produced by the suprarenal medulla

________ are chemical messengers that are released by cells and transported in the bloodstream to alter the activities of specific cells in other tissues.

Which of the following substances activates protein kinases and thus acts as a second messenger?
cyclic AMP

Which of these is released by the neurohypophysis?

When one hormone is needed for a second hormone to produce an effect, it is called

Type 2 diabetes
an usually be controlled by diet and exercise rather than with medication

Two hormones that have additive effects are called

Which of the following hormones increases production of red blood cells?

All of the pancreatic hormones are regulated by
nutrient concentrations in the blood.

Shelly has a hormone-secreting tumor of the suprarenal gland. The tumor is causing her to have a deep voice, grow extensive body hair, and stop menstruating. This tumor probably involves cells of the
zona reticularis.

When blood glucose levels are high
The pancreas releases insulin

A liver cell responds to insulin by
Taking in glucose and converting it to glycogen.

What cells in the body respond to glucagon by breaking down glycogen and releasing glucose?
Liver cells.

Body cells that respond to insulin include
Liver cells, as well as most other cells of the body.

When blood glucose levels are low
The pancreas releases glucagon, which eventually causes blood glucose levels to increase.

The body’s tendency to maintain relatively constant internal conditions is called

Melatonin is secreted by __________.

Hormones from the adrenal cortex that regulate electrolyte balance are

Which gland is called the “emergency gland” and helps the body adjust to stress?
adrenal (suprarenal)

The adrenal medulla produces the hormones
epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Cushing’s disease results from an excess of

The zona glomerulosa of the suprarenal cortex produces

The hormone that does the opposite of calcitonin is
parathyroid hormone.

The two lobes of the thyroid gland are connected by the

Inadequate iodine in the diet may lead to
high blood levels of TSH.
All of the answers are correct.

The C cells of the thyroid gland produce

A hormone that can lower blood levels of calcium ion is

The posterior lobe of the pituitary is also known as the

Excess secretion of growth hormone during early development will cause

The main action of antidiuretic hormone is
increased water conservation by kidneys

Endocrine cells Release their secretions directly into bodily fluids Steroid hormones diffuse through the plasma membrane and bind to an intercellular receptor. True or false True WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR …

TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Endocrine Gland: anterior pituitary Target Cell: thyroid Function of Target Cell: Releases it’s thyroid hormone ACTH Adrenocortictropic Stimulation Hormone Endocrine Gland: anterior pituitary Target Cell: adrenal cortex Function of Target Cell: releases hormones WE WILL WRITE …

Which of the following hormones has intracellular receptors? -epinephrine -cortisol -insulin Cortisol What is the mechanism of action of lipid-soluble hormones? -increasing protein kinases -phosphorylation of intracellular proteins -activation of genes, which increases protein synthesis in the cell activation of …

Epinephrine An “adrenal rush” is caused by the release of ____, a hotmone of the adrenal medulla. Ovaries Eggs, estrogen, and progesterone are produced by the ___. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU …

Thyroid Gland Located in the throat, bilobed gland connected by an isthmus Adrenal Gland Found close to the kidney WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE Write my sample Pancreas a …

The hormone GH is released from which gland? And what is this gland stimulated by? Anterior Pituitary; stimulated by the releasing of hormones from the hypothalamus What is the target tissue of GH? What is the response of this target …

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